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Angel-bedroom-320-webby Velmer Gardner – From “The God of Miracles Lives Today” – 1950

Regardless of your affliction, you can be healed. If doctors have given you up to die, you can be healed. When your friends say your disease is incurable, you can be healed. Even though the paralyzing hand of death is upon your body, you can be healed.

Very briefly, I will give you some things you must do to receive healing from Christ. Thousands of people have been healed by following these simple instructions. God is no respecter of persons, and He will heal you if you will obey and then receive. Do not forget that every promise in the Bible is conditional. If you meet the conditions, the promises are yours.

1. You must be a “born again” Christian. — Thousands of people today are good citizens, professing Christians, and members of churches, but they have never been “born again” by the power of God. Jesus said to Nicodemus, “Ye must be born again,” John 3:7. Nicodemus was a good man, but not good enough to go to Heaven. “All have sinned, and come short of the glory of God,” Romans 3:23. “If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say that we have not sinned, we make Him a liar, and His Word is not in us,” I John 1:8-10.

Divine healing is for Christians only. It is the children’s bread. Nothing could be more absurd than to expect God to heal our body, and then we use that body to glorify and serve the devil.

Some say, “Jesus healed sinners.” That is true, but most of them were people who had never heard of Him. Afterward He commanded them to sin no more lest a worse thing come upon them, look at John 5:14. It would be fatal for you to be prayed for and then not live for God. Something much worse would happen to you.

If you are not a “born again” Christian, all you have to do is: Confess to God that you are a sinner; ask God to wash your sins away through the precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ; believe in your heart that God has heard you and that Jesus’ blood has cleansed you from all sin. Isa. 1:18; Heb. 7:25; II Cor. 5:17. Then promise God you will sin no more. Go to church and live for God. He will give you the power to live a Christian life. II Pet. 1:5; Jude 24.

2. You must know it is God’s will to heal YOU! — Oh, the faith paralyzing prayer, “Lord if it be Thy will, please heal me.” III John 1:2 says, “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.”

The leper came to Jesus and said, “Lord if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean,” Matthew 8:2. Jesus immediately put forth His hand and touched him saying, “I will; be thou clean,” Matthew 8:3. This leper was ignorant of the will of God because he had never heard the will of God. They did not have the Word of God then. But today we have His precious Word and there is no excuse for this ignorance. Many people that are sick know very little about the Scriptures, and many of them do not seem to have any desire to learn.

It is still His will to heal you. Many people today say they do not believe it is God’s will to heal them, yet they spend thousands of dollars on doctors and drugs trying to get “out of the will of God.”

If God healed someone else and then refused to heal you, it would not be fair; God is no respecter of persons. He will save “whosoever,” and He will heal “whosoever.”

When you pray, “if it be thy will.” You are saying, “Now God if you’ll keep your promise.” God promised—that’s good enough for me. There are some things we do not need to pray, “if it be thy will.” He has already revealed His will through His Word.

It is God’s will to save all, to bless all, to protect all, and to heal all. I John 5:14-15, “And this is the confidence that we have in Him, that, if we ask anything according to His will, He heareth us. And if we know that He hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of Him.”

3. You must be sure there is nothing between you and God that would hinder you from receiving healing. — I John 1:7 — Amos 3:3 — Col. 3:6. If you are right with God you will be right with everyone else. God allows sickness to punish those who will speak against, criticize, and find fault with their spiritual leaders, Numbers 12:1. Many times God has dealt severely with people because of this sin. I Chron. 16:22; I Thess. 5:12, 13.

If there is anything in your heart toward anyone, get it out of the way. David said, “If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me,” Psalm 66:18. I John 4:20; John 13:35; Mark 11:25, 26; James 5:16.

Many are sick today because they will not pay their tithes. You are not right with God if you are not tithing. You cannot expect God to bless you, because He said He would curse you if you robbed Him. Mal. 3:8.

God will not heal, if you are irreverent toward the things of God. I Cor. 11:28-30. Likewise, God will not heal us if we continue to abuse or neglect our bodies. This is a sin. It should be confessed and forsaken; then God will have mercy.

Do not try to hide anything from God. Pray until you know you are right with God, and then believe in spite of all the demons of Hell. If we are right with God, He is going to be moved with compassion and anxious to heal our bodies.

Some say if God heals me, then I’ll serve Him. This is absolutely the wrong motive. You should live for Him regardless. God does not heal on your “if” basis. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God,” Matthew 6:33; live for Him, and He will supply all your needs. Notice also that God commanded him to go to the house of the Lord. Many people never return after God heals them. That is why so many people lose their healing. You must continue on with God. He knows what you will do with your body—if He heals you. By all means I encourage you to go to a church that preaches healing. You will lose your healing if you lose your faith.

4. You must realize God uses different methods to bring healing. If you get your mind set on one way and attempt to hold God to your way you may rob yourself of God’s healing power. There are many ways God used in the past: the brazen serpent, the shadow of Peter, the troubled waters of Bethesda, dip seven times in Jordan, touching His garment, spittle and clay on blind eyes, etc.

Here are some of the major ways that God uses to bring healing today:

(a) The power of the Lord being present to heal: Luke 5:17. I believe we can pray and seek God until the power of God is so powerful that sickness and disease will have to leave, without any prayer being offered for deliverance. The devil is afraid of the power of God. Scores have been healed this way. I have been healed many times myself, just because the power of God was so mightily in the service.

(b) The Word of the Lord: Psa. 107:20. As we read the pages of the Holy Bible we find there are many cases where people were healed by the spoken Word of the Lord.

To me there is nothing that will produce more faith for healing, than the powerful Word of God. That is why we need to reverence and read His Word. I John 1:1; claim the promise of His Word. Faith will begin to work and the healing has to come. Countless thousands have been healed by this scriptural method today. While we preach the Word, many right then receive their healing. The Word inspired faith, and they are healed without prayer by us. Don’t forget all Heaven is behind the Word that He sends to heal you, Psalm 107:20.

(c) Anointed handkerchiefs: If you are unable to get to service or know a friend at a distance who needs healing, this is a very successful way to receive healing. God will use this simple act of faith to glorify His Name. Place this cloth that has been prayed over on the afflicted part of your body, and read Acts 19:11

12. Then read and believe Heb. 13:8, “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever.” Believe God in spite of symptoms and fear and you will be healed.

