Helping Others Is God’s Prescription for Depression

One of our most popular blog pages is Scriptures Against Depression. Despair and heaviness is everywhere. It is in the news and it seems to be in the air. Last year, there were over 33,000 suicides in the United States. This is tragic, especially since there is a known cure.

God is the best answer to depression, not pills. Pharmaceuticals (e.g. Effexor, Prozac, Zoloft, Luvox, Paxil, Celexa, etc.) only mask the effects of depression; the issues remain. Read the following from Wikipedia about medication survey results:

In the published literature, anti-depressants had 94% success in treating depression. In the withheld literature, they had below 50% success. Combined, all studies showed 51% efficacy – only two points better than that of a placebo.

I am not recommending that you get off of your medication, and I am not against medical professionals. They are doing all they can. We are all in this fight together. What I am saying, is that earthly things can go only so deep. Most of our issues run much deeper. Pills can bring temporary relief but then can also mask the problem. God’s involvement goes to the heart of the issue. Only the power of God can change you on the outside and also change you deep down on the inside. He can work in our surroundings and in your heart.

I am not recommending that you get off of your medication, and I am not against medical professionals.

I am not against any form of help, be it medicine, professionals, friends, or whatever. Use everything available. There is no shame in receiving any kind of help. Helping others is just another tool in your belt. Use it.

Depression is the ‘feeling’ of hopelessness, and the simple cure for hopelessness is hope. God is the author and source of hope, so He is the one and only true antidepressant. Again, use everything at your disposal to get your head above water so you can catch your breath. Only, use that breath to also find something firm under the surface, something that you can stand on. God is there and only He can effectively support you forever. His ways are the only true long-term cure.

Each day I concentrate on three things: trust God, clean house (morally), and help others. Jared Akers

The Bible shows us the mind and ways of God. God does not want you to just manage your depression, He wants you to be totally free from depression. Believing the Bible releases His presence and power. However, one must also act on the scriptures to see His hand move – to make depression leave for good. Knowing hope on a legal level is fine, but experiencing hope firsthand is quite another thing. Feeling His approval and the joy of giving will change you forever.

Helping and serving others will do the following for you:

  • It will help you to get your attention off of your own problems. Sometimes we get in such a hole that we can’t see anything else, or find the way out. Helping others works to break this cycle, and opens our vision. It gives perspective, shows that your problems are not insurmountable.
  • In helping to heal other’s wounds, yours will heal much quicker. The love and compassion you show to others in your time of pain will come back to you in healing and joy.
  • Helping others will once again reveal your true self worth. It will show you that you do have value and that you can make a difference. We all seek this; it was planted in our hearts by God.
  • The appreciation you will feel from those you help will bring joy and fulfillment to your heart. Our hearts long for fulfillment and only by serving can we best find it.
  • You will find that you aren’t the only one with problems. We know this intellectually, but seeing it first hand is healing. Sometimes we feel like we have been singled out for pain. We are not that special. It comes to all. Receive healing as you work to heal others. Do something; get out.
  • The ‘feeling’ you get from easing someone else’s pain and stress, sometimes called “helper’s high”, can give you a mood boost.

Isaiah Chapter 58 provides information about how to get out of darkness and despair. The answer is simple – serve others less fortunate than you. If you do this you will find help. Let’s read:

Is this not the fast which I choose, To loosen the bonds of wickedness, To undo the bands of the yoke, And to let the oppressed go free And break every yoke? Isaiah 58:6

Repentance and even fasting is a first step in breaking destructive cycles. A humble heart of repentance brings God’s presence. Fasting weakens the desires and strongholds of one’s mind and flesh.

Is it not to divide your bread with the hungry And bring the homeless poor into the house; When you see the naked, to cover him; And not to hide yourself from your own flesh? Isaiah 58:7

Helping the poor and helpless is your door to recovery. Find someone who cannot pay you back, and give them something that everyone can give – love and acceptance. And if you can afford more than that, give it. Give out of your need. God will bless it. This verse says that when you shelter and help another person, you are also sheltering and helping yourself.

Then your light will break out like the dawn, And your recovery will speedily spring forth; And your righteousness will go before you; The glory of the LORD will be your rear guard. Isaiah 58:8

As you help others, the light of God’s hope and a sense of His joy will flow into your life. Your recovery will come faster than you think. The original language that is translated ‘recovery’ in this verse speaks of the healing of one’s scars. The Bible is telling us that as we labor to heal others, our scars will heal. It is a promise from the God. Believe it.

Now go out. You will have to make yourself, but do it. Take a risk; love someone. God says He will protect you. Not everyone will accept your help, but He promises to guard your heart. Keep going and don’t stop loving them. Do exactly what you would want others to do for you. Do for them what you need, and in so doing you will help yourself.

Then you will call, and the LORD will answer; You will cry, and He will say, ‘Here I am.’ If you remove the yoke from your midst, The pointing of the finger and speaking wickedness, Isaiah 58:9

Stop blaming others. Unforgiveness will destroy you. It does no harm to the other person(s). Let go and start loving others, and watch God show up. He will come to you and say, ‘Here I am, what do you need?’ Imagine how that would change your life. Allow yourself to imagine it and then go out and do it.

And if you give yourself to the hungry And satisfy the desire of the afflicted, Then your light will rise in darkness And your gloom will become like midday. Isaiah 58:10

Once you decide to satisfy others, God will satisfy you. Light will pour back into your life. Darkness will flee. Your depression will disappear as a shadow in the midday sun. It is possible, believe it and act on it.

And the LORD will continually guide you, And satisfy your desire in scorched places, And give strength to your bones; And you will be like a watered garden, And like a spring of water whose waters do not fail. Isaiah 58:11

Keep it up, and He will walk with you and be your personal guide. He will satisfy your hearts desires. It really does not matter what the conditions are around you. He will strengthen you and water you. You will become a fountain for all those around you. The water you draw for them will nourish you.

A huge aspect of being hopeless is being purposeless. In the darkness of despair, one looses sight of one’s capabilities. Find your purpose in God and you’ll regain your hope. You were made to have value, and you release your value when you value others, and you value others by serving them. In helping others light comes. Your purpose is found in finding your appointed service in God. Through the act of giving to others, God will give to you. You’ll regain your value as a person. We were made to do this.

Serving others may not be the only answer but it is part of the answer, and maybe it is the part that will activate your big answer. Go out, take a risk, help someone and then believe you will get better. Go ahead and believe for the sunshine again. It is out there. We love you.

Helping others is your door to recovery.

Helping others helps you.

