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FaithMechanic-300-webWelcome, this blog is all about faith, Bible faith, faith in God, growing faith, and using faith. Plant Hope, harvest Faith, and release it in Prayer – The Mechanics of Faith. There is nothing more important.

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If you are new to HopeFaithPrayer Blog, you might want to start with our most popular posts. We are not here to merely motivate you. We are here to impart knowledge of the word of God that will empower you. That will motivate you!

Faith Quotes

Faith Is ‘hupostasis’ – Hebrews 11:1

Faith Knows the Final Score – An Analogy of Faith

The Vast Universe – Two Perspectives

You Have To Speak Your Faith For It To Be Heard

“All Things Are Possible” – Really, What Things?

Scriptures Against Depression

Scriptures Against Fear

God Gives According To His love; We Receive According To Our Faith

Jesus Gave Up His Superpowers

New Testament Scriptures on Faith & Believing

Interesting N.T. Word Occurrences

Humanity is in desperate shape. People are hurting. Evil and fear is on the upswing. We must learn the principles of how obedience to the Word of God can turn the promises of God into real faith. Taking this faith, we can then create new realities for our lives and for the lives of those around us. Forget high religious jargon or counterfeit spiritual inspiration, this blog contains only real usable information – content.

The same orderly God who created the heavens, with their structured principles and laws, also created the things of the spirit. His creation is precise, and His Word is precise. Just like in the physical realm, I believe the things of the spirit are structured, orderly, and, in some way maybe known only to God, measurable. The faith walk is not formula driven but it is predictable. When you respond to the word in a certain way, you will get a certain response from God. God is sovereign and this is how He pre-determined it to be.

The more we exercise our free will in obedience to God’s stated will, the more He acts sovereignly on our behalf. This is how the Bible is written, and this is how faith works.

This blog started in the fall 2008. I am slowly moving all my writings on line – no more paper piles. Older publish dates are from the date of the original writings. God told me to write, and right He is.

Our home church – World Harvest Church – Roswell (North Atlanta Area), Georgia, USA

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Comments 60

  1. phil lawson

    Thanks for your website. A lot of good resources. I would like to point out that the book by Mary Baxter was weird. She came to our church in March and her first meeting spoke of Heaven and said she saw the Trinity.
    In this video and/or audio at point 33:11-33:53 in audio, she describes visiting Heaven 10 days for 3 hours at a time and seeing the Holy Spirit who was 100 feet tall and looked like the Michelin Tire Man.
    At point 14:03 she describes the Throne of God as 25 feet high, at 27minutes to 29 minutes talks stuff about Angels and their involvement in being born again and having male and female Angels but they have no gender.


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  2. Serah

    I jt want to thank God for using ur family to reach broken heart.

    I was dignosis with HIV n Hepatitis but all Thnks to our Lord n master Jesus who promised us in the book of jeremiah 30.17. For I will restore health to you and I will heal your wounds says the Lord. I received my healing on the 31 august n I am going to put the devil to shame in november for blood test. Keep thanking God 4 me he has done what no man can do. His name is grater than cancer; Hiv or any diseases on this earth, only trust in His name Jesus n we r save.
    Praise the King of the universe.

  3. mary

    I lost my mother suddenly 2 months back.It all happened so fast that i still cant believe it.I cried out to jesus earnestly and asked that he bring her back as he brought lazarus.It is said in the bible that ask for whatever you need and it will be done for you.It is not said except raising the dead infact He has even asked us to do greater things in the bible.So i believed and cried and asked.I started getting positive messages.I am getting now also.i believe.but i dont know what to do.im waiting for a miracle.but sometimes negative thoughts fill me and try to make me doubt.its very difficult to hold on.i dnt knw what i should do.i got clearly the message that he will help me.but next what should i do or how it will happen and all that i dont know.i didnt get a message regarding that

  4. Sharon

    I really enjoy your emails that help to build my faith! Please keep them coming. Sharon Soldo

