Depression Is a Spirit – It Must Be Fought with the Word of God


Jesus_cast_out_demons_300_webby Rex Rouis

Even in the midst of blessings, people can have recurrent fits of depression. It comes in like a dark, heavy cloud. We pray, fast, or make resolutions, only to find it getting worse. That is because this cloud of depression is not mental; it is spiritual. It is called the spirit of heaviness.

“To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that he might be glorified.” Isaiah 61:3

It is an evil spirit—a personality that studies us, knows our weaknesses, and knows how and when to attack. Recognizing the identity of an enemy is a tremendous first step, but then it must be fought.

It shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the LORD shall be delivered. Joel 2:32

Meditate on scriptures like the one above and pray: “God, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ – according to Your Word – I’m asking you to deliver me from this spirit of heaviness in Jesus Name.”

The pressure will lift, but it is one thing to be delivered; it is another thing to stay delivered. It is now up to us to reprogram our minds – to cultivate a different outlook and way of thinking. Before deliverance, we are not able to do it, but now after deliverance, it is our responsibility to do it.

The problem is our mind. The devil reaches people through their minds. The more we trust in our mind, the more Satan is able to use it against us. It is up to us to make our mind realize that it is our servant, not our master. Our minds are affected by our thoughts, so we must take charge of what we think.

For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh, 4 for the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but [b]divinely powerful for the destruction of fortresses. 5 We are destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and we are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ, II Corinthians 10:3-5

Remember, just as heaviness is a real spirit, the God of the Bible is a real Person, and He is behind each promise. He promised them to you for a reason – to help you. Read them, study them, meditate on them. They will give you hope and they will change you. It will not come in five minutes. It will take hard work, but it will come and it will work, and it is worth every bit of effort.

God’s deliverance can set you free, but it is your responsibility to fight for your continued deliverance. Take control of your thoughts, and bring them under control and in line with the Word of God. Experience the glorious freedom and joy that God has for you.

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  1. Marsha G.

    Carl, my last 10 yrs have been very much like yours. I will pray for you. God bless you and keep you.

  2. cecil

    God gave me a miraclous healing from depression. I was depressed for getting to two months. I was helpless and felt so empty and abandoned. My heart was so heavy to the extent that my nervous system was affected, my limbs were shaking One night after reading the advice and praying with the suggested scripture passages on this page and went to be d. I went into a trance and I felt God’s deliverance, the heaviness in my heart was like smoke of fire and was being released out. I felt the hotness as the smoke rolled away.i slept as I have never done in the past days , I woke up in the morning totally delivered. I give God all the Glory! Thanks a lot

  3. Victoria

    One think that I was recommended was to make sure that I had forgiven everyone that had hurt me in any way. You see, the Lord asks us to forgive those who offends us. In order for Jesus to work in your life to heal you, forgive those who you have not forgive. I would do a list from the names of people I need to forgive from the moment of conception. God bless!

  4. Mayra

    I can’t deal with my depression I feel sad sometimes am happy but today I feel so sad I feel alone ,my husband of 22 years cheated on me I been there for him in so many ways even when he was dealing with a crack addiction now left with 3 kids one is on his own never even remembers me nomore he has his own life I know my two youngest ones need me but honestly I can’t deal with this nomore I feel so alone with no family to help I was adopted and abuse by them I grew up in foster homes where do I turn now what can I do no medication has helped me I ask God to help me and don’t abandoned me

    1. jenny

      Please hold onto Jesus hand and let him lead you. Depression is an awful thing has I myself suffer from it and feel alone I also went into the care system has a child and if it wasn’t for holding onto Jesus I can truly say I wouldn’t be here now. But you can make it through all this by drawing closer to Jesus and taking rest in him sometimes its these very painful times that makes our faith grow stronger and the worst thing with depression is it makes you feel so alone but that’s not the truth there are people there who love you and need you and want to see you get better but the depression clouds this veiw from you so you cannot see the truth. The fact you have posted on here means God is looking out for you and wanting you to know that you are not alone and that he loves you very much and one day all this will come to pass and you will look back and realise that it was a growing time and a time that made your relationship with Jesus much stronger with Jesus we have everything and if you had been the only one on earth he still would have sent his son to die on the cross for you because you are loved and wanted, stay strong my friend love jenny x

    2. mary

      God has not left you, He will never leave you nor forsake you, put your trust in Him and everything will be alright

  5. Lapyn

    Faith without works is dead James 2:17. God’s will is to heal everyone . not because who we are but because who he is. just received it in Jesus name. Jesus paid it all.
    Mark 11:24 “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours” Jesus loves you so much 🙂

    Isaiah 53:5 “But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, And by His stripes we are healed.”