(d) God heals when you praise Him: Psa. 103:1-3. It is not only good for the mind, to get your eyes off your sickness; it not only refreshes your soul; but it also causes God to rejoice that you will trust Him regardless of your afflictions. Job said, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him,” Job 13:15.

Many times praise brings the victory. Joshua shouted “before” the walls of Jericho fell. Paul and Silas “praised God” while they were bound in jail. This praise brought deliverance and a great revival. Again, I can testify that I have been healed by praising God.

(e) Prayer of faith and anointing with oil: This is one of the most practiced methods of praying for the sick. Mark 16:18. If you believe, you can lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.

God honors faith. It was the centurion’s faith that brought healing to his servant. It was the faith of the four men that brought the palsied man on the roof to Jesus that caused healing to come. If you have faith, you can pray the prayer of faith, and God will heal. That is why we encourage all to earnestly pray while we pray for the sick.

The prayer of faith with the anointing of oil was the custom given to the elders of the early church for the healing of the sick. James 5:14-15.

(f) Gifts of Healing and Working of Miracles: I Cor. 12:9, 10. There is no doubt that the apostles were entrusted by God with these gifts. In these last days God is again pouring out His Spirit upon humble servants and these gifts are operating again. No man can operate these gifts himself; it is only as they are anointed with the power of the Holy Ghost. When the Gifts of Healing work, no disease can stand in their presence. Multitudes have been brought to God under the ministry of humble servants God has trusted to pour His power through.

(g) The Name of Jesus: John 14:13-14, “And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If ye shall ask anything in my name, I will do it.” Oh what a promise when we realize that Jesus is seated at the right hand of the Father; that Jesus holds the highest position in the universe as the Head of the Church. Jesus says, “Up to this time you have never prayed in My Name, but now, whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in My Name, He will give it to you.” (Paraphrased from John 16:24). This is no doubt one of the most staggering statements that Jesus ever uttered; that we are to have the use of His Omnipotent Name.

When you were born into the family of God, the right to use that Name was yours. He is with us now in the power of that Name. That Name is to take His place. All that Christ did locally then, can be done now through His Name. The devil fears the Name of Jesus. God has exalted Jesus to the highest possible position, and given Him a Name above every name. He has bestowed upon Him honor, glory, and power, and He has seated Him at His own right hand in the Heavenlies, far above every known authority. Now, all this honor, glory, authority, and power, is vested in the Name of Jesus—and this Name is given to us. Fear not the raging powers of satanic oppression. They are defeated in the Name of Jesus. James 4:7: “Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

The Gifts of Healing and the prayer of faith all operate through the power of Jesus Name. It is absolutely dangerous for anyone who is unsaved or unclean before God to attempt to meet the devil in the Power of His Name. Acts. 19:11-17. Keep your heart clean. Walk in all the light God has given you, and then you can boldly rebuke sickness in the power of His Name, and it must obey and leave you.

5. You must realize there is a difference between healings and miracles. Thousands today fail to receive healing because they are trying to hold God to a miracle. We must leave this in the hand of God. He will do what He knows is best and will bring the most glory to His Name.

Healings are usually gradual and maybe no change will be noticed when you are prayed for. When Christ cursed the fig tree, the life immediately began to die within it. However, there was no outward change at that time. The next morning it was dead.

We must believe that when prayer is made the work is done. The disease is cursed and must die. It may take it some time to pass from your body, but leave that to God. You will be healed if you do not doubt.

God promised Abraham a son and Abraham believed God. Rom. 4:20-21. Oh, how many people today cast away their confidence when God does not immediately perform the miracle. Heb. 10:35-36. In Mark 16:18 it says, “They shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.” He did not say how soon. Commit yourself to God. Rest upon His Word after you are prayed for and you shall recover.

When I pray for the sick I believe this: I can pray and appropriate the healing virtue of Jesus to your body through the power of His Name. When you have a cancer, I command that living, evil spirit of cancer to come out of your body. It must obey. There is no other alternative for it, because I command in His power. Usually, this is the process, if it is a healing: When the command is given, the spirit comes out. The cancer becomes dead flesh in your body. This dead flesh dissolves and passes from your body in a few days, and you will be perfectly well. Usually the person gets very sick and upset as this material comes from their body.

The working of miracles is different. They are usually instantaneous. When a miracle occurs, a blind eye is instantly restored to perfect vision. Paralyzed, crippled limbs are instantly straightened out, etc.

Then there are creative works. A man had his entire eyeball torn out. He was prayed for, and instantly had a new eyeball with perfect vision.

The more faith the church gets the more miracles we will have. Even Jesus could not perform many great and mighty works in a certain community because of their unbelief, however He healed a few people.

6. You must have faith—not hope. I prayed for the sick many years and HOPED they would get well. I prayed for hundreds of people and they HOPED they would get well, but this is not faith. Everyone knows God CAN heal—Faith believes HE WILL!

God has given a new revelation of faith that is bringing healing to many. This is my simple definition of faith. FAITH BELIEVES THAT GOD WILL DO WHAT HE HAS PROMISED TO DO! Isn’t that simple? A child can grasp that, and that is the way God wants it.

I believe if we call—He will answer, Jer. 33:3. As hands are laid upon you for healing, let your faith arise and touch God until you can see by faith that in reality it is the hands of Jesus upon you. That is why we pray in His Name. People have absolutely, literally, felt the hands of Jesus touch an enlarged heart, crushing it instantly to normal size.

Faith never waits to see the answer. Faith believes regardless of circumstances. Some people say if I could see someone get out of a wheelchair, then I would have faith. That would not be faith; that would be sight. Faith believes what can’t be seen. Heb. 11:1.

Faith believes—regardless of symptoms. This is not mind over matter. If you have a pain you have one. But faith doesn’t look at a pain, it looks at God, and claims healing in spite of the pain. It won’t be long until the pain will leave. Abraham didn’t look at the impossibilities, he looked at God—and he received the promise.

Faith believes when you’re prayed for. Mark 11:24.

Faith sets the time for your healing. Make up your mind that when you are prayed for, you are going to believe.