  5. Douglas Wamboi

    We gather in every Week for prayers and worship services and have learned about your ministry work by visiting your website! We are encouraged,motivated and uplifted by the truth you have taught us through your ministry teachings on your website,thank you brethren and may you keep on the good work for the Lord.
    We hope God has great things in store for you and us and that He will do great things! We hope we will enjoy God’s kingdom as you agree to share and further it with us here on earth! Since we are a young fellowship seeking to know and to live for the truth such as you teach in accordance with the Bible we would like to request you to send us more teachings for our spiritual and daily growth.
    We believe in God’s power since we rely in His true Bible!It is our hope and prayer that God to open for you a door to come as He may give you direction to lay us and our community at large the foundation truth such as you teach! We hope you will be of blessings to us as you agree with us in the faith! Be blessed abundantly as you labor for the kingdom purposes.also remember the orphans who are under my care are put them at your daily prayers so that they can be blessed and Kindly I request more teachings to assist me to teach this orphan children to grow Spiritually.we will be very happy if I can here from your message.
    Yours in the Kingdom,For more information please contact me through phone in +254723747458 and always stay blessed.

    Pastor Douglas Wamboi

  6. victoria

    My whole family got in a fight with the entire neighborhood a year ago and we moved to texas but I feel like it’s going to happen again in the area we live now.

    1. Post

      Victoria – Unless changes are made it will happen again. We leave to get away from our problems and the go with us. It is probably a spirit that must be dealt with. Repentance and deliverance is needed. Find a good church and some good people to pray with you.

      Read – Depression Is a Spirit – It Must Be Fought with the Word of God – on our site. It is not depression but the concept is the same. Also, make sure everybody has Christ in their hearts. Deliverance won’t do any good till that happens – read Salvation. I will pray for you. Rex

    2. James O'Neill

      Need help! Scriptures are great, and comfort but they don’t pay the bills! I was a school teacher, I was hit on the head by a student with a pencil sharpener. Now, I am out of work and fighting the state of Florida for state disability so I can receive some state benefits and salary, since I was injured In Line of Duty. Can’t work. Living off wife’s disability, and soon will be homeless because we can’t afford rent. State will only give $25 in food stamps.

      Please pray!

      1. Post

        James – Yes, scriptures don’t directly pay the bills, but faith can and faith comes from the scriptures. You have to get your head out of the problems and let God help you with the answers. Faith means that God is involved. Peace will replace fear and anxiety. It will take work, especially if it is totally new to you, but God will help you. Start now.

        Read articles on faith and God’s miraculous involvement. Find our scripture lists and speak them out. You won’t feel the power but they are powerful. Cry out to God, not in begging or fear, but in expectation that He will help.

        I know this is a lot but it is the answer. Most people are not willing to do it. I hope you are. Rex

  7. Re: Lukas mwambi

    Im Reverent lukas mwambi from kenya and salute you first before I procede Im serving God under the ministry of Rutheiran church , i have some comment to but across that needs attention , here in kenya I have been in this ministry for the last 15 years but the ministry is not growing up due to lack of funds to learn the ministry since it is carring widows, opharns , and widowers by the way this ministry is dieng since we dont have funds to set an opharnage , Bible schools and many projects like nursery school, Now ayou ready to donate some funds to an able as to learn this ministry effectively and set up programme of opharnage , nursery , Bible school, All we remain surffering under this umbrella ? REVRENT MWAMBI , thank you for your postive reply

  8. Wendy

    I am trying to purchase the healing scripture cd from mrs. Dodie osteen. How can I purchase one?

  9. Nikki

    Thank you for your dedication to this website. It is like green pastures to those of us who feel like lost sheep in this overwhelming world. God bless you.

  10. Opal

    I love this website. I come here often to read articles, use the confession scriptures, and just meditate on the word. Thank you so much for giving Christians great tools to use for spiritual growth. Opal

  11. wenda

    Please pray for my daughter who suffers with chronic pain from endometriosis. Praying for a complete healing.

  12. annette

    I need prayer . I need to learn how to have faith and trust God. Everything goes wrong in my life. My relationship with my friend is not the same anymore. I have financial problem. I need restoration in my life.

  13. Ellie

    I have a question about doubt. I made a commitment to Christ almost 40 years ago. Now, many years later, I am struggling with believing in the actual existence of God. Not whether ” He can or will do something” but actual doubt about “does He truly exist”. In my heart, I feel the desire to believe…I feel that He must be real… but my mind/brain keeps saying that it is ridiculous to think that someone who always existed and is all powerful can really be true. Am I just trying to talk myself into belief or do I actually believe?
    Do other Christians have these nagging thoughts? Is it possible to be a Christian and have these thoughts? I am struggling against this heart vs mind and I am weary.
    I have head others say they have trouble believing things but those “things” are mostly about whether or not God will answer them or do what they ask, not whether He exists. Any help or insight would be helpful.