    We have to received by faith. Read (Rom 4:16 ) God Has Allotted to Each a Measure of Faith read Romans 12:3. And Romans 10:17. So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

  6. Carl

    Lianna I have great sympathy for you and I will pray for you. My name is carl and you almost described my life except I wasn’t fortunate enough to keep my marriage together through all the debilitating and crippling affects of depression as you have. I was divorced 10 yrs ago and you can’t imagine how much harder overcoming depression is when you lose almost everything you love and you have to go on all alone in this world. I could go on forever but I will stop right there and just say I will pray for your deliverance and I hope u will pray for mine too.

  7. Shmily

    Reading these posts has made me realize I am not alone and God is always with me. I have been struggling with depression for about 2 months now and I have never been in this place! My husband for 16 years has now had to leave 5 days out of.the week to work out of town and this has killed me! We have 2 kids together and we always have done everything together always! This is been hard on all of us. I have let the devil really get to me and bring me so far down I don’t even want to get out of the bed all I want to do is sleep the time away and not think! I can’t do it anymore! I don’t want to go because of the people I work work are aweful! I have no one to talk to at work no friends there at all! It’s so hard! I feel like this is not where God wants me to be but I am so unsure about it because it’s the most money I have ever made and I am afraid I won’t find anything else like it. But on the other hand I feel.God has something bigger and better for me I am just scared of not having a job!! Please pray for me and my family that the Lord will help me and my husband and I pray he will soon be back workin in town.

    1. Charlene

      Shmily, I hope you are feeling much better. I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers. In order to be happy we need to let go of what makes us unhappy. If your job is making you feel bad, its better if you find a better job even it pays less. Feeling happy where you work is priceless. God Bless you and your family always. You will get through this. God has a plan for all of us. 🙂

  8. Charlene

    I am in glad im the alone in fighting this batter of depression. I pray to the lord the depression, anxiety and stress all leave out of our body, in the name of the blood of jesus. I pray that we live happier lives for our family and for ourselves. We deserve to be happy. non on e deserves to be constantly sad. Depression leads to insomnia which is another battle. Lord I pray that all the evil goes away and never return. Satan leave our of our lives! we don’t want you! We are strong and we’ll overcome you. Our depression will leave in no time. I fears and stress will all be gone. We reprogram our brains, not you satan! I ask tou satan to leave our lives alone in the name of the blood of Jesus.

  9. Adrian Herd

    I’ve had the spirit of heaviness for years and it has cost me everything even my wife and kids. Please pray for my deliverance in Jesus name Amen.

  10. Toy🐾

    I know what each and everyone of you are going through. I did say ….going through because God Almighty will deliver you in due time.
    Naomi, I have delt with the spirit of heaviness for years. I am praying for you and everyone else, because I know the burden it causes. Joy will come to you in the name of Jesus. (By his stripes you are healed)
    *Pray for others to get your deliverance*

  11. venessa

    I feel the same way. I have to smile when I am around others even when I am not happy but sad. I struggle day to day existence and I want to be happy inside and out

    1. Justin

      I feel the same way….. I pray to the Lord Jesus Christ that my heart be unburdened from this depression which I feel every day. I trust in the Lord Our God that he may restore my heart to peace when it is His time to lift me up. I love the Lord Our God with all of my heart. I have sinned and I repent for all of the wicked I have done so that our LORD will one day deliver me from my sins and anguish and that I may be received by him.

      I will die a Christian for I believe in the LORD with all my heart and pray daily for more faith.

  12. Geo

    Naomi……… Speak it out. Speak what you want as if it has already happened. Holiday today… Felt as you do….. It is a battle you can win!….. I’m here… Walk through this with me. Geo.

  13. naomi

    my depression has taken over all my soul and being. I have phobia that renders me immobile even when I know it is all in my head and nothing more. I have lost touch with reality and I am merely existing. It has made me bitter, negative and vengeful. I really do need help and prayers. Thanks

    1. Lianna

      I know how you feel.

      I’ve battled depression off and on since my teens and now I’m 51. I was saved at the age of 11 and obey the teachings of Jesus. He is my Lord and Savior; Son of the Living God. Yet I am depressed, anxious, fearful, physically and mentally exhausted all the time. I can’t control sudden angry emotional outbursts, whether it’s at my husband, the dogs, or just some innocent stranger on the telephone telling me about their new product. I am bitter and enraged for no reason or something that happened many years ago.

      I pray, sing, read scripture, meditate, journal, and study. I write poetry and short stories of fiction as a creative outlet. But this is an ongoing battle, and…it is spiritual. As Christians, we have a permanent foe in the devil. I try to remind myself, he can’t read my mind, and anything he uses against me is something I give him to use.

      Those around me don’t know what to do. I’ve told a couple of friends the best thing they can do is pray, while I wonder why they are not plagued by this illness. But then we all have different crosses to bear.