Faith is the switch in our hand to turn on all the omnipotent power of our Lord to bring healing to our bodies.

The light switch on the wall is very small, but pressing against that switch is all the power of the great light company. Thousands of volts of power surge through those lines and then the wires are run to your home. The power is there all the time. When you turn the switch on, it will produce all the power your electrical system can stand. You don’t have to worry about whether there is enough power or not, all you have to do is turn on the switch. Instantly, the power surges through your system. The lights flash on, the radio plays, etc. Oh, what a picture of faith! It is so small it can’t be seen. Jesus said even a grain, the size of a mustard seed, would remove mountains. God will give all of us faith if we read His Word. “Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God,” Romans 10:17. Let’s turn on the “switch.”

The power plant of Heaven has the power ready. When faith comes, instantly that great power begins to flow through your body. Don’t worry about any lack of power. I have felt all my body could stand. Instantly, the light of glory flashes on, the radio of Heaven begins to play in your soul and the darkness of sickness is driven out.

When the devil brings the symptoms back and tells you that you are not healed, meet him with God’s Word. Make him listen to you. Our salvation has to be based upon the Word rather than feelings, because many times we do not feel anything. Many times the devil tells me I am not saved, so I take him to the Word—John 6:37.

I tell the devil I came to God, and God is obligated and willing to save me, so I’ll believe God instead of the devil. The devil has to leave when you resist him with God’s Word.

We must do the same with healing. Quote the devil God’s many hundreds of promises to heal you. Tell the devil your symptoms are there and you don’t feel good—but also tell him your faith does not depend upon what you feel, it depends upon what God says. God will never forsake you then. He will see you through the test.

Faith believes God before the visible answer comes. When Joshua and his people marched around Jericho, they had faith in God and shouted before the walls fell down. To the natural eye the walls were as solid as ever, but not to the eye of faith. When Jesus came to the tomb where Lazarus had lain for four days, He said, “Father, I thank thee that thou hast heard me.” He already could visualize Lazarus walking forth, John 11:41

Look at Proverbs 4:20-22. Pray and read His Word, dear friend, until you are assured you have more than hope and more than sympathy. Seek God until a living faith begins to grow. Then exercise that faith, and God will give you some more. Faith is so simple, none need err and not have it.

In closing this thought on the simplicity of faith, let me tell you of a true incident that took place in China a few years ago.

Some missionaries were speaking in the church I pastored, and they told us a touching story of the healing of an ignorant, illiterate woman’s daughter.

The doctor examined the girl and gave her only one hour to live. The poor illiterate woman that had only been saved two weeks from heathen darkness rushed down to the mission station. She asked these missionaries to pray real quickly for God to heal her daughter. They saw such simple trust that they asked her to pray. She dropped on her knees, and this was the simple prayer she prayed: “Dear Jesus these people tell me that you heal and I believe you do. So I want you to heal my girl. Don’t put it off Jesus, cause she can only live an hour. You’ll have to do it before you do anything else.” Then she said, “Now Jesus I’ll tell you how to get to my place. Go three blocks past the mission station, then turn to your left two blocks, then turn up the alley until you come to a place with a fence around it. Inside this fence is my house. When you get there Jesus, don’t knock, because my girl’s so sick she can’t answer the door and I won’t be home yet.” (She expected an answer.) “So go right on in, it will be all right. She is in the back bedroom, so please heal her. Thank you for it, Amen.”

Tears were streaming down the cheeks of the missionaries, and they said, “Sister, we will go home with you. We think Jesus understood the directions. They followed all her directions until they came to the little house inside the fence. When they walked on the porch, the door opened and there was the girl—perfectly whole. JESUS NEVER FAILS . . . ONLY BELIEVE . . . ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE IF YOU WILL BELIEVE!

We make no claim that all we pray for will be healed. All were not healed in the days of Jesus. There is no sickness He can’t heal—but there are some sick folk He can’t heal.

I believe in salvation, regardless of the fact that many are not saved. So I believe in healing, regardless of the fact that many do not get healed.

All would be saved if they would take Christ, and all will be healed if they will only believe Him the same as for salvation.

Jesus Was The Great Healer When He Was Upon This Earth!

The Lord Jesus Christ healed, though medical men abounded—there were “many physicians.” Mark 5:25-34.

The Lord Jesus Christ healed, without exception, all who came or were brought to Him. Matt. 8:15-17.

The Lord Jesus Christ sometimes healed without the result being apparent at once. Luke 17:12-19.

The Lord Jesus Christ sometimes healed gradually. John 4:46-53 (He began to mend.)

The Lord Jesus Christ generally healed instantly. Matt. 15:30-31.

The Lord Jesus Christ sometimes indicated healing would be in the near future. John 9:1-7.

The Lord Jesus Christ healed all manner of diseases, including lunacy, epilepsy, leprosy, palsy, fever, paralysis, blindness, deafness, a withered hand, and a sword wound. Matt. 4:23-24.

The Lord Jesus Christ healed people at a distance without going to them. He healed one person 16 miles away. John 4:46-48.

The Lord Jesus Christ healed illness associated with devils. Luke 9:39-42.

The Lord Jesus Christ healed by a touch, by others touching Him, by Him taking people by the hand, by a command, and by a word. Matt. 8:2-3; Luke 8:4244; Mark 1:30-31; Luke 6:6, 10; Mark 7:34.

The Lord Jesus Christ healed chronic cases: One case 12 years standing, Matt. 9:20; one case 18 years standing, Luke 13:11; and one case 38 years standing, John 5:2-9.


Through the power of the Holy Ghost and the authority of His Name you can receive His touch today. He has given us authority to exercise the Power of His Name, to bring deliverance to you until He returns.

My Lord And My God

Jesus Christ was born in the meanest circumstances, but the air above was filled with the hallelujahs of the heavenly host. His lodging was a cattle pen, but a star drew distinguished visitants from afar to do Him homage.

His birth was contrary to the laws of life. His death was contrary to the laws of death. No miracle is so inexplicable as His life and teaching.

He had no cornfields or fisheries, but He could spread a table for 5,000 and have bread and fish to spare. He walked on the waters, and they supported Him.

