Scriptures Against Hopelessness


LangesMigrantMother-300-webThese scriptures on hopelessness will give you hope and will build your faith. Confess and meditate on them to win the fight against hopelessness.  The whole fight is about not losing Hope. Allow the hope of God to flow into you. Remember, there is a real Person (God) behind each and every one of these promises. He promised them to you for a reason – to help you.

Depression is the emotional result of hopelessness. Joy is the emotional result of hope. Peace is the emotional result of faith.

God’s hope encourages, motivates, and keeps you on the road to faith, peace, and victory. Hopelessness breeds and creates the ‘feeling‘ of depression. Fight it with the Word of God. And if you suffer from deep ongoing depression, PLEASE READ THIS – Helping Others Is God’s Prescription for Depression. Send me a comment, we love you  and we want to help you. You are important and you have value. You will get out of this hole.

Anyone who is among the living has hope. Ecclesiastes 9:4
Surely there is a future, And your hope will not be cut off. Proverbs 23:18

No one whose hope is in you will ever be put to shame. (Psalm 25:3)

You are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long. (Psalm 25:5)

May your unfailing love rest upon us, O LORD, even as we put our hope in you. (Psalm 33:22)

Those who hope in the LORD will inherit the land. (Psalm 37:9)

Why are you downcast, o my soul? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God. (Psalm 42:5)

In your name I will hope, for your name is good. (Psalm 52:9)

Find rest, o my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from him. (Psalm 62:5)

You answer us with awesome deeds of righteousness, O God our Savior, the hope of all the ends of the earth and of the farthest seas. (Psalm 65:5)

For you have been my hope, O Sovereign LORD, my confidence since my youth. (Psalm 71:5)

But as for me, I will always have hope; I will praise you more and more. (Psalm 71:14)

I have put my hope in your word. (Psalm 119:74)

Sustain me according to your promise, and I will live; do not let my hopes be dashed. (Psalm 119:116)

For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through endurance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope. (Romans 15:4)

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. (Romans 15:13)

Therefore, since we have such a hope, we are very bold. (2 Corinthians 3:12)

I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints, and his incomparably great power for us who believe. (Ephesians 1:18-19)

There is one body and one Spirit – just as you were called to one hope when you were called– one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all. (Ephesians 4:4-6)

May our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father, who loved us and by his grace gave us eternal encouragement and good hope, encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good deed and word. (2 Thessalonians 2:16-17)

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ form the dead. (1 Peter 1:3)

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  1. Chrissy Reed

    Hi. I don’t know if anyone will respond to this or not but I feel like I’m alone right now. I feel so hopeless and I am constantly sad . I am a Christian struggling to get right with God and I’m in a relationship with a guy who goes to church but isn’t necessarily a Christian. The thing that’s been bringing me to tears is my future with him. I recently discovered that even in marriage there are lots of sexual limitations. I’m 20 and I just learned what sodomy was. My boyfriend had wanted to participate in other sexual acts such as oral and anal sex once we did get married. But ever since I found out those things were an abomination in God’s eyes, I’ve been very worried I’d lose him later on in life because I’m not able to give him what I’d want to.
    There are so many marriages that fail when the wife can’t fulfill the husbands needs. The husband would soon feel sexually frustrated and looks for another outlet somewhere else. I really want to make God proud of me by obeying him but I also don’t want to ruin a relationship that has no arguments, where we get along perfectly and he treats me like a queen. We’ve known each other for a year and been together for 9 months. I did tell him about my thoughts, how I feared the worst to come. He’s conflicted–so am I– whether or not we should end the relationship before we invested too much time into each other.
    I went to God. I told him that I don’t know what to do. I asked him for help or even a sign of what I told my boyfriend was the right thing. This is my first relationship and I want it to be my last. I do think God puts certain people in my life for a reason…maybe to help direct this person of mine to God since all he does is go to church.
    I’m so scared…

    1. Post

      Chrissy – I will pray for you to hear from God, and not from religion. I, for one, am not so concerned what you do with your husband after you are married. You need to figure out for yourself where you want to end up, without any religious legalism. I know ministers I respect on both sides of this issue.