      Physicians have tried all the meds, none of which offered relief, but debilitating side effects. I’ve worked as a nurse for the 25 years. It’s so hard to act normal when you feel totally broken inside. I’m really getting concerned because it seems to be getting worse. Music helps at times, like classical piano or soothing water sounds, as well as aroma therapy and sunlight.

      I no longer have the desire to take a walk or go anywhere. I definitely don’t want to be around people, and I know God doesn’t want me this way! The fact that my husband is still here is a miracle in itself. I know he thinks he married a nutcase.

      Depression for me has not been ” a case of the blues,” or “down in the dumps”, or anything that one would deem temporary. It’s remains a constant lingering bout of sadness that will not go away. It’s a personal struggle day and night for those who suffer from it.

  14. Joy

    Pastor Char,
    just checking back in with you from this past June to testify that He Brought me up and out. I am free and whom the SUN/SON sets free is free indeed.
    Thanks for words of encouragement when I couldn’t see the Light. I am MOVING FORWARD

    1. Post
      1. Post

        God bless you Pastor. Stand fast and walk hard in the Spirit, for you know that you have a Gospel target on your back. Stand strong in the power of His might. Walk in love and obey His voice. God bless. We love you. Rex

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  16. Joy

    Now I get it and know for sure what it take. I’ve been trying to hide this illness/heaviness from family and close friends. I now realized That The Word of God will Work for you. Believe that I knew this all along but I’ve been so caught and my mind has been attack tremendously, That this evil had beugun to overtake me. I had nothing to fight with for months and I’m a woman of God.. Had THE WORD all the while! I need pray and a covering.

    Pray my deliverance and non reoccurance of this spirit of Heaviness
    Thanks much,

    1. pastorchar59

      If someone delivered an unwanted package to your door, what would you do? REFUSE IT, and say…”return to sender”. Depression is sent to indwell you, to take “root” in you. It may have come upon you years ago when you weren’t spiritually able to discern the why of it. That does not stop it. Demons seek entrance in every possible way. First remember that you are BORN AGAIN. You HAVE the Life of Christ IN your born again spirit. Therefore, you are able to speak to that unwanted package, that depression, and using the authority given to you BY Jesus Christ Himself, DEMAND it to be sent back to its sender. It will try to hold on by using your feelings deceptively. It will dig things up from the past. It will remind you of past sins. It will do everything to stay. Command it to go. Go to Ephesians 6, and see yourself clothed in the Armor of God. SEE yourself united to Christ. Hear Christ speak through you to that evil, and make your stand.

      1. Joy

        Thanks so much Pastor Char for your words of encouragement and wisdom, I see myself coming out of darkness into the marvelous light, I COMMAND in the name of Jesus forthe spirit of heaviness to go…..I boomerang it back to the pits of hell. I claim and expect Victory knowing this will be a process. I’m pressing with every ounce.

        Help Lord Today!

        IN JESUS NAME!

        1. pastorchar59

          Joy…I have also struggled with depression, and came close to suicide in 1990. Through a word of knowledge, an evangelist called out that demon oppression, and I was set free. I have, like everyone, had many challenges where it has tried to find place in me again. Remember, you are fighting a “good fight of faith”, and Jesus overcame the world, the flesh and the devil for you. I frequently, still to this day, visit the pastures of Psalms 103, Ephesians, chapter 1 & 2, Romans 8, Joshua, chapter 1, in order to keep my mind renewed. The Lord IS with you and IS your victory. He is Adonai, the God Who sees and provides. He is Jehovah Roah, the Lord YOUR Shepherd. Galatians 3:20 declares that YOU have the faith of the Son of God. Use that faith. It is by grace that you are saved, healed, delivered, provided for and sealed unto the day of redemption. The more of God’s Word that is taken into your soul (mind, will and emotions), the more power you will have to win over EVERY deceit of the wicked one. He HATES God’s Word. It was the Word that defeated him. Take your weapons of warfare, that are not carnal, but ARE mighty before God to the pulling down of this stronghold. Don’t trust your feelings, Joy. They will change. Fix your heart upon Jesus, and the Joy of the Lord will be your strength.

