The Miracles of Jesus In the Gospels

The following is a breakdown of all the miracles associated with Jesus in the Gospels:

Miracles in the Gospels
Miracles With Individuals





Two blind men healed

Mt 9:27, 28, 29, 30, 31

A dumb demoniac healed

Mt 9:32-34

Coin in the mouth of the fish

Mt 17:24, 25, 26, 27

The deaf and dumb man healed

Mk 7:31-37

A blind man healed

Mk 8:22-26

Draught of fish

Lk 5:4-7

Raising the widow’s son

Lk 7:11-18

Healing the woman with an infirmity

Lk 13:10-17

Healing the man with the dropsy

Lk 14:1-6

Healing the ten lepers

Lk 17:11-19

Healing the nobleman’s son of fever

Jn 4:46-54

Healing the impotent man at Bethesda

Jn 5:1-9

Healing the man born blind

Jn 9:1-41

Draught of fish

Jn 21:4-6

Healing the daughter of the Syrophoenician

Mt 15:21-28

Mk 7:24-30

Healing the centurion’s servant of palsy

Mt 8:5-13

Lk 7:1-10

The blind and dumb demoniac

Mt 12:22-23

Lk 11:14-15

The demoniac in a synagogue

Mk 1:23-28

Lk 4:33-37

Healing of Jairus’ daughter

Mt 9:18-26

Mk 5:21-43

Lk 8:40-56

Healing the woman with an issue of blood

Mt 9:20-22

Mk 5:25-34

Lk 8:43-48

Healing the man sick of the palsy

Mt 9:1-8

Mk 2:1-12

Lk 5:17-26

Healing the leper

Mt 8:1-4

Mk 1:40-45

Lk 5:12-14

Healing Peter’s mother-in-law

Mt 8:14-15

Mk 1:29-31

Lk 4:38-39

Healing the man with the withered hand

Mt 12:9-13

Mk 3:1-5

Lk 6:6-11

Healing the demoniac child

Mt 17:14-21

Mk 9:14-27

Lk 9:37-43

Healing the blind Bartimaeus

Mt 20:29-34

Mk 10:46-52

Lk 18:35-43






Christ Alone Miracles





When Christ passed unseen through the multitude

Lk 4:28-30

Turning water into wine

Jn 2:1-11

Raising of Lazarus

Jn 11:1-44

Healing the ear of Malchus, servant of the high priest

Lk 22:50-51

Feeding the four thousand

Mt 15:32-39

Mk 8:1-9

Cursing the fig tree

Mt 21:17-20

Mk 11:12-14

Stilling the storm

Mt 8:23-27

Mk 4:35-41

Lk 8:22-25

The legion of devils entering the swine

Mt 8:28-34

Mk 5:1-16

Lk 8:26-36

Walking on the sea

Mt 14:22-33

Mk 6:45-52

Jn 6:16-21

Feeding the five thousand

Mt 14:15-21

Mk 6:32-44

Lk 9:11-17

Jn 6:1-13

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Comments 10

  1. Dennis Botz

    Marie, you don’t have to wait for the book of Acts days to return. They’re already here in full force and they’ve been here for quite some time.

    Go to YouTube and watch some of Bill Johnson’s messages. Their church has been experiencing all those miracles for over a decade.

  2. Marie-Brigitte Souci

    I cannot wait for the days of the early church to come back to earth. Church was not a boring place back in those days, it was far beyond a membership and attendance. It was a “Power House” of miracles, they could all see and experience the raw power of God 24/7. It went beyond the church walls, it spilled in all the streets, the whole of the middle-east, Europe, Asia, Africa, it went far, far, far beyond what we can possibly imagine.
    I am so glad that I have remained single and am preparing myself to experience this electrifying power of God.
    It has been happening in my life in the last few months and I am about to see much more of it.
    I am on the edge of my seat.
    Praise God.

  3. Greg

    God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit has indeed made a way out of what appeared to be No Way for me. I know what he can and will do for those who have the Faith.

  4. Gaia

    exactly! people stub their toe and yell JC in vain. People who claim He doesn’t exist, tend to call out to Him in some form or another more than Beleivers do. It’s ridiculous to realize that they can’t “control” their tongue, or the habit of saying His name. They discount that fact as , “oh, it’s just an expression..everybody says it.”….well, He’s the only Deity important enough to be uttered by the lips of Believers and non-believers alike to the degree that He clearly IS….He’s the only Deity who is spiritually significant enough for the unbelievers to turn into a curse word. He turned Himself into a curse against darkness…..and so spiritual / mental darkness continues to hate His light.

    1. Post

      Jon – I am intrigued by your comment. You invoke the name of Jesus, and then go on to refer to His miracles as nonsense. Even people that do not believe in the Christian God of miracles know in their hearts that He is God. You never hear people say ‘Sweet Buddha’ or whatever. I mean no disrespect to Buddhists. You will meet Jesus one day, everyone will, and I hope it is a positive encounter.

        1. Post
  5. Jim Haynes

    God will heal you if you have the faith. I have pacreatic and liver cancer and by praying a asking god for miracle for a healing. I follow god and his ways. You have a very good chance of receiving a healing my god is an amazing god. If I believe in the oh mighty god he will heal me. I love my healer and my oh mighty god

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