His crucifixion was the crime of crimes, but, in God’s view, no lower price than His infinite agony could have made possible our redemption. When He died, few men mourned; but a black crepe was hung over the sun. Though men trembled not for their sins, the earth beneath shook under the load. All nature honored Him; sinners alone rejected Him.

Three years He preached His gospel. He wrote no book, built no church, and had no money back of Him. After 1,900 years, He is the one central character of human history, the perpetual theme of all preaching, the pivot around which the events of the age revolve, and the only Regenerator of the human race.

Was it merely the son of Joseph and Mary who crossed the world’s horizon 1,900 years ago? Was it merely human blood that was spilled on Calvary’s hill for the redemption of sinners and has worked such wonders in men and nations throughout the centuries?

What thinking man can keep from exclaiming, “MY LORD AND MY GOD!”

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Comments 134

  1. manda

    I went through a time of Physical infection and came back to the Lord from backsliding, which led to the infection. through great spiritual battle that followed I gave into the lies of the enemy that I could not be forgiven, I do not want to hurt Jesus by believing these lies or be separated from him ..what is your advice? can i be forgiven and God will be with me? thank you so much

  2. luise

    Please pray for me to be healed, I am so devastated I got involved with a man who promised to marry and he got me infected with hiv. I need god to have mercy on me and heal me from this disease.

    1. Post

      Luise – He is such a good and loving God, He will have mercy on you in Jesus Name. It was a trap of the Devil that did this to you. God will undo it and restore you.

      For we do not have a high priest who is unable to empathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are–yet he did not sin. So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. There we will receive his mercy, and we will find grace to help us when we need it most.Hebrews 4:15, 16.

      Go quickly to Him with your whole heart. He is tender and powerful. He will forgive you, cleanse you, and then He will heal you. Get His word inside of you in abundance and let Him do it. He wants to. Humbly draw near to Him and He will draw near to you (James 4:8). He is excited to be able to love on you and help you. He is not reluctant so don’t you be reluctant. Run to Him and throw yourself down before Him, and receive the Glory of God. He can make you fresh and whole again. That is what He does; that is what He loves to do. You will be restored again in Jesus Name. We love you. Rex

  3. Kofoworola Adegboyega

    Please join me in prayer that God will destroy and set my wife free from evil spirit of breast cancer.

  4. jai

    hi bro.i am from india.i am from a diffrent religion.i am 39 yrs old.last 10yrs hv been really bad for me and my dad passed off 5 yrs bk.we did al we cud do to save him bt we cudnt.den a doctor put me on antidepressants.abnormal things use to happen in my body.den one day sm brother advised me to go to a local church here.i went there not knowing anything abt christ.the pastor prayed for he touched me i fell down and my whole body started trembling .i started goin to church every thursday nd sunday.i took baptism 2 yrs bk.i hv read whole bible faith started to grow in d lord but my health is still not from the last 6 mnths my faith has started decreasing and my prayer life has also been affected.these last two months i got so frustrated that i hv commited a sin by going to a massage parlour twice intentionally to meet my bro i am feeling really guilty..and i dont feel like sitting for prayer also thinking i hv commited a sin.bro i am a nice human i know.i do al good things possible to help others etc.but i hv commited this sin because i got frustrated that inspite of my prayers and faith my health was not improving…plz advise me what to do and plz pray for me….thnxxx

  5. Thandeka msibi

    I’m 18 weeks 4days pregnant and I’m hiv positive. I’m 24 years old. I’m seeking for GODs healing. Please pray for me to be healed, I was not born with this virus. I’m a born again christian who fell along the road and made mistakes in life. My life has never been easy, I was raped by my big brother when I was young and I’ve kept it a secret till today. On 2011 april I was born again living a holy life till challenges struck me. I began to leave living a holy life. April2012 on good Friday I began to go to tarvens with my cousin and friends. I got boyfriends and the other 1 dignosed me with hiv and even told me that’s where I got to a doctor and get tested and found out dat I was hiv positive. I broke up with him in days after I caught him with a girl. I continued with my life drinking alcohol and being with other men, while I had a serious boyfriend who wanted to make things right even if he knew about my status. loved him too. His still with me today and I’m pregnant with another mans child. He still wants me to be his wife and willing to explain to his family about my situation. He forgave me about everything bad I’ve done to him. I’m not proud of the things I’ve done till today I regret every single of them. Only if I can turn back time but that won’t happen. I want to go back to GOD and I can make things right in my future . My first born is five years old. Can please pray for me to be healed in the name of JESUS CHRIST of NAZARETH. I have faith in the LORD, HE is not a son of a man that should speak lies, HE doesn’t count our sin. I’m really willing to go back to GOD, life is not the same without HIM.

    1. Anonymous

      As I scrolled down the page this morning I read peoples comments, situations and sicknesses. Heartbroken, I prayed for everyone who might be going through something but the spirit immediately spoke to me about your story. God is a just God and a God of mercy. He told me this morning, to tell you you are healed. This is nothing I am making up, this is what I heard from the Creator so believe and sin no more. Amen.

  6. Kofoworola Adegboyega

    Pray that the evil spirit of cancer in the body of my wife be destroyed in Jesus name.

    1. Post
  7. Tinashe

    Pray for me agreeing with me that I am healed in my body, that burning sensation is gone out of my stomach and chest. by his stripes I am healed in my immune system. The devil is a lie I refuse to be sick. Pliz agree with me in prayer

  8. Avo

    Dear Man of God, Im Avo O’Connor from Fiji Islands I really need your help I have a elder sister her name is Bella O’Connor she is 36 and she really need Gods intervention, this sister of mine has been sick eversince 1996, after she started working she became ill as if she was married to demons, she always sleep in the day, doctors at the Psychiatric hospital say shes got epilepsy and they gave her medicines but still not working, she gets frustrated when people make fun of her when shes under attack and she leaves the family shes with and goes from house to house, please I ask that you pray for Bella so whatever is making her remain sick to leave her body, I want her to be well and get a job and get marry have kids please my brother