      2. jenny

        Hi I am struggleing with depression and have done so for over 30 years on and off. I have never felt wanted or loved has a child or adult and was raised by an angry dad who beat me everyday that by the time I was 10 I pray to God to let me die cause I didn’t want to wake up to all the beatings etc, I couldn’t pray for my dad to die because I knew my mom needed him but she didn’t need me. I wasn’t allowed have friends etc and so I grew up really not being able to communicate in the right way and am nuffin but trouble because I think different and people think I know what they mean and I do what they say but its not what they meant so life is so hard that I have been thinking of ending it. I went to church but even they couldn’t cope with me and my depression made me say things I didn’t mean so I hurt people all I ever wanted was people to understand me and love me but I found it hard being what people needed me to be and I had shared my biggest fear with the pastor which was the fear of rejection he and his wife told me they would never reject me and my family so I allowed them to get close to me and I loved them but 3 years later they had enough of my moods with depression and I said hurtful things to the pastor so he threw me and my family out of church under church discipline and told everyone in church I was no longer a sister in christ that I was to be treated has a tax collector and pagan and no one was to talk to me so for last Year and a half everyone has shunned me and my family and if they see us in street they walk past has if they never knew us. My depression has got worse and my tablets have been increased to a high dose but it don’t take the pain away and I just feel like ending my life than liveing this way. I will never go to another church again cause I will never trust no one. The pastor used my biggest fear to punish me with and I will never put myself or kids or granchildren at risk by attending a church again. I am still being shunned up to this day so I now don’t really leave my house any more and have become a prisoner in my home for fear of seeing anyone from the church and them hurting me each time by shunning me love jenny x

        1. Charlotte

          Dear One,

          You have certainly been deeply wounded in so many ways. I can only and simply say that the love Jesus has for you will never change. Many have failed you, and unfortunately, the ones who should have given you help and support have abused your trust.
          Not all pastors fail and most churches will do the best they can to love and welcome you.
          In order to heal, you have to make the hard decision to forgive even those deepest hurts, and those who hurt you. Only Jesus can help you make that choice.
          Try to read Psalms 23, 27 and 103. Look at the love God has for you. Let that truth fill your heart.

          1. jenny

            Thank you for your reply, I keep trying to forgive but the hurts keep on hurting its also hard cause the pastor and his wife were God parents to my Grandson who is one an a half yrs old, the vows were made in church that they and everyone would help raise him in the christian faith but since the pastor and elders threw us out the church they don’t even see him anymore. I begged and pleaded with them to forgive me but they wouldn’t and just said they didn’t believe my repentance was true and I needed proof of my repentance to God. But none of them ever had anything to do with me since throwing me out so how was I suppose to have proof of my repentance which I thought was between me and God, I begged them over 20 times to forgive me but to this day they haven’t and still shunn us

            1. pastorchar59

              Dear Jenny,

              I can hear how hard this whole issue has been for you. You cannot continue to “beg” for forgiveness. They may need time to heal themselves, and you must also face the reality that they will choose to simply keep their distance. Emotional heart bonds are very hard to free yourself from, but you cannot take ALL the responsibility for this situation. I don’t want to judge them, either. It is not easy for a 3rd party to step into a situation that has been going on for awhile. I strongly encourage you to read I Corinthians 13 about the kind of love that Jesus lived, and really “read” it until you can see yourself, also, wanting to live that way. Make a choice to forgive these people. I wrote a book years ago called “Forgive and Remember”. It is my personal testimony of how God taught me how to forgive His way. Let me know if you read I Corinthians 13, and how it speaks to your heart. You are in my prayers.

        2. Mandy

          Hi, I read your story. I can understand the pain of rejection. It is a personal issue. If the situations still continue to this day, it might be wise to start over with new people. God brings new people in our lives ALL the time. I won’t be able to see your response because I am going to be really busy in the next few days. It is okay that you don’t have to respond. I just want to reassure you that it is okay for you wanting to protect yourself and it makes sense to GOOD CARE of yourself and your family. I know God knows who you are, he knows your heart. Again, God brings new people in our lives ALL the time, so sometimes the relationships with people can last or it can change to a better relationships with other peoples. This is usually the hardest part, some people are not comfortable to change and want to stay in the comfort zone, and that is okay. It is a personal choice. Don’t give up hope and feeling that your life won’t get better, it usually get better. The challenging thing to accept is not knowing when it will get better, but leaning and trusting God is the only way to guide you through the process. I know it will get better. I wish you a journey of prosperity with hope and peace with new people if that is what God’s plans are for you. Trust God-you will see. Wishing you a hope and peace of journey with God’s good plans for you.

        3. Mandy

          Hi, I read your story. I can understand the pain of rejection. If the situations still continue to this day, it might be wise to start over with new people. God brings new people in our lives ALL the time. I won’t be able to see your response because I am going to be really busy in the next few days. It is okay that you don’t have to respond. The challenging thing to accept is not knowing when it will get better, but leaning and trusting God is the only way to guide you through the process. I know it will get better. I wish you a journey of prosperity with hope and peace with new people, if that is what God’s plans are for you. Trust God-you will see. Wishing you a hope and peace of journey with God’s good plans for you.

      3. Amazing Grace

        Sometimes in life you feel as if you are the only one in the world going through. I feel that I am a strong women but my mind is my worst enemy but I thank God for people like you that continue to tell us about how good God is! Satan really know how to do his job..he makes you think that you are at the end of the rope. I went to church Sunday and I felt like the pastor was talking to me. His topic was Cancel My Funeral…I survived! I know that I must continue to read my bible and give God all the praise to get through what I am going through. Again thank you for your post!