  14. Tony

    I have began a theological college called Evangelical Bible College but I luck some facilities and so i need your prayers and sponsor /financial help to assist run the institution in order to produce more effective leaders of God.
    1. salary for the staff
    2. own premises
    3.means of transport to some of our institution’s wings
    contact through the email.

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  15. Geb

    Dear FaithMechanic,
    Thank you for making the resources available and help me and others to grow our faith in Christ. But these days you are not updating as frequent as you used to and i would like to encourage you to keep on doing it. You will only know how many are getting touched and changing when you meet Lord Jesus Christ face to face.
    God bless you

    1. Post

      Geb – Thank you. We had a terrible accident to one of our extended family members in May of this year. It took a lot of our time. We are back. Thank you for your gracious comment. God bless you. Rex

  16. Jana

    Thank you so much for your hard work. I lost my copy of “Two Kind of Righteousness” and am able to go to class having read it. May the LORD richly bless you always.

  17. Alex

    I’m glad to have run into your website ! My main reason is because of the never ending financial problems that my wife and I are dealing with. This is a blessing to have content of faith reaching out to others. May God Bless You! Alex

    1. Post

      Alex – Seek God and His word on the matter. Fiances can be impacted by issues in our life. Spend the time with God to find out the issue. But also speak to that lack and tell it to go. Sometimes, it is just an attack of pure evil. Stand strong in God and obey Him. Be generous and courageous and obedient. Most blessing from God come from hearing Him. God bless

  18. Alicia Lindsey

    Your website is a treasure! Our church Ladies’ group has been studying “Rejection,” and I was asked to lead the ladies in some confessions tonight to go along with the lesson. So glad I came across your website. I’ll be back to read and enjoy more and more! Thank you!

  19. rick

    Thank you very much for this sight , It is indeed very encouraging . Keep up the good work , You are doing the work of the Lord.

  20. Ree

    Faith Mechanic, Thank you for your time and efforts in putting this site together. You are sowing the active, operative, energizing, and effective word into people’s lives (Heb. 4:12 AMP) and I pray it comes back to you overflowing! What a wonderful tool. I love the Word of Faith, this website is a treasure trove I can use to feed my spirit man, thank you so much!

  21. daniel

    Daniel Marsh
    6539 Linville drive
    Brighton, MI 48116-9531 USA

    Dear Hope Faith Prayer, I am a Christian who tells anyone who will listen about Jesus. I am losing my mind, scheduled to have Neurology tests next March — memory problems. I often want to study how to reach those in difficult to reach groups like Muslims — I live near Dearborn, MI which has a large Muslim population. I am unemployed due to unpaid care giving responsibilities and due to poor health — cancer, degenerative bone disease.

    I enjoy studying Scripture, History, Theology and Apologetics. I need printed copies of Dr. Jon Ruthven’s books to make apologetic note cards from. I can not afford to purchase these. May I have copies of these two books, free of charge, please. On the Cessation of the Charismata. What’s Wrong with Protestant Theology?

    May God Bless You, Daniel

  22. Kongnyu Elvis Tarla FROM CAMEROON

    Thank you man of God. may you be blessed in all you do for posting this heavenly treasure for us. it has blessed my soul and ministry a lot. thank you sir.

  23. Christine

    Was wondering if you had a “search” by (I didn’t see one), or if you might be able to add one.

    1. Christine

      Found the search box. Don’t know how I missed it. Guess I was looking at the top of the page for. it. :)

  24. Christine

    This site is a treasure-trove of God’s word. You and your site are a blessing to us all! Thank you!!

  25. howard

    I love what your website is about. I hope one day you can post more Kenneth Hagin stuff. i remember reading in one post you asking for other websites where people may gather more christian material. i recently saw http://www.jesuseveryday.com and there is a lot of good stuff there as well. I am telling my friends of your website which is Holy Spirit inspired. Keep up the great work. God Bless you.