      However, I am concerned with what you may be doing now before you are married. I am also concerned that you are willing to marry a “guy who goes to church but isn’t necessarily a Christian.” That is a recipe for failure. Within a relationship where both parties have a true heart for God, these things all work out. But when only one has the full heart for God, a breakdown in priorities, needs, and attitudes occur.

      I have never seen a note so concerned with the particulars of sex as yours. It seems that your relationship is overly affected and defined by it. Yes, sex is huge, and both of you need to be on the same page, but it appears like your relationship (granted my understanding is from only one comment) is overly defined and preoccupied by it. The demands and the things he is discussing as needs are too specific and peculiar. Does he have a sex addiction? You need to determine these things now because all issues do get worse after marriage.

      Again, sex issues work themselves out when you both have a good walk with God and when love and friendship is the foundation of the relationship. If sex is the foundation and attraction, it will not last. Your walk with God, and your love and friendship with him will fall apart.

      Something does not feel right. My advice is not to worry about sex later. Focus on getting right with God yourself now and getting the relationship with your boyfriend right without the sex issues. Will your sex life be built upon your love for each other, or is it fueled by lust? I tend to think that you are motivated by a desire to be loved and he is motivated by lust, and making sure he will always get what he wants. If that is the case, it will destroy you. You deserve better.

  2. Musa Malike

    Hello World i really need your help, I became an orphan because of the bomb blast happening in Nigeria that claimed my family lives. This is my sad story, I am Musa Malike age 17 from Borno state in Nigeria i lost my family through a bomb blast that took place in Borno January 20 2015, i loved my family and though we were not rich but we were happy, On that faithful day i went to school and my dad, mum and twin sisters was at home, In school i was having an usual feelings and i prayed while i was in school believing that every thing will be fine but on my way coming back from school i meant the worsted deserter that turn my joy and happiness into sorrows that happened in our community market very close to my house everywhere was built down, I quickly run to my house but unfortunately i saw my house been built down and the corpse of my family, Everything i had in life is lost and now i have no uncle, no aunty to help, it was only my friend who allowed me to squirt with him. Please i am pleading to you all out there that i need help, i want to continue with my education so that i can become somebody in life , Please i need help so i can further my education this is my number +2348077401678 and my email is, I pray that God guild and protect all his children and hear my cry.

    1. seipati

      Hi im sorry to hear what happened to you we must never loose hope God will always come through for us those who seek him

  3. Lindsay

    thank you for reaching out to Jesus beloved, I ask you to examine yourself and review the things that come to mind that make you forget the scripture that you read. Review your life and ask yourself could you be more holy as your Father in Heaven is thing for sure is that we are surrounded and coexist around evil and forewarned of this, which leaves us susceptible to be tempted to think in negative ways such as the evil does. The evil one blasphemes God day and night. the only power Satan has over us is trickery lies and deceit. If we are ready with the truth then he literally has no power over us at all. Everytime you hear those thoughts in your head let them trigger you to be reminded immediately that they are not of God and they don’t have to be of you. Literally replace the thoughts with already prepared pure thoughts such as the Our Father prayer. Or a beautiful song that really makes you think of the Lord and His goodness and not be in fear or dismayed that you are experiencing this, we all do to a degree or have at some point. This is something that has been assured to us in the word, that we are here for these reasons to be strengthened to find faith and with faith and grace alone will we succeed in this very short and well planned existence. Please read your bible more. If the word confuses you try a new international version if you already are using one, try to stay in the Gospels at least for a little while, Matthew Mark Luke and John. Listen to the words of Christ, allow him to embody you let His Spirit literally speak to you and feel His presence in your midst as you would close your eyes and know that your best friend is sitting next to you. the Lord has prepared us for these last days that we are in, if we do not remain fully prepared, many around us will exposed much weakness and leave us tempted to do the same as God has already warned us of. We must desire what God desires and not men, Jesus says in this world we must deny ourselves, pick up our cross and follow him. He has already prepared us that this world is a sacrifice for those that love him.he also says to rejoice when others matthew or persecute you for doing what he has told you to, he is sure as you that much reward awaits you when the time comes, which is very near. The fact that you are searching for God is the absolute best thing you have going for you in life whether you realize it or not, don’t stop. He is with us wherever we go, he says he searches our hearts and tests our minds regularly which means he is literally in every thought not only in but influences us if the devil can tempt us then he can influence us with his good also.the world cause this our good assured it is the voice of God, helping us and guiding us and counseling us to always do the right thing. He says the truth is inscripted on our hearts, Jesus says the Holy Spirit is our great counselor that counsels us at all times. This is hard to grasp as flesh filled creatures, but be assured as Jesus has promised, that he is from a nother world and is coming back and that all else that he says is the truest thing you will ever comprehend. Again I urge you to listen to his words literally place yourself in his time as he says his words are living and are eternal so bring them to the present and just bask in His glory. As I do each day. Let Jesus speak to your heart and remember that you have an enemy that you have full victory and power over. Give all praise honor and glory to the Son of God our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has set you free, you’re as free as you allow yourself to be by self will. Just don’t believe the lies, love in Christ, lindsay