  17. Angela

    I did not fully understand what I’ve been experiencing, but now I do. And I now understand how I must deal with it. Thank you.

  18. Juju

    Wow I thought I was the only one on earth going trough hard times but as I read them stories they giving me courage to live, I’m going trough so much right now for the past 3 years . I even thought about killing myself

  19. Russell

    I can’t sleep at night. I am jobless, just went through a relationship that I thought was true love. But I stand on God’s word. I am amazed at how much peace it brings. I think that it is important to understand that we humans are created by God and are therefore precious. He gave us His Word as a powerful weapon against the enemy. When the enemy attacks, fight back with the Word

    1. Post

      Russell – Yes, yes, yes. Whether it is a direct attack of the devil or a result of something we caused on our own, the response is the same – seek God, get His scriptures of promised protection and blessing into our hearts, and hear from Him to get the victory of faith in our heart. If you have to repent of anything, do it and get it over with, and do not look back.

      Listen to the Holy Spirit and let Him lead you on to complete victory through faith in God through a reality of His word in your heart. That peace is a way for God to say, “I’m all in, and I am fully involved in your situation.”

      Keep reading His work and speaking out the confessions on this website. They all come from the word of God. They are real and He is real.

      If you are spirit filled, pray in tongues as much as you can. It will build up your heart and keep you in the love of God. God bless. Rex

      1. Sharon

        This was the best I have read. Depression is horrible. I go to the altar for prayer and have been for several yrs. It seems to get better, then BAM it’s back. I’m filled with the Holy Ghost. Reading all of this has really helped me.

        Thank you

  20. diana

    Feelings of rejection, confusion and pain have plagued my life since childhood, but intrusive thoughts and anxiety became a nightmare as a teenager. I thought I was responsible for these evil thoughts and would try to fight them off on my own. I had some biblical knowledge and so did my mother about avoiding things like witchcraft, however one day my mother told me about having gone to a male witch and the male witch, having never met me, tell her that I was a very well behaved and descent teenager and how rare that was and that I was going to meet a specific guy from Europe. Shortly after, the mostly emotional abuse from my mother became worst and I did meet someone but not from Europe, that turned my life to living hell. This person had such a negative hold on my life, I could not understand or control. He was as emotional abusive as mother but worst at being physically abusive. I currently suspect that these spirits brought into my life by my mother still plague me today. I am beginning to understand more about it , but it is debilitating, to the point that I can’t hold a job and even when I do, people notice something off about me and I have always been labeled weird and been rejected by most, including management and supervisors. I have started praying again, and sites like these have been really helpful. I am 46 years old and have reached my lowest = unemployed , depressed and anxious. It frustrates me that I have suffered so much due to others and crave the rest of death. No one can possibly understand the physical and mental torture I have experienced and the flashbacks and intrusive thoughts have kept me from living a fulfilled , productive life. I have no friends. I need people to pray for me, please.

    1. Mark

      Diana, I just want you to know I, other people that are on this site and people throughout the world care about you. Christians care about you. You are in my prayers. I pray that Jesus delivers you from your pain. You are important.

    2. Randy

      Diana, I am the youngest of 6 and 52 years old. Until recently I thought I couldn’t handle being alone, but I actually like it. When I’m alone I get along with everyone in the room lol. Sure, freinds and family are important, but Jesus said “my mother and brothers and sisters are those that do the will of my Father”
      I have been unemployed and alone many times, and now it’s no big deal. God always provides a job and always comes through. I usually look back and realize that I learned something from that dark time, something that I wouldn’t have learned in good times. Remember, when we have to lean on God, thats usually when he rescues us. Only because he is trying to teach us not to lean on ourselves.
      Trust me, this too shall pass.
      Stop worrying, and pity parties are NOT ALLOWED, lol.
      I have been through everything you are talking about. Pull up your boot straps, stand tall, and “love yourself” the way God loves you. Forgive yourself the way He does.

    3. Randy

      One more thing Diana, remember I said I have been through everything you are talking about, but I did not mean to make light of your situation by talking about a “Pity party”. Physical abuse is no joke and you need to remove yourself from that. Also, I firmly believe in a believer’s power over the Devil in JESUS Name. I bind him, rebuke him, and command him to leave Diana ALONE in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
      I am praying for you NOW!!!!
      Do you know Jesus as your saviour? Ask Him into your life and believe that He died for your sins. Ask Him to forgive every sin, past, present, and future, and repent. Repent means turn away from sin.
      Amen, and again I say “AMEN”

    4. Susan

      Diana, I pray to the sovereign Holy God of the universe to draw you to Him. You are protected , read psalm 91. If you do not fully grasp salvation through Christ… Accept Him. As Christians, greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.”