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  • Kay

    I believe I was born depressed. I’ve always messed up every good thing that came my way and seemingly deliberately burnt all my bridges. When I retired I was absolutely adrift, having worked for almost 50 years. Although a chuchgoer I was never emotionally deeply involved, but, and this is a real stupid reason, I suddenly had no place to wear all my nice clothes so I started attending more church things. This coincided w/new pastor who started a new service and somehow I became an integral part of it. Pastor relied on me more and more, I was on several committees, and when one project ended I was eager to dream up another, so I started to feel worthy again and was determined not to mess it up – been a few years and so far so good. I have night (and day) demons about my past and have prayed to cease them. While singing at service one day, I honestly felt like a beam of light from above the altar shoot down into my heart and heard, “you are free”. That’s my story. I still occasionally ‘sit in the dark corner’ but then I remember what I heard/felt and can usually pull myself up. Whether it truly was the spirit touching me or self-manufactured, it comforted me – so why not believe?? I hope you hear something, too.


    I can only attest to what God did for me as far as depression is concerned, I have lost a job, father committed suicide, etc. but as I am learning to trust God I can make it. He never gives up on me. I am not perfect, only forgiven and loved. It is a constant process for me. I became a runner, opened a business, raised children successfully all because of my dependence on my creator. I’ve learned to sit in His sanctuary which is outside, early morning and evening and pray as I talk to Him life becomes manageable.
    I didn’t understand my self but He does. God don’t cure depression, He lets you see how He created every living things and sustains them and us. DEPRESSION WILL NEVER CONQUER ME, I CONQUER DEPRESSION.
    One woman’s view.

  • Sorry…but no help came to me with depression. Still struggle with it. Meds and everything.
    Even while I was in church and involved in ministry activities…gave money and time.
    For what? Thats why I gave up on it.
    Your god does not heal! Your own subconscious thinking.Thats it.
    What about people who heal themselves through mindfulness and meditation. Oh right? And if you sin you will be afflicted. Yet the world is full of happy and content mentally well people who are not christians.
    I’m just not convinced anymore.

  • Kay Newman

    Marlin – you probably are overextending and that actually benefits no one. I think you should think of something you like to do or an area in which you are already interested and see who needs help with that. One of the last times I remember really being happy was when I arranged a baby shower for a church member who adopted a little boy. It was not public recognition that fed me, it was seeing how happy she was and how happy all the guests were. It did not matter if anyone knew who had done what, it was just a joyful experience. I am so fortunate to be allowed great freedom at my church to do not only what is asked of me but to search out problem areas and think how we can improve things. The difference between this and my professional job is that the job allowed me to live and was an arena in which my accomplishments had to be publicized, and now the church quietly makes my living worthwhile as I try to bring glory to God’s name. Hope things are better for you. Let me know.

  • Melanie

    I just wonder how helpful it is to help another when it ends up stressing you out and making you feel worse? I love to serve but then end up over extended and stressed causing me to feel worse.

    • Kay Newman

      I think you are helping in ways you are not really enjoying, otherwise you would feel some joy. How does it make you feel worse, does it tire you? Add to your feelings of emptiness? Maybe you can think of something you can do that you want to do that is also helping others, otherwise it is just ‘work’, something you feel you have to do. You are tired. Start dreaming. When you are trying to fall asleep at night dream what you would do with lottery winnings, I bet your first thoughts are things to help others – donate to health research, run an animal sanctuary, etc. Focus on that. Try to find something to do in that vein. Right now you are doing what others want you to do, not what you want to do – and no one is happy with that. Blessings.

    • Sandra

      Melanie, I read your comment about helping others and I know it’s hard to do the right thing when you feel that at times nothing good comes out of it. It makes us second guess our Christianity at times, believe I know. I am struggling with depression and hopelessness right now which is how I found this page. I have been talking to God to not let me give up hope and stay on me to remember to turn to him at all times even when I feel he is not listening to me, I also have to tell myself that the devil doesn’t want to see me happy and filled with joy which is why I feel like I do. Anyhow to try and give you a bit of insight on your comment just try and remember that whatever you do, do it in the name of the Lord and continue to ask him for strength, guidance, peace of mind, and understanding. This is not an easy battle we’re fighting this is why we must pray ALL the time. I wish it were as easy as turning on the faucet and getting a drink of water, but it’s not. I will pray for us to allow God to continue to work in our hearts, souls, and minds. God Bless and good luck.

    • marlin

      melaine, I feel the same way you do. Have you suffered with depression since childhood?

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  • Kay Newman

    I just want to urge all of you to remember that God always hears us and always hears our prayers – but sometimes the answer is no, and since we do not get what we want we feel that He hasn’t answered. When I wanted some kind of revenge on someone who totally ruined my life, I felt miserable and like life was knocking me down, but when I decided to pray for that person to one day realize how much happier her life would be if she just stopped being so mean to everyone, I could finally put the past to rest. And we must try to remember that our pain is as nothing compared to the pain Jesus felt and tolerated for our sake. If you keep praising God you will drown out the devil – for that is who is making you suffer.

    • Sandra

      I have to admit I am NOT a person who enjoys the web/internet, but I must say this is one of the coolest websites I’ve ever been on!!! I hate to see ppl with problems and what not, but it’s great to know that while struggling with my issues I finally have ppl that I can associate with whom are going through similar struggles as well. I have always asked God to change ppl I didn’t like, understand or whatever it may have been, but now I try to remember to ask God, “Lord change me, make me a better person”. I have given birth to three wonderful children in which I raised by myself which was hard, but in comparison to being a full fledged Christian, that was a walk in the park. I have never had to deal with anything as hard as continuing and remaining faithful to God’s word and His walk. It’s a constant battle but I refuse to give up and I know He will never give up on me either.

  • Leland

    Thank You. I helped a stranger yesterday and I already feel. I need to help someone every day!

  • Geraldine Goodin

    you would be surprised at what God can actually do, I am reading a book called BE IN HEALTH A MORE EXCELLENT WAY by Henry Wright. Everything has a cause everything. This book explains our dis-eases from a spiritual perspective. We were made by someone we can from some where we did not just appear on the earth.
    I was messed up from a dysfunctional home. My father committed suicide when I was eight years old.

    All my life I struggles with myriad of dysfunction. I was into Darwin’s Theory, I looked to all kinds of eastern religions. I wanted nothing to do with that God of the Bible because of the way I was raised. I never found rest or peace of mind until I became aquainted with the God who created me. As I have searched for Him I was found of Him. Today I am whole. You have to do your part, Satan will keep you blinded to real help, I never took medication although I wanted to, this is not to judge anyone who does. You may say but I am different, I also said the same thing it is Satan’s ploy, it is a lie. we are all different but all the same. we are all made from the same thing substance, the dust of the earth our experiences are different. read the Bible, search it read Psalms and Proverbs. The first book I read was John, I found our what this man Jesus had done for me. He came to chase your problem Satan out of your life, He will fight for you. He is anxiously waiting He will not force you but there is help.

  • Thank you I will try. I am encouraged. God bless you

    • Kathy – Do all that you can and then let God do all that He can. Actively consciously expect God to work. You gain that ability by feeding on the word of God (we have many scripture list and teachings) and by spending time with Him. Don’t keep staring at the past but work with Him to create a path to a great future. He has one for you. God bless you. We love you and God loves you. You are not alone, and in God you are never alone.