  4. john mikes

    Im having a hard time with whats going on in my head and heart. I believe in jesus and the one who sent him, so why do i still curse him and the father in my head? He said love god with all my heart mind soul and strenghth. Everyone tells me to let go and let him fix it but im really concerned. I try to pray and read his word, but it really brings me down. I read and as soon as im done reading its like i forget what i just read. I know hes still working on me cause if he wasnt it wouldnt bother me its just brings me down. Ive been a liar and a selfish person my whole life. It just feels like im lying to myself.

  5. Lindsay

    Brother John, have you ever thought about joining a missionary team and getting out of Dodge and tending to others less fortunate than yourself for a living? Definitely something to consider. What do you have to lose? Africa, Asia, India…? You can’t go wrong. Do some research, even if right off the bat it doesn’t interest you, I trust the Holy Spirit is always ready to Counsel us to go out into all the world and preach the Gospel, Pray about it. It’s all about Jesus, my friend. There’s always someone looking for someone just as yourself. I’ll be praying for you. Love in Christ, Lindsay

  6. Donzella

    John, Whatever you do please don’t give up! God loves you and so do I. You may not want to hear this, but try to change your words and your thoughts. Be grateful for that couch and that Friend. There are so many homeless people, I know because I have been one of them and John, friends are few. If it be God’s will, you will be blessed with a spouse, but as it stands now you and I have work to do. I mean no harm, I only pray for the best for you. God bless you John!

  7. john

    I have been following jesus since i was 5 years old talking to him every day with out fail.Theonly thing that i can say is he never answered any of my prayers! But i still keep goiing . Im now 45 years old . still nothing . because when i die jesus can not ever say i never tried .For me life always sucks . i never been married. i have been living on my friends couch .i have tried my own company always praying for anything i try to jesus es will .The only thing that is real for me is pain and disapoitment.I have learned to be grateful for having nothing and beingnothing. Some people dont even have that? ihave done everything from church to tithing,to talking to nuns priests etc allmy life.I still have no answeres! I no jesus loves me but i dont think he likes me. I think my life is always bad so may be i talk to jesus.I dont no .But i always say or read john 14 14 .Always nothing .I just keep haning on because sooner or later i have to die some day.So i just keep on keepin on.