  9. Joanne

    Please please pray for me
    I hope you don’t mind me contacting you I have been ill for 9 months now due to prescription medication that I put on in April 2014 it was Diazepam a muscle relaxant and i was put on it for panic attacks after an allergic reaction to a hair dye. Whilst on this medication a had an episode of blankness – ie a sort of not being real if that makes sense a very strange feeling and i knew something was wrong i saw my doctor and he put me onto another medication called Propananol a beta blocker (only recently found out that it is a psychotrophic drug). Anyway after being on this medication for a few days the doctor put my dosage up from 30 mg to 60 mg per day i then started to get strange feelings in my brain, swimmy head, dizziness, fizzing sort of pins and needles in my head and face etc it was very frightening. Later that night I had another blank episode and felt like and axe had gone through my head. I went back to my doctor numerous times telling her that something was wrong and that something had happened in my brain but she just said it was anxiety which I knew it wasn’t. I finally got her to reduce my dose which she did -a reducing regime over 4 days ( i have since found out that this should have been done very very slowly over a longer period of time) the feelings in my head increased along with numbness in my hands, body shakes, blurred vision, ear pain and after the four days when I was down to the 30 mg i had another funny turn not knowing who or were i was and a severe numbness on my scalp i told the doctor and she said it was anxiety again, but I knew it was the medication. After being on 30 mg for a few days i telephoned a different dr at the practise and asked if i could reduce to 20 mg as the tablet was making me unwell he said yes that’s fine so i did still experiencing these awful symptoms and not realising that part of it was withdrawal. I paid for an MRI scan as i was so concerned about my symptoms and i thought i had Parkinsons disease. After a few days my body started to burn up and I asked the dr if i could stop taking them and he said yes. At the time i did not realise that the quick withdrawal of the tablet was making my symptoms worse. Once I stopped taking it i had terrible pains in my head and rapid heart beat. I saw the neurologist in June after looking at my MRI scan and they found two lesions on the frontal lobes of my brain but said it was nothing to worry about. I told him that since the MRI i had had more severe head pains and asked for another MRI but he would not give me another scan.
    I had to use a head lice treatment in July as i caught head lice from some where and this only made my symptoms worse also dizziness and twitching, shortness of breath i have since read that pesticides in these treatments are neuro toxins and it definitely worsened my existing symptoms.
    This tablet initially started the symptoms in my brain but the inappropriate withdrawal made my situation worse but i did not know this at the time neither was i told this by any of the doctors i continue to have these strange sensations in my brain, ear pain, shaking, blurred vision, very dry eyes, numbness and swelling in my hands body weakness. My concentration level is very low i cannot even have a short conversation with anyone or read a book without my head hurting and swimmy sensations and feeling like it is going to explode i feel extremely poorly and weak an suffer constant fatigue.
    I am in a desperate situation i saw the Neurologist again a few weeks ago and he said there was nothing they could do for me and they were functional symptoms in other words all in my mind but i know this is not true I’ve never felt so ill in my life and I’ve been off work 9 months my elderly mother looks after me. I am not the same person anymore i cannot function properly and when I try the symptoms go worse. I can get around but my life has changed so much everything is such an effort and i end up very tired after doing things. I don’t know what is causing these symptoms but i know it only started after being on medication i was reasonably fit and healthy until then. I am desperate some days i feel like I’m dying and that there is something dreadfully wrong thats been possibly missed by the doctors. My GPs will not help me they don’t know what is wrong they just say it is physiological and will not admit that the medication may have caused this i am totally alone and have no where to turn. I am very frightened and have these strange nerve like vibrations in my head and my eyes feel like they are vibrating but no one can see them moving but i can feel it its very strange. I want to get well and get back to normal I know that this isn’t Gods pan for me. I love The Lord so much and i want to be able to read his word and pray without getting pain and serve Him again I cannot do very much now.
    I have found out that the medication Propananol can damage the blood vessels in the brain and that it goes into the nerves of the brain so i don’t know if there has been some kind of nerve damage or whether it has affected the central nervous system in some way or the blood brain barrier has been damaged i just don’t know and none of the medical profession seem to care or be able to help me they dont believe what I’m telling them. After researching on the internet i have found out that these type of drugs alter the chemical balance in the brain and if the drug is withdrawn too quickly the brain is unable to produce the correct chemical balance and causes all manner of health issues may of them permanent i fear this has happened to me and i will never recover. I cannot take any pain relieving medication as it affects my brain now i get more pain, lethargic and my head shakes, every day i suffer with headaches, nausea, liquid feeling inside brain and pressure inside my head and burning inside my head, body weakness, breathlessness, pains strange pains all over my body. I cannot even use shampoo on my hair as it feels like it goes into my head and gives me migraine and sinus problems and the vibration in my head worsens, it sounds bizarre i know and it’s hard getting people to believe me about this but it’s true.
    Please please pray for me i feel like my life is over and sometimes i feel suicidal. I pray every day but unable to do so for long periods due to my condition i have no diagnosis but i know that the things that have happened to me regarding this medication and that it has caused my symptoms. I may have to have an operation in January for a women’s problem but i don’t know what the anaesthetic would do to me it would go into my brain and i fear I may not come through it, my only option at present is to refuse the operation. I fear I will never be the same again and that my brain is permanently damaged. I feel ill every single day i am 47 years old and i feel like my life is over.
    Thank for your time in reading this email I’m sorry it’s so long.

    1. Post

      Joanne – I am praying for you. I will respond better when I know fully what to say. God bless you. God is big enough and good enough and willing enough to help you. As best as you can, confess many of the scripture lists and confessions that may jump out at you on this site. God’s word can undo all that the doctors and their drugs have done to you. Read this article about a woman in the Bible, in a similar situation. We love you. Rex

    2. Ann

      Joanne, I have been praying for you. I hope you have been feeling better and less stressed. God grant you His Peace. Ann

      1. Joanne

        Thank you for praying for me Ann. I am still very frightened but I’m trying to trust God for his healing and deliverance from theses afflictions. Thank you again for your prayer they are much appreciated. God bless you

    3. Post
  10. Parvien

    Pls help me to pray for my family. Me & my kids along with my parents who’s in in the 90’s are leaving together with my drug addict baby daddy for almost 12 yrs now & eveyday it’s getting worst & worst because of his drug addiction he doesn’t have any controlled in any bad decisions, bad thinking, bad words & most bad action. My kids & my parents always sees that. Also i work 2 jobs 6 times a week & on my day off I do some errands for my family. I’m The one who’s paying all the bills but still for him I’m the one who makes his life miserable and a bad person. I’m doing my best that I can to be strong & to make thing right & traching my kids to be good buy sometimes it’s so hard & I’m so hurt. I just don’t want things to be worst also I don’t want my kids & family see the worst part if I ask the police to help me.