  • justin

    I’d love to see where you got this hidden literature. I believe this article is for good, but has some shady components. You need to differentiate between those that have a depressed period and those that have severe or ongoing depression. Yes, even the latter group needs God and service does help to improve it. But those with severe have an actual disease and you portray using medicine as wrong or suspect. Plus you don’t understand that many in this group already have trouble taking meds because they improve and think they can go off them and often want to go off them because of the stigma people create or because they don’t want to take them on an ongoing basis. Yes, you later give people permission to use them, but first have to throw guilt and shame at them. Would you do this to someone taking meds for a heart defect? Even though so many people could eliminate the need for heart meds through diet and exercise.

    • I agree, Justin. Severe depression is a disease not a symptom of our behavior or lifestyle. I know Christians who are suffering from this. To tell a clinically depressed person that he can undo his disease by volunteering is like telling someone with MS that he can regain his health by eating fish. None f this is true. We do untold damage by making a depressed person believe that they are the cause behind the illness and it can be fixed by binding Satan and giving our time to others. An immature and uninformed article, this author should spend some time with the clinically depressed, interview car providers and gain some insight. Thank you for standing up.

      • Justin & Madelyn – To characterize the article as suggesting we can undo depression by simply volunteering is simply wrong. And to tell someone that there is an answer in God’s power has nothing to do with shame. It is all about finding something that works for the long term. I am not discounting the medical side (USE MEDICAL HELP AND DRUGS) but do not discount the spiritual side.

        Take the medication; they do some good, at least in the short-term. But the truth is, they don’t work very well over the long haul – look at the world. Many times, they mask issues that the medical profession does not know how to deal with. Again, use medications. By the way, I remove all the comments from people that downplay drug effectiveness and tell horrific personal stories.

        Nowhere do we blame the person for the depression, but there are some things that can be done to make it worse or to make it better. Let’s simply do all that we can in all the areas that we can to make it better. God and God’s word is one of those areas. And serving other has tremendous benefits.

    • I agree with Justin and Madelyn. Depression is more than just hopelessness and there are time when it’s hard to trust or hear God, not because you have little or no faith but because it is just symptomatic of the illness. Christians, and the body of Christ as a whole need to be very careful with their response to mental illness and we need to educate ourselves. I must say that as a severe sufferer I was offended by your simplistic definition of depression as being a “‘feeling’ of hopelessness..,” It’s not a feeling, it is an illness. I someone says they have cancer, we pray for them and trust God for healing and continue to love and support them but as soon as someone is depressed we basically tell them to have more faith. This is a travesty of great proportions :(

  • Quatawsha Henry

    Amen thanks for sharing I’ve been through some tough situations lately but I’m starting to realize that God is the only answer.. Fully put your trust in him and he’ll bring you peace, love, and happiness… He’ll never leave you nor forsake you. Just hold on and be patient! There are brighter days ahead!

  • Kay Newman

    I too have felt this way, feeling like I was born depressed, life has been a constant struggle. I am sorry for much of my past and feel I’ve wasted my life but am working very hard not to waste what time I have left, for no one can change the past. Turning to God has helped me be grateful for what I do have and to keep some things in perspective. But I am so sorry for you, it is a terrible way to live. Please try to give yourself to God and don’t be too hard on yourself. Then of course a therapist would be helpful, but try God first. I care about you and ask God to bless you.

  • allu

    I am suffering from depression from my childhood. I have been different from others and that makes my life a worse. Each day is like a survival. So I am not able to concentrate on work. Also I am afraid of people. Dont know what to do. I feel like there is no one for me and there is no point in living like this.

    • Don thompson

      Keep on going. Meds do help and pychologist too. Ive been where you are. Hang in there

    • I often feel the same way. I am just praying for God to help and heal me. I will pray for you as well. its a miserable existance rather than a life when you can’t win the battle of depression and not many if any understand. God bless

    • pamela

      allu I too was ashamed to say most of my life an I am now 41 have been struggling with servere depression, manic depression, bi-polar,an schizo which all run in my family,i believe these are generationational cureses, but God is so totally faithful an loves you so much. jer 33:3 call unto me an I will answer an show you great an mighty things.which thou knowest not!! your life is worth it he paid for you. he will break these chains in your life,but its a battle. His word is best medicine an fasting also helps ,but if u need meds tak them an trust him to set u free.everytime u don’t feel your lifes worth it look in the mirror at yourself an say jesus say im worth it im a child of the King! bought with his precious blood.

    • marlin

      It’s been sometime since you made this post, I feel the same. Have you been feeling better since your post?

  • Barbara Swindall

    Depression can happen to anyone….many people at one time or the other can be overtaken by this terrible mind boggling opression. We all have tragedies, or situations in life that cause us to feel so hopeless. This is when Satan gets a stronghold on us and we become more and more depressed. So, what is the answer?? Do exactly as this writer suggests… But, first of all…. ask God’s help to remove this stronghold on your life. Satan loves to see us Christians down and out! He knows this cripples us from being a witness to others. Whenever you feel this deep dark feeling overcoming you. Tell Satan to get away and leave me alone….. again and again! After a while he will leave……
    Then…. get out and do something!!! anything! But, the best thing you can do is what this writer says…. help someone else.

    • Jennifer

      I believe in the Bible and helping out others, but I found out helping out others sometimes don’t help. My husband and I helped out a family that was in need. Not just once but at least four times and this family put a knife in our back that it still to this day hurts. And that is one of the reasons why I’m so depress now. I just don’t understand some things and I’m trying but it seems that the Lord is so far away. It’s not just helping this family out it is also my past my child hood that is hurting me. And I just don’t know what to do. It is hard for me to let go of some things. I ask all out there to help me and pray for me. Thank you all

      • MarkT

        Jennifer – although its not easy … forgiveness is the key. When you forgive someone else the person you set free is yourself. forgive them and then move on w/o that extra baggage weighing you down. may God bless you.

        • MarkT – I could not agree with you more. Forgiveness is absolutely essential to being set free and receiving from God. It is the main difference in being a victor or a victim. That may sound harsh but it is true. Do you want to focus primarily on the bad things that have happened to you or the good things that God can do for you? The answer to that will determine your direction and outcome.

          We have to be smart in how we deal with other people. That wisdom should keep us from allowing other people’s actions to influence us on the inside. We must stay free and forgiveness is a huge part of that.

  • claudia

    Thank You so Much I help a lot of people I have a very soft heart to help always but my self when I need help there is no one to help and my heart desires are still unfufilled sometimmes I just wana stop helping since my self am never helped

    • Katie

      Yes. I have been there. There is only so much you can give until you have nothing else and then what happens is people actually start judging you for not taking responsibility for yourself instead of being appreciative of what you give. They won’t help you in your greatest time of need.

    • I feel the same way but you are helping others for yourself and God..