  8. Lindsay

    Yes priyanka, you are absolutely being prayed for and thought of. The Lord says “seek thy Kingdom of Heaven first and all else shall be added unto you”. I urge you to read your bible daily, without waiver and genuinely seek the heart of Christ Jesus and allow Him to be the true Lord of your life. When we do this, we unlock covenanted blessing that is only received by our sacrificial obedience. The moment we begin to prioritize Christ’s expectations above our own, we then place focus on His two greatest commandments which are of course to love the Lord our God with all of our heart mind body soul and strength. And second, to love our neighbor as our own self. Now this is a big commitment. This is not something that we naturally may happen to accomplish by our day to day circumstances. Jesus commands us to literally “deny ourselves, pick up our cross, and follow behind Him” as He called each and every one of His disciples. Some even plead to stay home for a little while until their circumstances had changed. Well Jesus immediately responded with denial of their requests and expected swift and full cooperation. Jesus is very serious about “His Father’s business”and is very black and white in His commands leaving no confusion or gray area. As a matter of fact, confusion is specifically set apart for hell. When Jesus was informing His disciples of His being taken captive by the hands of men and being scourged, beaten and as the temple being broken down and built back up in three days, Peter took Him aside and rebuked Him and Jesus literally replied: “get behind Me Satan!, you are seeking the glory not of The Father, but of man.” This is a very important lesson for us, as this is a true epidemic attacking the body of Christ. So how do we counteract this self serving mentality? Declare victory in Christ, rebuke it and by faith, act against it. There are many, for the glory of God to be carried out, that suffer each day waiting for someone with a kind warm heart to bring them the gift of compassion. The bible gives the examples of visiting and praying with the sick, absolutely we can visit and pray with those in jail where you can find the lost in great abundance. All around the world there are less fortunate youth and old, diseased, deserted and dying that with an ounce of love and a few small bucks could single handedly with the Grace of God, help out with food or medicine and give them hope and a future. Try to minimize what heights your friends and family are reaching. According to Jesus, this has utterly zero meaning to us. As a matter of fact, it is the opposite of where our sights should be set. We quickly come to learn as Christians that things are generally not what they seem. And even if they are, our obedience to the Lord brings us to heights that we didn’t even realize existed. So please, strive to please Jesus first, stay strong in the Word, and do your part in bringing the gospel to the most remote corners of the earth. And I am a witness that hope will swiftly and certainly come. God bless you for reaching out to Jesus. Stay true to Him and all assurance to you, He will Not let you down. Jesus is alive and well and loves you even when you don’t always love yourself. He is worthy of giving credibility. Just ask Him to reveal Himself to you in a way that He never has before, I tell you, He will Not let you down! He is by name, “Faithful and True”! Love in Christ, Lindsay

  9. God Chaser

    I know there are millions of us that are going through issues in life that deter us from a clear mind to remember that God never leaves us. I have Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma. I’ve been with this disease since 12/2013 but diagnosed a year later because my boss refused to provide me with insurance, although I was supposed to have it after my 90 days probation. I s diagnosed this past Christmas Eve. I lost my job because I was always sick and getting sicker by the days. Hence, I lost my home and car. Now ….I don’t qualify for medicaid because I don’t have children under the age of 18 nor do I qualify for Obama care because I can’t afford to pay for a policy. I don’t qualify for disability because I haven’t been treating for at least 3 months. I’m 47 years old, been working since the age of 14, I have been a productive citizen, paid my dues, social security, medicaid, taxes and now it’s not available to me. So the system is telling me to lay down and die. I’ve called hundreds of resources but no funding or I have to be at a Stage 3 in order to get treated. And my family is so self indulged they can’t help me. Hopeless is all feel.

  10. priyanka

    Lately I have been going through a lot of hopelessness and that’s how I found this website and this article about how we need to confess God’s Word over our depression. I’ve battled depression before and spent many nights thinking of ways to commit suicide without hurting my parents. I think the main reason why I’ve had depression is because I have no purpose in life. I haven’t figured out what I’m supposed to do with my life and this has always been a source of stress and worry for me. All my friends and peers seem to know what they want in life and when I look at them I feel left out and left behind. I will turn 28 this year and yet I feel lost with no sense of who I am or what I want to do in life. I feel stuck in my current job and position and I don’t know how to get out of here. I’m scared of quitting too because people keep talking about how difficult it is to get a job nowadays. But I don’t want to stay in this place anymore especially since I’m working with family members which makes things more complicated. I want to escape from this place and go abroad to study…but it’s so difficult for me to take a step because I’m not sure what I want to study. Thinking about all this has made me feel so hopeless and depressed and I feel myself sinking again into that deep dark pit of depression. I’m trying to confess scripture over my life but my feelings are not matching what I’m saying. So please pray for me to overcome this and find a way out.