    I just need help in praying tmake things better. If hes not gonna change for the good, pls help me to pray that he will walk away in our life without any trouble. Just leave us alone or make him disappear in our life pls help me pls

    Thank you so much in advance

  11. Michael

    I’m currently facing some illness nowadays. But I believe in the Word of our Lord that I can pass this trial. Help me guys and pray for my immediate healing. Thank you.

  12. Vincent

    im suffering from Parkinson’s and it’s my seventh year! I have faith that Christ yehoshuah will heal me ! His will be done! Please pray for my healing!

    1. Ann

      Vincent, I am praying for you. I love your positive attitude. It sounds like you have strong Faith. You can be sure that it is God’s will for you to be healed. Remember, you have Victory over sin, sickness and death through Jesus Christ! Say that out loud. By His stripes you were healed. By His stripes your Parkinson’s was healed. Say that out loud, too. Seven years is such a long time. It is about time you get your healing. I am believing with you for your total healing and I will be praying. God bless you and keep the Faith!

  13. monica

    I’ve been praying and begging God for healing. I know he knows the desires of my heart. My situation feels hopeless. I beg him to not let me leave him. Please pray for me. I very much liked your column. Food for thought

    1. Post

      Monica – I will pray for you. Read the articles on this site and meditate on the scriptures. God is moved by faith and faith does not beg. I wrote this article for you – Begging Is Not Praying – Faith Does Not Beg.

      I love you and God loves you. Be encouraged. God desires with all His heart to heal you. Get His will inside of you and let Him do it. It is not hard but it does take work. He is faithful and He will do it. We love you. Rex

  14. JWS

    I have received Christ many years ago and been baptized in the Holy Spirit. I have battled heroin and opium addiction on and off even since I was saved. I was even a missionary for man years. I hear stories of drug addicts being instantly healed. I have prayed, begged, cried and believef for that for me many many times. It still hasnt happened. Please pray that Jesus touches me that way and heals me where I never do another drug ever again. That he would take that desire like he has for so many others. And take away withdrawals too. Im so desperate. Please pray earnestly for me. Thank you.

    1. Mom

      Hello JWS, I read your comment the day you posted it, and I have been praying for you since. God keeps bringing you into my thoughts, so, even though I don’t really know how to be delivered from cocaine and heroin, I feel like maybe something I say could be helpful to you. First of all, I believe that your desire to do these drugs is already ceasing, since you WANT to kick the addictions! Secondly, I can say that, through my own experience with quitting cigarettes, I understand what you said about praying, begging and crying out to God. I did that for years and years, but nothing happened. Somewhere I heard that God is expecting me to make the first move, like I actually had to stop buying cigarettes, lighting them up, and smoking them! Why couldn’t God just heal me like He did for so many others? So, for two more years I smoked, always with the intention of never doing it again. At first I cut back on the number of cigarettes I smoked daily, then I got to the point where every day I would buy a new pack at $5+ and smoke one cigarette and throw the pack away! I thought I was going insane, and I was so ashamed that I kept it to myself. As I would smoke I’d ask God to forgive me, and I would still be asking for a deliverance from my addiction. The hardest part of giving up smoking for me was that it had been my best friend for a long time! Finally one day I just stopped and I didn’t miss it! It’s almost like a blur to me, but it has been almost six years now. I really wish I could have quit long before that though! Today I am having difficulty with my breathing and I’m once again asking God for a miracle! If you could include me in your prayers, I would appreciate that!
      So, I guess what I’m trying to say, is that God expects you to make the first move. Every time you think about drugs, but rebuke those thoughts in Jesus Name; or every time you have the choice to buy some, but refuse, it not only builds your resistance, but shows God that you are serious! There is no doubt that what you are attempting to do is very hard, but it CAN be done! Keep on trying! Don’t feel like a failure if it takes some time! Once you get this evil off your back, there won’t be anything you won’t be able to give up after that! I hope that this helped you somewhat. I will continue to keep praying for you, and remember, the next time you feel like doing a drug, think about the prayers that are being offered for you! God Bless and Merry Christmas!

    2. Jay

      I don’t exactly know how or why, but I landed on your request. Please contact refuge ranch ministries. I know of miracles there. They are good people. I don’t know where you are, but you can talk to them on the phone, maybe visit. I know they have even flown to different parts of the country to help get people free. There motto is “Free, Filled, and on Fire.” 704 900 5957. They are closed for the holidays. I think you can still send email to:

      Dear Father God,
      You know the problem, Lord. And You are the answer. Please revel to us our deeper need and issue so we may be aware of it be it daemon or disease. Bless us with your Holy Spirit. Send angels of protection and peace around us. Bring Your servants to us — those who are suffering. Give them gifts that they may heal. We need You, God.

      Lord, I pray for Your servant who seeks You. Your servant desires to free of a harmful desire to do drugs. We know it is Your will, for we know that drugs effect Your temple and keep us from hearing and doing Your will. Lord, bless this servant. Give grace, peace, comfort, presence, purpose, wisdom, and all blessings that are needed for a complete breaking of ties with any forces either willing on unwilling, knowing or unknowing that may have been created.

      In the name of Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

      God bless,

    1. Post

      Sally – By reading the word of God, seeking the face of God, and confessing (speaking) the scriptures about what God has done for you on the Cross. Read articles from our New Creation topic selection. God bless you. rex

  15. Dean

    WOW, awesome article. I could sence faith rising up within me as I read the scripture concerning healing.alopng with your comments. I believe in the weapons that God has given us.thru Jesus. The BLOOD OF JESUS, THE NAME OF JESUS, and THE WORD OF GOD. I belive God’s annointing to heal on ALL those being led to this site as I was led this morning.

  16. Ordu Chinyere

    I have been suffering from leave and gallbladder since two years now, l have spend all l have still lam still having pains in my right side of my belling , please l need your prayers for healing.