      • Yes, you cannot control what others do or think or say. You can only control yourself and the motives behind what you do. Do your best to think like God and act like God. The rest will come in due time. God loves you and appreciates you. And He will reward you in due time. Some of the reward will only come when we meet Him on the ‘other side.’ God bless you.

  • ken dufresne

    Amen, thank you for posting this, I really found this inspiring and felt like God was talking to me!

  • Although my depression sometimes comes from my chronic health problems, and I cannot always control feeling this way because of what my body is doing to my emotions and my nerves; I think your article is very well written, and gives very good advice that I think will help ease my dark periods, even if it doesn’t go completely away. I think living the way you speak of is how we all should try and live. Maybe if I can become more successful at giving of myself, even when I don’t have money to give, because I am on disability and in debt, and struggling to survive; maybe somehow the giving of myself in anyway that I can, will help heal me more physically, because it will make me feel so much better, that I will have the motivation to take better care of myself on my allergy-free diet. I would love to get to the point that I was able to accomplish God’s will for my life by helping others, that my success story in becoming well, could someday help someone else to get well from depression and health problems too. Thank you for writing your article. God bless you, Lisa.

    • dear lisa, I truly understand where you are coming from. have several chronic disease which drains me of energy. I to want to serve God more, but sometimes my health problems forbids me to do the things I want to do for God and other people. I try with all my strength so I push myself and then I feel as if I am punished for my effort. I to am on dissabilty, I have a close relationship with God,which I am very grateful for. I believe in prayer and miracles. Since the age of 19 I have been delind with illness. The wordly body gets exhausted and then it has to stop. I have a wonderful church family and several people wanting me to go to lunch sometimes or just to get together. I pray to God only to his will as far as my health goes. I received a miracle many years ago and I am still praying for another, but it seems HE IS NOT LISTENING, and I know better. God never leaves us, I suffer with depression and I do not have any nerves left. But we cant give up so I keep praying and pushing. I do what I can and pray for Gog to give me the strength if it is his will for me to do what I am attempting to do. God Bless You, with the Love of God. Sincerely, Cindi

      • rick

        Please know that Jesus carried away your diseases and illnesses on the cross. It is best to confess and worship God for what He has done for you. I know we cannot go by feelings, but according to what God’s word says. I understand how feelings can affect us though, as I too am fighting to confess what Jesus has done for me. It is not easy. I also am challenged with pain. . But I still praise Him . Praise you Jesus for carrying away my pain on the cross. Amen. If I acknowledge Him in all my ways He will direct my paths and make my way successful. proverbs 3:5. It is not God’s will for you or me to be sick, but rather believe that He forgives all our sins and heals all our diseases. He is Jehovah Rapha, the great physician. Do your best to find promises concerning provisions God made for your sick body. they are there. isaiah 53 is very good. Also the Faith Mechanic has laid out many scriptures concerning healing. Take God at His word and worship Him for His marvelous provisions.

  • Bobbie Sue

    depression is not something one chooses. and to say that you must want to get rid of it and not just learn how to deal with it properly may not be the best advice. Yes God wants us to be happy, but some people are just more predisposed to depression weather it be genetics, or a combination of other things. Learning how to live with depression and manage it has to become a reality for some; you must accept that our human bodies fail us and will never be perfect and function perfectly. we have flaws, and we have to be okay with that! my point is that for some people, accepting their depression it very important to learn how to manage it and move on. Simply wishing and praying for it to disappear is not realistic or proactive enough, I rejected going on medication for a long time, but after much prayer realized that I needed to humble myself and accept the help of science. This is important especially for people who are genetically disposed, for whatever reason, to experience depression.
    It is not just an attitude issue or hope issue. I actually have remained quite hopeful throughout my battle with depression, relying on the Lord, but it has manifested itself physically in my life such as fatigue, constant hunger, etc.
    For some people, medication is necessary and those people must feel peace with that.

  • Carolyn

    Depression is definitely a spirit. I have never struggled with it until recently when circumstances have become overwhelming to me. When I start crying, I can’t stop. As I read in an earlier post, it is thick, it is like a bad coat that is on you and you can’t get it off. Once the crying stops, I am literally exhausted! I feel as though I have been beat up on the inside. This was a revelation to me, that depression is definitely a spirit, and it is tearing me up and enjoying doing it. So I am falling at the feet of God and rebuking this evil spirit in the name of my Lord Jesus!

    The sad thing to me is that you can’t really talk about this to church family that haven’t experienced it. You are looked at as if you have little faith or as if this is something you can control. I had someone tell me that God told them to say to me “Let the chains fall off. Quit holding onto them.” Those words made me feel absolutely horrible, as if I want to feel this way. One thing I am learning is the power of words, and that we need to choose those words very wisely because you have no idea what someone is dealing with.

    For me, I have had the perfect storm of seemingly small circumstances that have led to a huge feeling of hopelessness in my life, the feeling of being trapped. This site has been a wonderful encouragement and has given light and hope where there has been none lately. Thank you for sharing and letting me know that I am not alone in how I feel!

  • MaryAnn

    You stated that pills only cover up the problem. For many people, the pills allow them to be able to begin to deal with the problem. Before medication, many people are literally incapacitated by anxiety or depression, feelings of hopelessness, despondency or inadequacy; they are overwhelmed. An anti-depressant may allow them to get to the point where they CAN start taking the steps that you have alluded to and deal with the real problem(s). I understand your position, but I hope that it doesn’t stop people from seeking medical/professional help when needed.

  • Sandy Schmitt

    I’ve been consciously suffering from depression for 5 years and unconsciously for several years before that. What I mean is; I had to be told by a doctor that I was suffering from depression.

    The Holy Spirit reminded me that Jesus said to help others. When remembering His Words, I remembered He said to help Widows and Orphans. I took that a little bit further to figure out where I could apply my skill and gift. I found a place to do that. However, one this day, I am suffering with an overwhelming sense of hopelessness, brought on by things in my life I have no control over. I combat depression through prayer, reading scripture, anti-depressant medication and a Christian Therapist. When the feeling is gone, I can’t understand why it caused me so much problem with sadness, so it makes it hard to talk about after the fact.

    When we help another individual out of love in our heart and obeying God’s Word, will the depression eventually completely leave those of us that depend on the Lord for His comfort and joy? Thank you, Sandy

  • craig bass

    I have begged God for his forgivness his grace, for some purpose in my life and have only gotten silence. I have no talents or gifts to speak of wich i have yearned for. I have never felt so hopeless. I can not endure another day of existance like this.