  11. J.M

    Lindsay , first I want to thank you so much for spending the time you did today to show me love and support. That was so kind of you.
    I should of explained a little more about myself than I did. I usually treat and speak to my husband with respect first because God tells me too in His word and secondly my husband wouldn’t have any other way. If I didn’t we probably wouldn’t be married today. It’s more like walking on eggshells so your very careful about the words you use, not to upset him. But I have blown it a few times . (Like what I said to him -I mentioned it in my last post) I’ll admit when I am wrong and apologize when I do . In return I never hear I’m sorry-it would mean so much to hear those words. You mentioned about prayer, only God could cause us to prayer together again , that has stopped a long time ago. I know I need to start speaking good things over him and to him. Only God can do that through me now, because I can’t on my own anymore. (There’s too much pain and rejection going on ) I know God has been speaking to me about praying in the spirit for him . That I need to do and be obedient to God’s leading. And I know I need to stay cause God said to stay and not leave. It’s not always easy obeying The Lord but He knows best.!!!! God did show me something today and that it is more about my husbands healing than about me and my pain. That was an eye opener for me. Need to keep that on my heart each day .
    But thanks again for your prayers, love and support Lindsay ,so appreciate it. !!!!!
    God bless you

  12. Lindsay

    Also, you can’t go wrong when you make your husband feel like the most special person in the world. Under Jesus of course. speaking in a calm soft voice, complimenting him in everything that strikes you to, knowing that he is your special guy and that you’re the only one that can make him happy and the only one that can satisfy him in every way. You know him better than anyone and you know his likes and dislikes and if only we put our own satisfaction down for a brief moment it will pay off later because the Lord is truly faithful. Just submit and love the way you would wish to be in every way. Just spend your time instead of asking him why he won’t love you more or treat you better, going out of your way to do special things for him whatever that may be. Whatever he likes done in the house or special things that she likes done for him or come up with new things, knowing whom he is deep down as his wife. I trust these things will help you in your journey, most importantly stay in prayer and on your knees to Jesus and continually thank Jesus in the same way letting Him know that no one can be put above Him to you. You can’t go wrong sis

  13. Lindsay

    Dear J.M., you are undoubtedly absolutely right when you say that God is urging you to stay and not leave. the best thing you have going for you both is that you both love the Lord which is the foundation and hope for only good and faithfulness to come. The Lord tells us in the Bible that the beginning of wisdom is the fearing of God. I have been through exactly what you are going through.I tell you your husband married you for reasons that I’m certain are still there but just need to be tapped into. as his wife, God instructs us in scripture to submit to our husbands in every way. In addition, proverbs tells us more than once that for the man it is better for him to dwell in the middle of a dry desert or in the corner of the attic than to live in a home with a quarrelsome wife,which I am in no means labeling you to be, but at the same time it is our job to submit under the husband. Whatever it is that upsets him by your words and implications must be eliminated. And once again I reiterate it must be eliminated. There is no doubt that the Lord will get your point across if you just be patient and trust in Him. I am a witness that He is very faithful to come through for us when we choose to stay silent and wait on God to fulfill the greatest desires of our heart. the Bible also says to make our selves desirable to our husbands and to our husband alone. Literally, intimately God wants you to be there for your husband anytime he needs or wants you because when we’re not we are leaving them open for attack by the enemy and inviting sexual sin, upon him not knowing where to put that natural desire that you alone as his wife are appointed by God to tend to as well as a great way to bond in ways nothing else can equally fulfill. I have a feeling if may be as hard as it is, I truly know, that if maybe you tried to back off a little bit he may be more likely to come to you. I’ve noticed that men think so much differently than us women. It is even odd sometimes how they are triggered to get annoyed or upset, but I see that when I back off for even a moment and finally surrender, he comes running. My suggestion is to just stay humble and be slow to speak and quick to listen, and should be there for your husband in every possible way. Keep him happy and satisfied and most importantly above all, he you say is a man of God, so he should be likely to agree to start your days off with some sort of Scripture or meditation on the word and prayer.this is absolutely vital to a marriage working well under God and being what God expects it to be. So it is very important to set apart time together too not only read his word but to praise him together, maybe even by starting your day with the Our Father prayer on your knees together holding hands. The Our Father prayer is hand delivered by Jesus and instructed that it covers just about all bases of what needs to be prayed for day by day. Although short, prayer does not always have to be long. Especially when it is long and it distracts us from the passion we should have behind it. Any prayer is better than no prayer especially when two or more come together. I know it is hard, but please make extra special efforts to keep your husband happy. If he gets upset by something you are doing ask God to reveal ways to you too replace what you’re doing with something else that would keep your husband satisfied. After all you are the only wife he has and you should be the only one he desires, so make yourself desirable and lead him to good faith and action by using whatever tactics you must use. Sometimes this is the way it must be again but almost always he will meet you halfway once he is compelled to do so.please stay in the word everyday all day if you’re willing, the Lord is so very faithful and by covenant will be close to you and guide you through the great counselor the Holy Spirit. I tell you Christ is truly very faithful. Put all of your trust in Him and by the law of the Bible, faith is the only way. Jesus is the truth and the truth will set you free. set your eyes upon the prize. He absolutely well not let you down. as one body in Christ I am with you in spirit and pray for you through your journey, as Christ Himself is and you must know that he never leaves you even for one second. No that he literally tears every thought word and action that you commit and all you need to do is just trust and have faith that he’s there and you can talk to him every second every moment, he neither sleeps nor slumbers, stay in the word sis. Love in Christ, your sister Lindsay