  17. Mom

    By His stripes you were healed. I will pray for you. Draw closer to God through His Word and believe for your healing by faith. Expect a miracle!

    1. Loriana

      Please God help my son Steven to heal his drug addiction he gets very mad and he diabetic please God he is good person , give him the strength to quit and to live life healthy and strong minded and to go to college and be succeful in life show him the right path and help my family to help him and not fight and agure I need peace and be happy , name of God please listen to me I have faith in you only you can make his life better and clean !

  18. Sibusisiwe Mdondo

    i am a women age 40.and the doctor ,told me that i have sub mucoal fibroid, and i believe God for healing .im a born again christian, i know that Jesus is my healer. please pray for me as im also praying against it, im on a 30day fasting now , and im abt to get married very soon in dec,

    1. Anonymous brother in Christ

      Hi, I prayed for you and believe you are healed now!! Praise God for it! Don’t go by visual appearance… Praise God for the healing and it WILL manifest! God bless! Please do send me the testimony of your healing.

  19. Mom

    Dear Ashley, It is true, you can be healed! Being a good person has nothing to do with it, but BELIEVING that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died for our sins on a cross has everything to do with it. The Bible tells us in Isaiah 53:5 He was pierced through for our transgressions, He was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon Him, and by His wounds we are healed.
    Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross was a free gift to ALL who would BELIEVE. Ask Jesus to come into your heart. Ask Him to forgive your sins. If you do those two things, you will be born again into the family of God! Being a believer in Jesus Christ brings many benefits! One benefit is the authority we have over ALL the power of the enemy (Luke 10:19). And in (Mark 16:17) it says,”and these signs will accompany those who have believed: in My name they will cast out demons….”.
    The thief (satan) came to steal and to kill and to destroy, but Jesus came that we may have life and have it more abundantly! (John 10:10).
    God does not put sickness on us, satan does! You now have the authority to tell that demon of sickness to leave your body in the Name of Jesus Christ! It has no right to stay on a child of God! You need to do the rebuking though. God has already done His part when He died for us. Casting out sickness is up to us – we have the authority, but we have to do it in the Name of Jesus. Get angry at this evil and scream at it if you want! You have the power! Speak out loud words of healing and life over yourself. If you know any believers, ask them to lay hands on you for healing. Receive your healing by faith! You will still have symptoms for a time, so don’t think that means you weren’t healed! You need to continue to cast out every pain as many times as you need to! I can see your healing coming, can you? That’s exactly the way you need to see yourself, as healed, whole and healthy running around with your babies! Rebuke those words from the doctors or from web sites that tell you this is a permanent, progressive illness! Just because the doctors don’t have a cure, doesn’t mean that God doesn’t have the cure! Remember, by His stripes you were healed!
    Ashley, I’m not saying to deny that you are sick, but to deny that this filthy thing can stay on you! Fill yourself up with God and His Word so much that there is NO PLACE for sickness to live! The Bible tells us that our faith grows by hearing the Word of God. (Romans10:17). Growing your faith is very important to prepare you for this battle! Once again, remember, Jesus already fought this battle for us 2000 years ago! He will never leave us or forsake us! God wants you well! I’m fighting my own battle and every day am feeling somewhat better. I am constantly yelling at satan to get his hands off of me, but my faith has grown so much in the past few weeks that I told God I want to help others who need help, too! Like you, I searched the web for answers. Each site helped to build my faith, but I know of one that would be especially helpful to you, since it has audio that you can listen to while lying down or taking care of your little ones. The Pastor is Keith Moore of Faith Life Church, Branson Mo. The web site is I am currently listening to his series on “God’s Will To Heal”. I know it will be a blessing to you as it has been to me!
    Ashley, I will be praying for you and your family. please let us know when you are as you said, ‘normal again’. God Bless You Ashley.
    P. S. Satan has been attacking me the whole time I’ve been writing this. That must mean bad news for him and good news for us! Alleluia! Praise God!

    1. Post

      Mom – You can comment on this site anytime you desire. Thank you. I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said. And I really like Keith Moore.

      Thank you again. Rex

  20. Ashley

    I got online to try to find some answers and all I found was this. I am even more confused and upset then I was before. I am a young mother of 3 and for the past year I have been living with a permanent, progressive, painful condition called trigeminal neuralgia. It is listed in medical books as the most painful condition known to mankind. Even though I am a good person and I beg for God to help me, the pain has gotten so bad at times that I cannot even care for my own kids. And on top of the physical pain, I also have the emotional pain just knowing that I will need to live this way for the rest of my life. I’m only 27!!! I can’t picture being 70 and looking back on a life full of pain and suffering. Why is God not helping me? Why is God allowing 3 innocent babies suffer without the care of their mom? I would do anything just to be normal again. I just want to be able to plan a day out with my kids and know I won’t be in pain. If anyone can pray for me and my kids we would all really appreciate it. I don’t usually ask for help but I am honestly at my breaking point and I don’t know where else to turn.

    1. Post

      Ashley – I hear you and I am praying for you. The short answer – everything from God comes by faith. He does not heal because He loves us – He loves everybody. He does not heal because of pain or need or situation – He heals only because of faith. It is His way and it is clear in the Bible.

      God did not put this on you. The Devil and the fallen sin of the world put this on you. God’s salvation and walk of faith is the way out of it. The Bible says, “That Jesus Went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the Devil for God was with Him.”

      The thing that you must do is to build faith into your heart. He is gracious and He will help you but you must do it. You can be set free from this, you can. He desires to heal you of this and He can – it is His will to heal.

      Read the articles on faith on this site and read the confessions. The whole purpose of this site is to build your faith so you can receive blessing and healing. You can do it and He will do it.

      Send me an email and I will call to discuss if you desire. The email address is on our About page in funny type. God bless you and God loves you, and we love you.

    2. Post

      Ashley – Read Mom’s comment. I totally agree with it. Faith in God is your answer. Faith in God is everybody’s answer. It is His way. He chooses to work through faith.