      You sound afraid. None of the creepy weird stuff that has plagued you has power over you! They’re like shadows… Turn on the light ( remember who Christ is) and these tormenting thoughts will disappear.

      A few online sources that are helpful is You can listen to sermons, Gods word on line.

    5. Janice

      Reply to Diana
      You say no one could understand…..but I do. I totally understand as our stories are very similar.
      I could use a friend too.
      I don’t know how this site works but I would like to try to be your friend. If
      possible email me.

      1. Post
    6. Vega P

      I been goin thru a lot in my life …I’m looking for guidence I know in my heart that the word of God is the way…I wanted soo bad.but I’m surround it around soo much negative it seems soo hard for me…can someone help me get this thru…Thanks

    7. Romanssmile13!

      That makes me feel less alone to hear your story.. I never experienced physical abuse, but I have felt the same way emotionally. I had social anxiety, which made me act very odd & extremely uncomfterble around people. I know it started from my own feelings of rejection etc. But it opens a door for demons, to feed off of, & make a mockery of our life, which life is a precious gift. And ultimately we waste are life in sickness. 🙁 I will pray for you. Its funny. We know God created the stars, moon, sun the very foundations of the earth. Yet we forget God can completely transform us into the person He planned us to be. Don’t let the devil laugh at you any longer, don’t do GIVE IN TO THOSE DEMONIC LIES! GOD LITERALLY HAS A PLAN FOR EACH PERSON! regardless of how important it might seem to anyone one els. Keep on walking in the spirit.

    8. caroline

      go to a priest and ask him to pray a deliverance pray over you and if you could get your mother to go aswell

  21. Alisha

    I would also like to share this story… As a child growing up I was a victim to child abuse, I was 5 yrs old and I didn’t understand what was happening to me, all he said was this is our little secret and it was as I didn’t have the courage to tell my mother until I was 18 yrs old… When I told her she was so still and shocked like how did this happen to my child, how could I have not noticed or see that coming.. I used to blame her at one stage because she had allot of boyfriends when me and my siblings was growing up, but then when I grew up mysef I seen it wasn’t her fault !!! She never had the love of a parent growing up so her life was messed up and she too had been abused its almost like a bad cycle mother and daughter going threw the same thing… this has put allot of strain in my life now as I have children… The devil attacks me with thoughts of abuse much like I went threw and I know he’s trying to take my life away but by the power of Jesus almighty he will always rescue me from the dark pit.. Amen

    1. pettu we lost family but through deliverance its has helped others.God is the key Jesus will set us free he is the same yesterday ,today and forever.

  22. Alisha

    I have found this a comfort to read…I almost feel like my life has been turned upside down through a spiritual force, feeling of anxiety and depression.. when I have a good day I pray that I can always hold that great feeling or joy and emotion forever but it’s as if the devil watches me and sees me happy then comes back to me with problems I thought I felt with… I will always fight back with god by my side… I just wish that everyone’s life in this world was happiness x

  23. CW

    Stacey and to everyone on this page I truly understand how you feel. I am so depressed sometimes I don’t want to get out of bed. I have to because I have a disabled child, well young adult now and she depends on me. I think often that she would be better off without me but then if I die she will have no one. I am so alone sometimes all I have is my thoughts. II have made some terrible mistakes with my finances, and now in jeopardy. I have no friends and those that claimed to be my friend have all forsaken me. It’s true as long as you have money you have friends. I want to end my life, my pain, but my conscience won’t allow me to leave my child behind. I go to church , I pray, I wonder if I’m praying the right prayer. I have one sibling who is struggling with his own illness and I worry about him giving up. I’m the oldest so I feel he should not leave this earth before me. I am so tired of feeling this way day end and day out. I found this page after searching the net for answers to help me understand this feeling. I found that there are a lot of people who are experiencing some of the same feelings for so many different reasons. I still don’t understand why I’m feeling this way and why I am in the situation I am. I was once a productive human being out in the world with a job, and able to help others. That is what I did. I always tried to help, not hurt. It seems as though while I tried to help there were those who just wanted to hurt me, take from me, destroy me, and my spirit. Why? I have since found that very few people care about other’s in the same way I care about people. God made promises and I believe in those promises but apparently not hard enough because of these feelings I have everyday I breathe. I am so lost and confused, hopeless, and just plain tired. I have the means to end my life and I can’t understand what it is I am waiting for.
    What is it that is preventing me from doing what I feel is what I want. The main reason my mind keeps going back to is my child. The other is Suicide is a sin against God. He gave me life and I belong to him. I dream sometimes about heaven and God. I do believe he has a sense of humor and I’ve dreamed of holding his hand and he talking with me sharing with me stories of mankind. I know this probably sounds strange but these are the thoughts I have sometimes.