    • Jeff

      hello friend god is always with you know that others have it very hard in life. there are people who have missing body parts and senses such as sight,hearing please dont let the hard times get you down god made everyone special dont let anyone bring you down. Lots of practice and beilef in yourself as well as god is key please stay HAPPY ;) THERE IS BEAUTY IN LIFE I PROMISE YOU WILL FIND IT IF YOU NEVER STOP DOING YOUR BEST

    • MaryAnn

      I don’t know your circumstances, but I know that I have witnessed God work in a life of a person who said exactly what you are saying, that they were hopeless and couldn’t endure another day of existence. That person’s hope and peace has been restored. It was a long process and it didn’t happen overnight. Baby steps. I hope and pray that God will place people in your life to encourage you. I know that it sometimes seems as if He is silent, but sometimes silence is what we need. I don’t pretend to know what you need, but I know the character of God and that He loves you and desires to see your hope restored. Blessings to you.

    • Anitra

      Craig-you do have a talent and gift. The hopelessness is just blinding you right now. I truly believe we all have something within us..for some of us it just takes longer for us to see. I felt that way for many years and still struggle with that feeling. This is the first time reading this site-but God leads us in directions for a reason. I am actually reading this because I am struggling with why I fight.. Something inside me keeps saying “There is somewhere better than this”
      You know there is somewhere better than this..but I will not leave this Earth by my own accord. Please dont ever give up..Dont ever feel you have nothing to offer because God created you and he is listening when you talk..maybe you are like me and just really need to listen to what he trying to say. You are not going to hear him like they show you on TV..but just keep searching within yourself and believe me you will see what he is trying to say when you least expect it. He guides us when we are not even looking or feel that he is listening. Please if you ever need to talk my email is listed below. Just remember with hopelessness all we will see is darkness. But when we say..I remind myself of this everyday…God-I know you can hear me and for some reason I think you either don’t listen or ignore me…please guide me back in to my light and remember I love you. Craig dont ever lose your hope or faith even when you feel that the darkness will never fade..because it always does and something else will happen but everything you go through you will find your way back. May God bless you.

    • Marie

      Hi Craig,
      I understand how you may FEEL. Believe me I have felt that way as well. There is not one creature here on earth that hasn’t been endowed with gifts. FINDING them is the biggest issue. I know you have talent(s). being exposed to various environments will definitely help. Try it.

    • rick

      You are special. The devil has lied to you. But you do not have to accept it. You are a new creation, full of the power of God. Start confessing that you are sufficient for every good work. God has provided for you to overcome all obstacles that hold you back. Jesus paid a great price for you . He has made you whole in every kind of way! This is who you are ! Worship Him with all your heart, in appreciation for the great sacriice He has made, to make you that new creation. you are Craig ! God’s man !

  • Anonymous

    I have struggled with depression for many years and this streak has seemed to intensified since being married. I married someone that I thought I loved by my heart feels harden and void because my significant other does not fulfill my needs. She tries her best but she falls short due to outside problems. I’ve tried my best to follow in the word of God and dedicate my life to a better living through His words but I still cannot feel happy or joyful. I feel like my life is on hold and I made the wrong choice with getting married. I feel like I’ve lost a part of me that I can never get back. My drive, spirit, and happiness are gone because of this depression. I do not want to divorce because I don’t want to live in sin, go to hell, or not be welcomed into God’s house due to divorcing, following my own path, and possibly finding the one who’s right for me (vice verse). Has depression ruled my life? Is there any way to come back to the person that I once was?

    • Anonymous – I cannot speak to whether you should have married that person or not, but I do know that a spirit of depression can mask God’s true hope and quench one’s true love. Depression is the feeling of hopelessness. It is a destroyer of happiness, direction, and motivation. Even if the marriage was ‘wrong’, God can make it good and enjoyable. It appears like she is trying, but external issues and your internal issues keep you from joy and success. The issue might not be her or the marriage but rather what is going on inside. Deal with that and let the other stuff take care of itself.

      The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose (Jesus) is to give them a rich and satisfying life. John 10:10 New Living Translation

      Jesus is the Door. You enter into His rich and satisfying life through faith in Him. Faith in Him comes from faith in His Word. And faith in His Word comes by putting that Word inside of you. Spend time with Him and His Word.

      You will not go to Hell for divorce. Yes, it is sin, but sins alone do not send someone to Hell. Rejecting the sacrifice and work of Christ is what will send you to Hell. You are not doing that! You are hurt, depressed, and full of guilt. Get rid of the guilt, forget about the hurt, and use the scriptures to deal with the depression. God is for you. He is not against you or mad at you. He is not disappointed with you! Stop being disappointed in yourself. You are in a war with oppressive evil. Run to God, He is merciful and loving and tender and sufficient. He is the answer. Also, find something worth doing and do it, maybe even together..

  • Rose

    I thank God for landing me into this site, I’m at the height of depression. I left a good job back home and went abroad to join my husband and for our son to be with his daddy after staying apart for almost 3 years. I did it passionately for the sake of family hoping that i will get another job soon. It’s been over a year now without one and facing huge financial challenges after my husband became sick. Please pray for me to get away from this feeling that my hope is lost.

    • Rosa – Hold on to God. Let the scriptures and the confessions on this site bring hope back to your soul. Here are two good ones – Confession – Change Your Life and Walking in Victory. You may not ‘feel’ anything at first but don’t stop. Make yourself do it. It is worth it. It will work. Speaking them will rebuild your hope and your heart. Speak them boldly out of your mouth, over and over. Do it for an hour or two. Do it without any feeling. Do it mechanical. Just do it!

      God usually starts on the inside, changing hopelessness (depression) into hope, and fear/anxiety into faith. Then you will see changes on the outside. He is good and He wants to bring goodness into your life. He loves you. We love you. You are going to make it.

  • morgan

    hello everyone i been crying for a couples of days on and off please pray me.

    • Morgan – We are praying for you. We love you and God loves you. We are for you and God is for you. Don’t feel pressure but spend time reading some of our articles that may interest you and let the hope of the Spirit of God seep into your heart. He is doing more than you know.

      I just want to pray this, “I break the power of the devil over you in Jesus Name. I speak grace and truth and peace and mercy all over you. I also speak God’s favor and protection over you and your loved ones. I curse the spirit of hopelessness and depression in Jesus Name, you let Morgan go free. I speak hope and joy and strength to you. We love you, and even if you cannot feel it or see it, you can and will have a wonderful life in God. Read some of our reply comments on other articles on depression and hopelessness. They also may help. Depression is a spirit. Fight it!! Bye, Rex

  • michael

    thanks for thease words a need

  • tausha

    Only by Gods grace I suffered from depression for 13 years yes 13 years my teen years as well as a big part of my twenties….but God I was listening to a radio sermon one day and something that was said changed my life….The Lord God is light and love peace and justice…I knew that I was am a child of God but did not know the authority that I had have being His child a heir and a joint heir to the kingdom…. so that’s right I turned and got mad at the devil and let him have it! I am not your child I am a child of the most high true and living King and I aint got to take nothing from you that I don’t want! The Holy Spirit led me to take back my life a gift from God that even I tried to give to the enemy! On that day I was set free! and my next group meeting they thought I was really crazy because I came in there with a new revelation on life, and was told that I was talking like I needed to increase my meds…the devil is a liar!