  14. J.M

    I am going through a living hell with my husband after many many years of marriage.
    He has build a wall around himself and has shut me out. He only really talks to me at dinner. The rest of the night he spends watching t.v. And playing video games down the basement while I’ m upstairs
    He seems very annoyed it I try to talk and say anything to him, so I just come back upstairs and I spend the rest of the night crying to God upset and so lonely . It started long ago but has gotten so bad around seven months ago when I told him I can’t take his anger and bad temper any longer(and said he acts like a animal when he gets like that) well he shut down and life is now so lonely , rejected and seems impossible to live like this any longer. But when I pray I hear God say to me not to leave but stay. But each day that seems almost unbearable . So much pain so much rejection. I don’t know how to go on like this any longer. I have a very had time praying for him because I’m so hurt.
    His heart has become hardened and when I try to talk to him if it’s not in agreement to what he saying he tells me to shut up and not say another word or walks away when I am still talking.
    We are both saved and filled with the Spirit of God. I know only God can save and heal this marriage. He won’t go to a marriage counselor. Don’t know what else to do. Only God can make a way. Thank you for this wonderful blessed site that I read and mediate often. It is a Blessing to come and read Gods word when I’m so down. Please pray for my husband and I . Thank you and God bless!!!

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  16. Ronda

    That was very sweet … I am feeling like her alot .. I lost my daddy 8 months today ago and I still cry daily missing him and very depressed. I don’t like my job, my relationship is failing and I just want my dad back! I’ve tried to go to church and meet new people but their over joy of life made me sink lower in my depression.. they haven’t lost a parent and their lives are different .. I am suicidal in my mind and feel I’m a bad person all the way around. I am struggling and just miss my dad so much! I lost my mom in 2007 too..