    1. Stacey

      CW, I know exactly how you feel. It’s reassuring to know I’m not alone in feeling like this. I too have the means to end my life, and have had many opportunities to do so, but being brought up by a God-fearing woman, and knowing it would be wrong to do, I stick it out another day. I’m glad that neither of us have let those feelings consume us. We’re still hanging in there, and God is keeping us here for a reason. We gotta stay strong long enough to find out what God’s plans are for us. Please know that you are not alone. I will keep you in prayer, CW, and please do the same for me. Stay strong!

  24. Stacey

    I’ve suffered from depression for many years, and lately, it has gotten much worse. I, like many of us, have issues, and the spirit of heaviness is consuming me little by little each day. There are days when I don’t want to go on anymore and seriously consider ending my life, but I know if I do this, I will never see the Kingdom or be with my mother in Paradise. There are other emotions besides depression that are consuming me, and I ask that those who truly believe and trust in the Lord to please pray for me. I’m trying to win this battle, but it doesn’t feel like I’m going to.

    1. Beatrice

      Stacey I also have had a hard battle with depression and the devil is a liar, he wants you to believe that killing yourself is a solution to find some sort of end to the hardship but if not coming to Gods Kingdom the real hell in mind starts after death!! I recommend you to read a book I just have read ‘Driven by eternity’ by John Bevere. It helped me a LOT! And a preaching by David Wilkersson on youtube ‘the private war of a saint’. I want to PRAY for you but you need people close to you that can PRAY for you and stand together with you in the battle! Dont give up!!!

    2. pastorchar59

      Stacey…inside of your born again spirit is where the powerful Father, Son and Holy Spirit HAVE come to live. Like most who are under oppression, we TRY to fight this with “feelings”. This is useless!!! Your two most powerful weapons are THE BLOOD of Jesus that HAS redeemed you (in spite of how you feel), AND the WONDERFUL NAME OF JESUS, which is above EVERY name. In your soul (Mind, Will, and Emotions), you must make a choice to first take in God’s Word and what it says about you. Then you must CHOOSE to use those TWO very powerful weapons against satan EVERY DAY until he leaves you. If I may offer a confession for you…”I, Stacey, am born of God! I am indwelt by God, the Father, God, the Son, and God, the Holy Spirit. I AM redeemed by the blood of the Lamb. That precious blood IS my VICTORY over depression and I claim my God-given victory TODAY. I use the mighty Name of Jesus against you depression. I speak to you and COMMAND you to leave. If I must do it a thousand times a day, I WILL do so, and you WILL LEAVE ME!! I REFUSE to live by these depressed “feelings”. They are not greater than my Savior! I repent of believing that they are!!! Jesus died for me before I was even born. I have answers. I have help! I have GOD!!! God, thank You for loving me, living in me, and always being with me! I repent of listening to satanic lies that bring depression. I CHOOSE to live today. I CHOOSE to walk free today!! I give glory to God that VICTORY IS MINE!! In Jesus Name, AMEN!!””

    3. LB

      Stacey, I understand your suffering. I have fought with depression and anxiety all my life. When I have felt no desire to keep going, I realize it is not my life I want to end, but it is the suffering I want to end. And there are ways to get relief. Praying is very powerful. The prayer above has helped me recently a lot. We must let go of the guilt,or sadness or whatever is lying to us that tells us we are less than beautiful children of God. Everyone makes mistakes, but we are forever forgiven for them. Find sanctuary in that love and look for ways to help yourself as well. Learn to love and care for yourself. You are a beautiful soul. Look to God and ask to help you see that in yourself. Bless your heart! You will get better, I promise 🙂

    4. jon

      Stacy, I feel exactly the same as you and I know we are not the only 2 people that feel this way. I will pray for you. Please don’t lose heart. We were not intended to feel this way. Everything will be ok. My email is jdmartin345 at yahoo. Please stay in touch. Jonathan

    5. Myra Morrison

      I will pray in JESUS name you will be held. Please pray For me as well, it seems like all my SIN KEEP FLASHING IN MY FACE! The Devil keeps telling me i have done to much to be forgiven! but i no the devil is a LIE!

  25. kim

    I’ve been suffering for many years. I pray everyday, multiple times, but this dreaded spirit doesn’t fully leave me. My dad suggested a few days ago that I start meditating on the word. After reading these scriptures, I believe God will pull me out of this darkness. This is encouraging.

    1. Post

      Kim – Prayer is good but the only type of prayer that moves the hand of God is believing prayer. And believing prayer only comes by putting the word of God inside of you. It gives you the strength and motivation to go on (hope) and then it produces the faith in the heart to deal with it.

      Keep putting the word into your heart. Read the articles on faith, and speak out of your mouth the confessions we have especially the one titles “Confession – Change Your Life.”