  • Margaret A. Adeoso

    Worship and praise God. Lord, help me and rid me of this deppression, in the name of Jesus. We need the help of God daily and we must continue to ask for it every moment we face challenges. Always call on God in time of trouble. Psalm50:15, 91:15. “Lord, help me” is the shortest prayer you can offer against depression or anything troubling you, Matthew15:25. Use the name of the Lord, that is above all names to rebuke it and command it to go away from you. It is a mountain, Mark11:23,24. So, tell it to go. You have power over it. Luke10:19. Praise the Lord!

  • Gilda

    I am suffering from depression for about 3 days now. I have no idea what brought it on. I woke up one morning and there it was. I absolutely hate this feeling that I can’t get rid of. I am praying, reading scripture, talking to family about it and don’t know what else to do. I have recently had surgery on knee and am taking pain medication for that. Could this be the cause of this?..I have been on this medication for 7 weeks now and haven’t had any problems of feeling depressed until about 3 days ago.
    Please pray for me!

    • I will pray for you tonight at Church. Hope in God is the only long term cure for the feeling of hopeless depression. It is a spirit. It is thick and seems to come over you like a bad coat. It’s thickness tries to block you from seeing your hope in God. Fight through with the promises of God. We are with you and are praying. YOU WILL MAKE IT AND COME OUT OF THIS INTO THE LIGHT OF GOD’S JOY.

  • Grisselle

    This is so true… After the death of my brother, I went into a deep depression. Stages of grief denial/mourning phases. I knew I was deeply depressed and knew it was not healthy. I tried very hard to be strong, but the pain was stronger and it consumed me night and day. So, I prayed and prayed and prayed and reader the Bible and listen to christian music as much as possible and in between I cried myself to sleep many nights. I knew that one day I was to wake up and feel OK. I prayed to God to use me as He wishes. I asked God, to use me as one of his tools.

    Two years and four months later my mother in-law got very sick and could not take care of herself like she used too. I ask her if she wanted to move in, that I would take care of her. It was not easy convincing her to move in, but with the help of her daughters and son, she gave in. And it was the best things that happened for the both of us. We developed a wonderful relationship as well as a very spiritual one. Six months later after two heart attacks and other health complication she passed. In one of our many chats, while living with me, I told her about my depression days and my request to God, and she told me laughing; “You have to be careful what you ask for, you ended with me here”. ha ha I told her it was my pleasure to take care of her and that I was doing it not because I had to but because I wanted to and how grateful I was that God had answered my prayer. We both grew closer to God through our experiences. Rest in Peace Myrta : ) xoxox

  • Linda

    I just wish the article reflected the depth of your reply, but it doesn’t and I find it to be a trivial response to what can be a life-threatening problem – depression. Sorry. Please think about making the article as good as your reply. God bless.

  • Linda

    Not only does God heal through His word and prayer and praise and doing good, but He has provided medicine, plus doctors & counsellors, Christian and non-Christian, who can also bring healing. Healing can be fast & miraculous, but it is often slow, involving some or all of the above, and it can be difficult, complex, & challenging. My hope remains with God, and that He can use all things to achieve His will. My depression and anxiety in the last week have created a genuine & serious threat to my life. This is not me avoiding dealing with anything. I imagine other people come here in the same state. Do the writers here understand this? This is a serious matter and as such I fear that you are treating it rather lightly. Do you think you would offer this article to a family member in a state as I have been in? If so then this really is all you can offer. If not perhaps the article should be amended. People come here looking for answers in time of need, and some of us have greater need than others. Unfortunately, after some days reflection, I must state that I find your response to a life-threatening condition to be seriously flawed. Hope in God is vital, I agree, but “helping others is you door to recovery”? Really? I pray that people in serious need will find help elsewhere because that is just fluff. Sorry. Remember, depression can be life-threatening, not just “transient, mopey feelings” as PJ Clair wrote in another comment.

    • FaithMechanic

      Linda – I hear you, and believe me as one that also fights depression, I am not treating this issue lightly. And yes, I would recommend this approach to family members, and have. I am not against any form of help, be it medicine, professionals, friends, or whatever. Use everything available. There is no shame in receiving any kind of help. Helping others is just another tool in your belt. Use it.

      My point is this: many things can help bring relief but for something to work for the long haul it must go deep enough to get to one’s real issues, and only God can do that. Most healthcare methods can only attempt to mitigate issues, surroundings, and behaviors. That is why most counselors base their methods on what is called ‘behavior modification’. Only the power of God can change you on the outside and change you deep down on the inside. He can work in our surroundings and in your heart.

      Use everything at your disposal to get your head above water so you can get a moment to catch your breath. Only, make sure that you use that breath to also find something firm under the surface, something that you can stand on. God is there and only He can effectively support you forever. Depression says, “You are different; this can’t help you, don’t do it, don’t do anything.” Linda, I don’t know your issue but I know your answer.

      Helping others is one of those answers. It satisfies physical and emotional needs. It is what we were created to do and if we do not do it, we will continue to feel unfulfilled no matter what else we do or take. Serving others is not the only answer but it is part of the answer and maybe it is the part that activates your big answer.

      The power of depression is the intense ‘feeling’ that God is not true and all is darkness. It is a lie. I love you and you are not alone. God, although unseen, loves you and is with you. True Hope is within your grasp. Loving others opens the door to the ‘feeling’ that others also love you. The things of God are not fluff but hard working reality.

  • Linda

    Thankyou for this encouragement but your help doesn’t help everyone. Please don’t play God yourselves. If I were not just hungry but starving yet I ignored the food in front of me preferring God to put it in my mouth you might think I was failing to accept the obvious help God had offered me. If this example isn’t good enough for any hard-line scripture is enough believers, then I can’t explain where some of us are coming from who are also believers in Christ. I’ve tried to rely on my faith and scriptures this last week but I’ve been lower than I can describe. I suspect I’ve been lower than many could ever understand. I’m not well. I need help. God has provided doctors and medical help. I cannot do more to help myself. And yes, I have been relying on God, and that may be why I am still alive, and not curled up in a ball or in a psychiatric ward. I do have to go to the doctor and get medication to help me again. Sometimes people who love God deeply and desperately are deeply and desperately unwell with depression and anxiety and all the scriptures in the world fail to bring anything but minor and temporary relief. If someone was haemorrhaging profusely I would apply heavy pressure and get help. I wouldn’t stand by and pray or say pray, offering scriptures. When a person breaks their arm they need it to be re-set, they need it to be immobilised so it can heal. If someone has an asthma attack they need their medication. Don’t they? Can’t God bring healing through doctors and medication? Ofcourse He can. This is the answer for some of us. There is no need for shame or to feel a failure. Please be kind to yourself if you are deep in despair and listen to the voice of God. This is what I have to do and I have been fighting it. Many, on this site, like me also, your family, friends, doctors, people from church will offer their advice. Follow God. Listen for His voice. If you need to trust in Him rather than medical help, do so. If you need to trust in Him and need medical help, get some. If you make a mistake, re-assess. God doesn’t mind. God bless the kind people who want to spread God’s love through this site and especially all the readers.

