God-Inside Minded – Kenyon


We are masters, we are conquerors, we are overcomers because we are one with Him. We have his ability, His wisdom, His strength, His love.

You’ve Got to Have Hope


In fighting this battle to keep my deliverance from depression, I became aware that the problem area in my life above others was the area of my mind.

Faith Hearing – A.W. Tozer


by A.W. Tozer God’s Word and God’s revelation are much more than just old books. I invariably rejoice as I discover deep in the urgent appeal of one of the Old Testament prophets a sudden recognition of God’s speaking Word. For example, notice this message …

Divine Life and Divine Health


The Lord Jesus came to bring back to us what was lost in the Garden. First sin came, then disease, and then death, and people want to say it is not so!

Take Your Healing – By Faith!


Healing belongs to you and to me. God has given great promises of health and wholeness. He sent Jesus to die on the cross to redeem us from sin and sickness. Us them!

Christ the God-Man – A.W. Tozer


Jesus our Lord qualified completely to be our great High Priest. He was ordained and appointed by God. He was the eternal Son of whom the Father said, “You are a Priest forever” (Psalm 110:4).

Healing Scriptures and Confession For Cancer


Sickness falls upon us without our choice, but we must choose healing. We choose healing through prayer and by speaking His truth over our lives. Speak these scriptures and confessions over your life to strengthen your faith in God for the healing you need.

Begging Is Not Praying – Faith Does Not Beg


God is moved by faith and faith does not beg. Begging is fearful and does not understand the heart and will of God. The will of God is to heal everyone through the operation of faith.

The Way To Be Saved – Charles Spurgeon


The way to be saved is to come to Christ. Christ is a person, a living person, full of power to save. He has not placed his salvation in sacraments, or books, or priests. You must come as a person to the Person of Christ.

The Faith of the Wise Men – Ryle


The conduct of the wise men is a striking example of faith. We read of no greater faith than this in the whole volume of the Bible. It is a faith that deserves to be placed side by side with that of the penitent thief.

Hearing God’s Voice – A.W. Tozer


Christians are to place their full confidence in the power of the Word of God. When God speaks, all must obey. This is the basis of both obedience and faith.

The Lure of the World


Don’t let anybody kid you; the lure of the world is plenty strong, but you can resist it. No temptation has overtaken you that is unusual for human beings. But God is faithful, and he will not allow you to be tempted beyond your strength. …

What Thankfulness Looks Like (Video)


Somewhere in Argentina lives a ten-year old boy and his poor parents. It is his birthday. He really wants a tablet but they are very poor. First, he is given a prank gift of a simple cutting board, but he is not upset. He is …