  21. Ann

    Frankie I will pray for you. I pray that God would fill you with His Peace and that you would sleep this evening like a baby! God did not put sickness on you, Satan did. Rebuke it in the name of Jesus! Refuse to have it! As a Christian sickness has no place or no right to your body! Get angry at Satan not at God. You are a child of the Most High God! You are the Righteousness of God through Jesus Christ! You are Redeemed from the curse of the Law! You have victory through the shed blood of Jesus Christ! Don’t give up, God is Not a liar! His word is truth! Hold onto His Word and speak His Promises. I know it is hard to stay positive but you need to and you need to Praise God because He deserves our praise. Take authority in the Name of Jesus and in the Power of the Holy Spirit. Stay strong! Don’t get defeated! Keep your head up high! God loves you sooooo much and there are plenty of Christians who would love to pray for you! Don’t let one article written 64 years ago upset you! God Bless You!

  22. Frankie

    I’ve been a Christian my entire life. I’m in need if healing and seek out God and healing everyday. What you write is so confusing. Filled me with more doubts and, quite frankly, anger. If God is so “wishy washy” about his word, and healing- making it so confusing and conditional- REALLY? Do this, don’t do that… And have Faith first- during excruciating pain – blah blah blah! Seems to me for the first time in my life that God, according to your “piece of writing” here, may, or may not, depending…. Conditions, rituals. After reading this, I feel worse than ever. Let me TELL YOU SOMETHING. Of millions and millions of people, you talk about thousands of healings… Not a good track record… I guess we shouldn’t expect to ever be happy again- not unless, we are out there Bible beating and, not once was a MOUNTAIN MOVED. So, if it’s parables- then definitives? What you say only makes me feel worse. I’ve been through enough. Enough! God has allowed me to suffer and be alone for years and years. I don’t have the energy to lift a finger and the pain and suffering!? If God- if Jesus promised us these things, why are your success numbers so easy. And, faith of a mustard seed hasn’t done a thing. So, I dare you to get with me and prove it. Otherwise, you may not realize this, but you are spreading information that Hod loves us, BUT… And will heal us, BUT… And anything following “, BUT” negates what proceeded it. Thanks for bringing me down further. Thanks a whole lot for making me feel confined to this way of life, and thanks again, for pushing me to the only way out of misery- suicide. Well done. I’m sure you will not post this. And, I’ve got Faith of a mustard seed that you will NOT even reply to me. I wish I’d never read your bs

    1. Post

      Frankie – I am sorry for your hurt and anger but the simple hard fact is this – God is not moved by need or pain; He is moved by faith and faith alone. He is not moved by love, for He loves the whole world – John 3:16. It is not rituals but yes there are conditions to God’s promises, and first and foremost is the requirement of faith. He will on occasion act without faith based on his mercy. I am sorry I did not see this comment. I am sending you an email so we can discuss. Rex

  23. Annie

    I enjoyed the article How You Can Be Healed! It was encouraging for me. I’ve read many of the replies and feel sad for so many who are sick, especially those who are filled with fear. I know exactly how that feels since I have been experiencing that myself. I have been fearful and anxious for so long that it has caused me illness today. Fear is not from God but from the devil. God has been showing me that every time I fear it is giving the devil another little victory! Think of that every time he tries to scare you! Refuse to let the evil one win! Grow your faith by immersing yourself in God’s Word. Pray. Praise God especially when things seem the worst! Draw near to the Lord and He will draw near to you! The more time you spend with God the more your faith will grow, and it will take faith to believe for your healing. If you are a Born again Christian you have every right to cast out the demons, illness, disease in the Name of Jesus. You have every right to expect a healing. Know who you are as a child of God! Learn your value as a Christian!

    I have been going through my own fearful time with high blood pressure and shortness of breath. This has been pretty terrifying, especially when breathing is difficult! Also, in the past few days, I have been having pain in my groin area, that wakes me up in the night. A rapid heart beat also wakes me at night! I think the fear can be worse than all of it together! In the meantime while I’m waiting for my complete healing, I am rebuking fear, anxiety, worry, shortness of breath, high blood pressure or when I get pain, no matter how many times a day I need to do that! My faith believes for healing, but I also believe that God wants me to deal with this anxiety/ fear issue first. I am growing every day by learning more about Our God. And I promise that when my healing comes, I will make sure to keep God first in my life forevermore! I pray that what I have written here could be of help to someone who needed it! And I would appreciate everyone who read this to pray for my healing, and for me to be strong and patient! God Bless You!

  24. Rueben Mccready

    God DOES NOT ALWAYS HEAL! Please do not preach these fairytales! When jesus returned to the heavenlies the law was fulfilled so dont use old testament to back up what you are saying as in malachi 3!, nowhere in the NEW testament will you find ANY scriptures on tithing! Fact.
    Hebrews 11:13 KJV
    These all died in faith, not having received the promises, but having seen them afar off, and were persuaded of them , and embraced them , and confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth.
    And it continues………..
    Hebrews 11:35-40 KJV
    Women received their dead raised to life again: and others were tortured, not accepting deliverance; that they might obtain a better resurrection: [36] And others had trial of cruel mockings and scourgings, yea, moreover of bonds and imprisonment: [37] They were stoned, they were sawn asunder, were tempted, were slain with the sword: they wandered about in sheepskins and goatskins; being destitute, afflicted, tormented; [38] (Of whom the world was not worthy:) they wandered in deserts, and in mountains, and in dens and caves of the earth. [39] And these all, having obtained a good report through faith, received not the promise: [40] God having provided some better thing for us, that they without us should not be made perfect.
    Pray for healing! For sure…… Believe and have faith that you will be healed, doesnt always mean you will though, because hebrews states without a doubt that men and women with MIGHTY faith were not saved from scourgings, and terrible fates…. “having not recieved the promises”.
    We are not citizens of this place and he has BETTER things in store!

  25. George

    Please pray for a miracle for me. I am 31 years old and very recently became very ill and was hospitalized for 1 month and had to have surgery to remove my entire colon because it was severely inflamed. Now I have an ostomy bag. It has been a very painful and difficult experience for my wife and I. We believe with God anything is possible and we have been praying for God to give me a new colon and to fix what the surgeons did to my body and to reconnect my digestive system and to make me whole and complete and healthy and normal in Jesus’ name.

    Please pray for a miracle for me. Thank you!

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