  • Anonymous

    Yesterday, I felt like my world was falling a part and that I was going crazy but I thank God that even when I can’t pray for myself, there is someone out there that can intercede on my behalf.

    Today Jesus gave me a song in my heart that reminds me that “Only Jesus can satisfy my soul, only He can cleanse my heart and make me whole. He’ll give me peace I never knew, love and joy and heaven too. Only Jesus can satisfy my soul”.

    Thank you Lord, I bless your name for being my strength in time of weakness. I don’t have to be depressed when I have hope in Jesus Christ!

  • Margaret A.

    Anonymous, You may be low in the spirit and just want to be by yourself, but you can lift up your spirit unto God by giving him thanks for life, for motion, for vision, for food, for clothes and for so many common things we take for granted, e.g. water. Start to give thanks to God and you will find your spirit lifted. Give no room to depression. Learn to sing praises to God. Lift Him up, Thank God for Jesus, the truth, the life and the way out of bad things, and the way into good things of life. Renew your relationship with God and read your Bible regularly. Be a doer of what you read and you will find your joy coming back. Without joy, you cannot enjoy thebenefits of salvation. Isaiah12:1-6, note verse3.You can still help others in your helpless state with a little smile. That little smile will bring you harvests of big smiles that will make your day. Look away from yourself and depression will go away

  • Anonymous

    I appreciated all the comments but I have to ask what does one do when you cannot find the strength to do what is recommended. I am struggling with depression and I do not even know the cause. I just know that I do not want to socialize, I can hardly pray because I feel that God never answers me. I am just hoping for one miracle that will help to build my faith but it seems everything I read and hear is asking me to build my own faith. All I know is I need help to move from point A to B. How can you help others when you feel so low? What can I offer when I feel so helpless my self? I just need a nudge from God. He said He is my strength in time of weakness but my heart will not make be believe it anymore. I have absolutely no emotion toward anything or anyone. Help!!!!

    • Wanda April 2, 2013 I am currently in a three day outpatient program for major depression and anxiety. I was emotionally and physically abused as a child. I got married at 14, had a baby at 15 and had a very rocky marriage for over 20 years. my dad had been an alcoholic, and so was my husband, but not to the extreme my dad was. I hated drinking because of the abuse it had put my wonderful Christian mother and 2 siblings and me.. My husband stopped the drinking after 10 years into our marriage after I got pregnant again with our second child. My husband started back drinking and hiding it after our children were grown and out of the house. we had a big argument and he promised to stop. Both my husband and I got sick. He has bad arthritis and diabetes, among other problems. I have signed myself into 3 different mental wards because of the panic. I have fibromyalgia, a lot of pain in my back and neck,(which all but disappeared when I was in remission). My psychiatrist gave permission after a year to go off my paxil and lamictal. I weaned off them over a 4 month period and within 4 days of my last small dose was in a terrible state. I was in the hospital 51 days because they decided ECT treatments would pull me out. I had 12 treatments which did not help, although others who had them left feeling better. ( I don’t know their long term effects.) I’ve been out of hospital and in outpatient 3X per week, all 1/2 days, a little over 2 months and am a lot better but still sad a lot and do not feel like going out much. In fact ,I have to force myself to go to therapy and to Dr. appointments,etc. What has helped me each time I’ve battled severe depression (2 x) is my faith in God, forcing myself to go to church, at least one service, once or 2 x per wk. , Praying in earnest with the ACTS Method, Adoration (Praising God for who He is and what He has done and is doing for us), Confession (of our sins), Thanksgiving, and Supplication (asking for your needs, not wants). Also journaling. Each night just before bed, write 5 things you are Thankful for then 5 Affirmations,( things you are good at start each sentence with the word (I), example( I can cope; I am worthy. I am glad God loves me for who I am. I trust God to heal me.) Read these out loud just before going to bed ) By the way the affirmations do not have to be true at the moment. If you were a good parent in the past, then use it. Keep it up. It takes time for these thoughts to get embedded in your brain,but it does work, Seek God’s will for your life by reading the Bible daily praying to seek the meaning of the passage you read. Get plenty of sleep, Eat healthy, and drink 8 to 10 glasses of water each day. I hope this helps you because I feel deeply for anyone who has to live with depression. And I for one will most likely stay on my depression meds the rest of my life , because life is too precious and too short to miss out on any more of God’s Blessings. In Christian Love. Let Jesus Christ be your strength and your boss. His yoke is easy. His burden is light. That is scripture. Love to you all.

  • Lucinda Palestrant

    God has put His truth in everyone. Romans 1; 18-23 they hold His truth in ungodliness and they hold his truth in unrighteousness.

    The person that is getting a divorce needs to give the anger to God. God will not bring us through the storms of life if we hold on to anger and are unwilling to forgive. We have the ability to be forgiving because He forgave us. To complete the command we must “forget” the sin against us. Honor God and stay in His word and He will bless. You need His peace. Jesus Christ is Lord.

  • Henk

    Thank you for this very uplifting article and truth. This is confirmation for me as I wondered how helping others and focussing more on their problems and needs might influence the state of my own depression. I am going through a terrible many others..something I do not want. My anger and depression often get the best of me at this point. Blessings to the writer and owner of this site.

    • Henk,

      I understand where you are coming from because I was there a little over a decade ago. Start going in the right direction and it gets better every day. Just work on getting your hope back. No one is ever hopeless, or in a hopeless situation, it only feels like it. And it can feel like it pretty convincingly! The anger is another thing. Work to forgive and get the anger out of your system. Anger itself is not sinful but it leads to things that are sinful and damaging. Remember, hurt people hurt people, so do your best to stop the cycle. God is always more interested in restoration (individually or together) than justice.

      Help people and get with God. Allow Him to restore your purpose. Once we regain our personal sense of value, our hope returns. The best way to feel good about yourself is to help others feel good about themselves.

      God’s peace can cover all the understandings and hurts of this life. This will keep you and protect you. Any situation is far from being hopeless, but faith is hard work. Go for it. You might not see or feel it immediately but don’t stop. God is working in you and in your situation. Salvation is coming. Work toward it and expect it.

      Philippians 4:6, 7 says:
      (6) Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. (7) And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
      Keep reading the Word and building your faith. That is what will give you victory in life.

  • Lucinda Palestrant

    If you do for the least of these you do it unto ME.