  26. Todd

    Thank you for the effort spent on this blog! Found it through a link/URL in a book (Authority of the Believer by McMillan??) my wife’s group plans to use this spring in a small group study. I will be back for generous contribution very soon. I will also be back to get a book or two; several I have heard the authors name over the years but never found , but you have several posted. Much appreciate that book list! Also shared a link to my Facebook friends. I can help with WordPress, SEO, and other internet marketing services if you need an extra hand with something; willing to help where I can. I would suggest a Facebook page but you probably know that already (add your FB link to the header if you have one already).

    1. Post

      Here are some great confessions. They are from Paul’s prayers in his Epistles.

      Confession – Change Your Life http://hopefaithprayer.com/scriptures/confession-change-your-life/
      Confession – Who I am in God http://hopefaithprayer.com/scriptures/confession-who-i-am-in-god/
      Confession – Walking In Victory http://hopefaithprayer.com/scriptures/confession-walking-in-victory/
      Confession – Walking In Love http://hopefaithprayer.com/scriptures/confession-walk-of-love-and-victory/
      Confession – My Church http://hopefaithprayer.com/scriptures/confession-my-church/
      10 Scriptural Confessions – Bob Yandian http://hopefaithprayer.com/scriptures/10-scriptural-confessions-bob-yandian/

      There are more on the list on right hand side down toward the bottom. The My Church confession is taken from the book of Revelation and Jesus’ comments to the seven Churches. It and Change Your Life are powerful!

      It is also good to confess the scriptures directly. Find one that jumps out at out at you and personalize and then say it to yourself. God bless

  27. Rick Ryan

    Great quotes! I really like them. It is very awesome to have someone put so many awesome quotes on one website.
    Just a side note you quoted Brother Hagin as saying “Faith begins where the will of God is known” Actually he got that from the book Christ the healer by FF Bosworth. So it was FF Bosworth that said that. :)
    Thanks again for all the wonderful quotes. May God continue to bless you!

    In His amazing love,

    1. Post
  28. Bonnie Kinser

    I was looking for information on how to “really” give it all to the Lord when I came across your blog. Thank you for your down to earth comments. You really spoke to my heart and opened my eyes to my ignorance. The Lord put you in my path this weekend. May he richly bless you.

  29. Erik

    I came across your website while looking for verses on encouragement for a friend. What a rich source of spiritual treasures this site is! Thank you for all the time and effort you must have put into collecting and organizing the many resources available here. Thank you for being obedient to the Lord’s leading! One day I will be able to thank you in person, when we are both in the Lord’s Kingdom. Until then, we delight in Him and seek to help others do the same. How glorious He is!

  30. Bill

    Hello Brother,
    Just came across your website while searching for a website on Scripture memorization. My wife and I are missionaries to China and will be returning soon, hope this website will not be blocked in China. I plan on visiting it often to strengthen my faith. Blessings on you.

  31. Norma Martineau

    I’m 64, been a christian for over 20 years now, and still battle the demon of depression,I HATE this spirit! I found this site and love it,I do speak scripture over myself..you must! I’m asking prayer today that God would open a door of service for me, I believe helping others is truly the cure for depression and lonliness. I’m in a new church and would like to get involved and make new friends but fear of being hurt again stops me.
    I appreciate your prayers,

  32. Stephen Walton

    Stumbled across your site. Wheel chaired for 4 years with MS an incurable and almost untreatable disease, I really need to find the nature of faith. What an oasis in a dry and parched land….thank you. Steve Tasmania Australia

  33. Robert B

    The quote you have on “Prayer and Faith” attributed to A. T. Robertson is not by him, it is a direct quote from E. M. Bounds’ “The Necessity of Prayer” chapter 2. God bless, Robert

  34. Akpezi

    I stumbled on this website while searching on Faith.
    I have been on it for a while now because it is so rich with information to remain an overcomer in Christ. I am particularly impressed about the clarity of information on the various topics. My thought was oh, I found what I need here, I don’t need to search elsewhere. I have been blessed and I pray for more grace for you. Amen

  35. Ray

    Good on you brother for your work in this site.
    It was a real blessing to me today and i will be spending a lot of time reading all the articles…

  36. Douglas Wend

    Bravo…..PTL….This is exactly what I was looking for in preparing for a Sunday School series on faith and reality. I have to look no further. keep up the good work.


    1. Post

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