    1. Lindsay

      Sweet Ronda, right now, you just need a solid relationship with the best friend that there ever was. One thing we must get ahold of is that the Word of God brings life and truth which He promises truly sets us free! The Lord is worthy of being trusted. He has not, nor will ever let us down. When this is established, His truths breath life into us. It is important to remember that when Jesus calls His people, He specifically expects us to leave our comfort, “pick up our cross, and follow Him”. The ways of the world will confuse us very quickly if we don’t literally eat, breath and live the Word! But Jesus is faithful, He says “knock on the door and it shall be opened”. The Lord knows your circumstance. He says “I am the God of your youth”. He says “I knew you even before I formed you in the womb”. The Lord expects us to walk in faith. As a matter of fact, faith is the theme of the bible. So with as much faith as you can muster up, bow to Jesus and ask Him to reveal Himself to you. The devil has deceived the nations to believe that there is no hope. Well God says Satan is a thief, liar and murderer. By evil means and through death, this heathen has challenged the throne of God. But “Jesus is the Hope of the world! ” Oh if you only knew how much He loves you. His love does not compare to the world’s. He says “He corrects those He loves” “as silver being refined in fire”. A God of the spirit and not of the flesh would for obvious reasons not continuously walk with us as equals, but He is Mighty. A Might that the world can’t relate to, or we would be Him. That is what sets Him apart. Look Higher, as the bible says, allow a renewing of the mind, a new mindset other than what the world has shown and taught. God says “when we were children we thought as children do”. So with all the truth of your heart, light a candle in the darkness and find joy and satisfaction in Jesus, alone. Reading your bible and bowing to Him as Lord is the only way to achieve this. Sweet child of God, Jesus is faithful to deliver you from any circumstance if you just ask and allow Him. Please start by not dwelling on how lonely you are, the falsity of loneliness is bondage of the enemy. He is defeated by the Word And resistance. Jesus says resist him And he will flee from you. This burden does have an end promised to come. And know that eternity of peace and rest is to come as well. The Lord promises that no eye has seen and no ear has heard what He has prepared for us. He promises if we live with Jesus as our Lord,a time will come soon we will all reunite and that there will be no more grieving, no more sadness or tears, no more pain and sickness. The promises of God are worthy of trusting. The world has never known a greatness such as He! Precious Ronda, He is with you in spirit and through Him my compassion also, so don’t believe the lie of defeat, hold your head up high and KNOW WITH ALL YOUR HEART THAT YOU BELONG TO THE MOST HIGH GOD WHO WAS, WHO IS, AND WHO IS STILL TO COME! Keep your eyes on the prize and beware of stumbling blocks set up by the evil one to make you fall. The dudes sick and we have the power to cast him away by and in the name of King Jesus! Use that power every day! Even above the angels, we are the royalty of Christ! Stay in the Word beloved! Mark these words, “Joy will come in the morning! ” loving you in Christ sister. Contact anytime, we are one family in His sacrificial body. Hold your head up high and know who you belong to. And know your mom and dad are in the palm of His hand as are you! Love you sis!

    2. Latasha

      Please tell me a way to find strength! Strength to let go of this guy that continues to talk down to me
      I feel at times it’s me, I’m always starting I feel that power of defense to stand up for myself, I don’t want to be taking advantage of. I don’t want, let go, knowing everything will be ok, I know it will, I feel empty I don’t have no one to share happiness with. .O.k. I do the father above, I want a guy for me, I know I can’t seek what’s not in front of me, it’s best I seek god love… I finally got a job I said these words, it might not be away with you lord there is an open door for me look what happen… I got a job!!! 😉 Praying that I change my life around to find a great soul mate feel lonely at times I want someone to encourage me to do better strengthen me that’s all do right in life in god ..
      I still would just like a man to stand by me comfort be for me, I know I have to change let God in
      What do I do, I feel weary I feel like if I let go well hey, I let go then it will just be me
      I respect myself..

      1. Post

        Latasha – It is not you. I am believing for the strength inside of you to get out of the relationship with this guy that does not deserve you, and the patience to wait for a good guy, one that loves you for who you are.

        You have to stop being willing to have a bad guy just to have someone to be with. God can and will bring someone to you but you must be patient. Find a good church and work in it. Serve God somewhere and expect God to bless you. Let God work on you, and know that somewhere God is also working a man, your man. One day you will look up and there he will be. And it will be worth it. Life is Hell with someone you don’t love and who does not love you. Praise God for your job. Great!