    Meditate on God’s word. Mutter it aloud day and night. Stay prayerful with thanksgiving and forgiveness.
    God has a plan for you, He declared it. Jer. 29:11

  • Margaret A. Adeoso

    Yoli, You can be totally free from depression, if you can get to the root of it. Depresssion can be caused by sorrow over anything especially, loss of a loved one. Is it the loss permanent(death) or temporary, (seperation)? Was the depression caused by anxiety? Get to know why your spirit is low and you are not happy.Get to know the root and deal with it from the root. I have seen some demonic depression where a lady was just weeping for no reason at all. Jesus is the answer to all types of oppresion, Matthew11:28-30, and Acts10:38. On the right hand side are several sites which you can visit and use, e.g. Scriptures against Hopelessness, Scriptures on Encouragement, On Peace, On God’s Love. There are many more. The word of God is medicine and there is no overdose of it. The more of it the better. When the word grows mightily, it will prevail over the situation. Proverbs12:25 gives a solution to depression, so get many words into your spirit and you will be healed. Read my comment on February26,2012, and be a doer. God will surely help you when you pray to Him. Jesus is Lord!

  • Yoli

    Michael needs healing from depression.

  • Lucinda Palestrant

    God has lead me. 20/20 Brain Power by Josh Reynolds. This is where I began and one month later it has changed my life. I am waiting for Dr. Amen’s program to arrive. Life does not have to be a struggle. And Dr. Daniel Amen. Both men are in the brain health field. Our brain needs nutrition, supplements and speed exercise to heal. God provides. Praise Him.

  • Margaret A. Adeoso

    I agree with the writer, but I want to add some other cures to depression. Read Isaiah61:3. Depression is the spirit of heaviness referred to in this verse. When you put on garments of praise and praise God,the Maker and Owner of the universe,depression will flee back to its source, the pit of hell, Acts 10:38. Depression is definitely an oppression of the devil, but Jesus can set you free. You can also read your Bible aloud when you sense heaviness around you. The Word is spirit and life, more powerful than the spirit of heaviness The medical doctors are doing great works, but they acknowledge that they only care, it’s God who heals. So in any sickness, dont watch it, war it with healing scriptures, you will get healed. God has healed me on several occasions using healing scriptures. Jesus is still healing today as he did in His ministry when He was on earth. Glory to God. Jesus is Lord!

  • Scott

    Hello Bothers and Sisters in the LORD – First I want to pray for ALL who suffer Depression – I myself am currently suffering depression so badly – I have tried Hospitalization and just about every med there is and still suffer – The Depression and Anxiety keeps me bound with Fear and these insane thoughts of giving up… I am a Born Again Christian man who has served in Sunday School and AWANA – Why would GOD let me suffer this horrible dark black depression – I cannot serve HIM nor my Family like this…. I am trying withdraw off all the Anxiety and depression med with the help of a Doctor as they are not working – one of them I am addicted to know and suffer horrible withdrawals – Valium – Please lift me up in prayer that I can be free from addiction and depression….. My wife and daughter do not understand – I try to worship and sing and read my bible and morning devotions – it does help temporarily but then it comes back… I wonder if i am being oppressed and afflicted by the enemy… I need your encouragement and prayers…. Blessings in Christ

  • Angelina

    I have PTSD and over the years it seems to have gotten worse. 2011 I lost my job after I was in a car accident and I hurt all the time. I always cry to God to hear me and to help me… It seems to me as if I have the worse Luck ever… So, many things have happened to me and I look up and ask why me? I love to help others and I would do more if I could or just had the means.I love God no matter what I have been through, but it just seems as if I am the target for target practice… or maybe it’s just I am in the wrong place at the wrong time. I know God loves me and I have faith still that he will place me in a job where I will prosper, its just that it’s been a year and I so desperately need a job now. I got even more depressed because it seem as if no one will hire me. I just need to get out of this depression and gain the strength of the Lord. If you will, please life me up in prayer. I need it.

  • Preface: I take major exception to this article if the author intends it to be a discussion on actual depression in a MEDICAL sense. If the article means depression to be just transient mopey feelings, you can disregard (most) of the below.

    This article is totally insensitive and inappropriately dogmatic. First of all, getting your statistics from Wikipedia is laughable. My biggest issue is that this article guilts the struggling believer that they must not be a good enough Christian if they are battling depression. This further damages their already suffering feelings of self-worth. Heck, pain and fever are symptoms too. Are we going to condemn using Advil and Motrin? God’s the healer, right? Depression IS a medical issue. How about you look at differences in calculable serotonin and dopamine titers between patients with and without depression instead of Joel Osteening some feel-good Bible verses together that superficially fit the topic? Antidepressants, while I agree are sometimes quick to be over-prescribed, do not just mask symptoms. Through various mechanisms depending on which drug you’re talking about, they boost/restore normal ranges of mood-impacting neurotransmitters. Exercise, stress-relief, fasting, helping the poor, loving someone, etc. etc. etc. are fantastic ways to help lift the weary spirit – to HELP, not always to CURE. Thousands of people who know Christ as their Lord still deal with depression. And that’s not because they aren’t trying hard enough, have lingering issues of unforgiveness, or are ‘blaming others.’ What a tremendously inappropriate accusation!
    Sorry, helping the poor is not curative of true medical depression. It’s wonderful to do – don’t get me wrong. And as Christ compels us to such acts, the benefits we receive from extending his love do impact and bless us. But there’s a difference between getting warm fuzzies when you do something nice and solving the complexities of actual depression.

    And since I’ve opposed your article, let me disarm the fallout by saying – yes I’m in medicine. And yes I know Christ in an intimate way.

  • colleen murphy

    there is plenty of other ways to heal yourself from depression note the vulnerable should be opened minded. And as for the Christians who claim we cant have god, what about those who were risen from catholic backgrounds anybody can know god.

    • Anonymous

      as someone who suffered from depression for years and was prescribed many different tablets i felt so low that the only way i could look was up my prayers were answered when i asked The Lord to come into my life I have not taken an antidepressant for over two yrs I found the greatest physician for me…My Heavenly Father Thank You Jesus

      • All these comments help me so much. I have struggled with depression since I was about 14 or so. It was a little bit at a time, but then it started getting worse. In the midst of all of it, I forgot to call upon God to help me. I just said “Why aren’t you here God” and felt like he had left me. I wasn’t in church, and I didn’t pray regular. How could I expect God to just come crawling back to me? I had to show him that I wanted him back into my life! He was always there! I just went down the wrong path.. On a lighter note I AM on the right path now. I am going to church, and I am praying! Praying hard. I haven’t won my fight against depression yet, but I know I will one day. What a glorious day that will be! Until I do win my fight, I will praise the almighty king. I know he will be with me every step of the way. Thank y’all! & God Bless! Madison 16 years of age.

        • MarkT

          Madison – You are wise beyond your years. I too look forward to that glorious day! I am 48 and have dealt with depression for decades. It has robbed me of too much of my life. Recently I lost my job and my Mom passed away in the same week. I am as low as I have ever been…yet I know that God loves me and wants me to have life and have it to the full. So I will press on and fight the good fight that the Lord has set before me. God bless all of you for your comments and for this article and website. Our God is an AWESOME God!

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