      And spend time with Him, like you would a good friend. He will talk to you and when you hear, faith will come. God bless you. We love you and God loves you. Rex

  26. Jaylib

    I like this message. I just don’t understand the Jesus part or anything about him. I speak to God daily. He’s never mentioned Jesus. Only man has. And men are wrong more than they are right. And if I never understood him, God would be ok with that. This isn’t Jeporady. There’s no exam to find out what you know or believe. God loves my wretched self. I don’t know why.

    1. Victoria 2070 a.d.

      I understand that Jesus’ name is used because he is the Christ, the lamb, the sacrifice made by whom’s blood spill delivered our souls. The devil knows this, and wants us to walk away from the light… But the mention of deliverance on Jesus (the Christ), makes the devil squirm in anger and go away. We must stay in control of our mind before any signs of depression show up.

    2. pastorchar59

      to Jaylib (Feb.18th)…I encourage you to read the Book of John. In this Gospel you will discover the relationship that Jesus had with His Father, and vice versa. 2 Timothy 3:16 says that …”every scripture is God-breathed…” Man was the pen that God used to inscribe His thoughts to us. John 3:16 says that “God so loved the world He GAVE His only Begotten Son, (Jesus), that whosoever believes on Him will not perish but have everlasting life.” Be not deceived about Jesus. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life! God bless you and may you come to the realization that there is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. They all love you.

  27. Claire Rice

    This has really helped me understand….the attacks we have to over come in our minds a battle which I put down to a chemical in balance but now realise it is spiritual x

    1. Post

      Claire – Keep reading about faith in God and how His deliverance works. It is through the Blood of Jesus and the Name of Jesus. Keep speaking His word and seeking Him.

      Faith (and the resulting salvation power) comes by hearing and hearing by the (spoken) word of Christ. Keep at it. Speak to that problem in Jesus Name. Command it to go. And do not take no for an answer.

      He gives us His Name to enforce His word in our lives. God bless you.

  28. Blank Please!!!!

    YES!!! This is so true!!! Please pray for a friend of mine, Rachel, She was a catholic and she just got saved on Thursday Novemeber 12, 2013. She REALLY needs prayer…… but one thing is for sure….. a catholic getting saved is ONE HUGE STEP!!!!

    1. Post

      Blank – God bless you. Keep reading His word and talking to Him. He will change your life and the lives of those around you. Keep it up Kid!! Go get’m tiger.

  29. Blank Please!!!!

    Its me again, Michaella!!!! Thank you so much Sir. This realy makes me feel better!!!! I am the one that you talked to in the other page on fear….. (Blank Please!!!) THANKS!!!


    Yes, this is exactly the method I used, to over come depression and hopelessness. It is a tactic of Satan to make us believe we can’t cope with life.
    If you use this method you will not lose this battle with our adversary the devil.

    1. Post
  31. Paul

    I know all too well that depression is one of the many ways, the evil one attacks the mind, thoughts and ultimately our soul. I used to jog everyday….a few days in a row, this huge Rotwiller, chased me bearing all fangs as I could feel his breath on the back of my legs as my jog went into a full sprint….his owners doing nothing. One day, I got an old broom handle….as it was the previous days, the Rotwiller charged me….I ran to get a head start, only to turn with both feet planted, driving the Rotwiller back on his hips as I struck him with the stick. Depression is much the same way, thru the Word of God which is sharper than any two-edged sword, I no longer have to run and be controlled by this….I am a victor….by His stripes. But I always was a victor and never claimed it. I boldly claim it….not because of my righteousness, but because of His blood that made me righteous. Thank you Lord that I don’t have to run anymore!

    1. Post
    2. Gabriella

      I’g glad you overcame, but I think a dog still constitutes as flesh and blood so you don’t have to whack the naughty pup! Our weapons are not carnal dude… I remember one time I was on my roof having quiet time in the Word and didn’t notice I was under a bee nest and was starting to notice these bees trying to be like ‘you’re on my turf human’. I got a little nervous and then one bee who seemed to be going about his business flying away from where I was suddenly stopped, turned around and zoomed at me. The Holy Spirit just rose up in me in an instant and I jumped to my feet and pointed at the bee saying something in tongues. The bee stopped dead in his tracks a flew quickly away.

  32. camiigsoul

    God works in amazing ways. I have been going through a difficult few months and this post sums it all up for me. Not that I knew it already but when the problems starts becoming heavier one may start to loose focus on the what is the main focus, its not an easy walk but with patience determination and perseverance it becomes easier. Constant communication with God

    1. Post

      Yes, the more we learn about God’s word and the working of the unseen spirit realm, the more this natural visible world makes sense. Concerning God and His world, we are like a house pet looking at a light switch and not able to figure our how the sun came up in the room when someone flipped the switch on.

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