        We love you and are praying for you. Rex

      2. Lindsay

        Precious Tasha,I have very recently been where you are,and the only way out of it is to remember the Lord as earnestly as possible. Stay in the word and give absolutely no reason to provoke anger and disrespect yourself. Carrying yourself in an ungodly manner will give others the notion to treat you in an ungodly manner. That is if you really love this man and do not want to lose him and only want to help him. If you have desires to hate him then pray for him and move on. But only if you love him as a husband figure and desire to be with him for the rest of your life then this is what to do. Bless him when he curses you, forgive him when he wrongs you, immediately. Literally announce that you forgive I can fully relate to, if he slaps you turn the other cheek and forgive him in your heart, and do not return the violence, feel sorry for him that he is so weak. I am a witness that Jesus will always protect you when you live as He is your Lord at every blessed moment. When he lies and sets traps for you as they did Jesus before the crucifixion, do as He did and don’t allow yourself to respond and get caught in a snare, stay silent and only speak truth when totally necessary. This may seem hard at first, but The Lord rewards you for you faith and trust. Literally apply the light of scripture to the darkness as the Holy Spirit will lead you. Have compassion for whatever brought him to this point of bitterness. It is a fact that somewhere in his life you would weep for him if you could see with your own eyes what brought him to carry such bitterness in his heart. Give him hope that he can be loved and forgiven in spite of his faults. Keep the Bible close to you and refer to the word of God at every chance. Quote the love in Scripture to him at every opportunity. another big one is too release all dark music and images from your lives, and try to be wholesome as Jesus expects you to. Don’t go out with people that are not about the same thing that Jesus wants for you. A lot of the bitterness that breeds in relationships is from not being able to trust, allow him to trust you by keeping the truths of your heart open and expressed with genuine love. we all feel we need to respond to everything that hurts us, but if you keep a close relationship with Jesus trust him and go to him about your deepest concerns and fears He will console you in a way no person in the world can. Mankind is not capable of feeding us the way the bread of Christ does.personify Jesus, live out His spirit,ask yourself, what would Jesus do?put all of your trust in Jesus and not mankind and forgive as He does, and you absolutely positively cannot go wrong. I am a witness to this as my fiance was what you described and much worse, but Jesus has set him free through the hope that has been presented by Jesus through me. Mankind will always bring disappointment if we expect more out of them than what Jesus has already warned us they cannot produce without Him. If you really trust Jesus, do as He tells you and trust Him alone, and you just can’t possibly go wrong. I am a witness to this. Stay in prayer, take deep breaths, keep your voice steadily at a calm level, and don’t move unless Jesus would take you to. You can’t go wrong with Jesus sister! Love always in Christ, Lindsay

  17. hr

    Please pray for me that i and my lover reunite again. we are seperated by our parents as we both belongs to two different caste. our parents are not able to understand the emotions due to which my lover is being forced and threatned to marry someone else.lord please open their eyes jesus. please dont seperate us. This pain is unbearable lord. we both love each other but only because his parents doesnt like me due to other caste he is moving away from me.i dont want o loose him lord.please help me..i am totally disheartned and shedding into tears.

    1. Lindsay

      Oh precious, I feel your pain. The best thing you can do for yourself is to be as pleasing to the Lord as possible for the right reasons and He will come through for you in mighty ways. He knows the deepest desires of your heart and if this unity is meant to be in His Grace whatsoever and you are following Him faithfully and staying in and obeying your bible, than there is no possible way you can go wrong. Please be patient child of God. The Father never deserts His children. He never leaves us as He has promised and don’t forget that He says that He constantly searches the hearts and tests the mind of man. There is a much bigger picture than what we see from all the way down here. That is why faith is the main theme of the Word of God. Please make good use of your time as Jesus expects and love and assist your neighbor. Stay at peace and be in good cheer beloved, for the Lord, your God is with you wherever you go! Keep your eyes on the prize+, love, mercy and blessing, Lindsay

    2. Latasha

      I just feel like May be this guy do care I always do something to argue..
      I don’t want to just take the blame..
      I know you have to do on to others as you want them to do onto you…
      I respect this man, even though the wrongful decision, then I apologize, I wish we could just be friends nothing more.. Who wants to be friends with someone that don’t hears you not that he don’t hear me its the sense of control….
      You tell me why do people get a kick out of hurting someone making them feel saddened..
      He told me the other day I don’t like that we don’t get along..
      Why you don’t change it work together, I know when I let go I tried even though I could of tried little more I need someone to work with me..
      I really just want over power this time this situation, finding the strength to say everything going to be alright vagorlous how I feel god see everything…
      I’m still like what scripture can I read what I do to pull together.. It’s like I got the answer I’m not doing it, I hate it so much Jesus take over my life..

  18. Lindsay

    Praise The Lord! Yes we will make it through. He says “Don’t be discouraged, or dismayed. For the Lord, your God is with you wherever you go!” Oh my heart rejoices in the goodness of God Tammy,He is so faithful when we truly look into His Truth! my prayers of steadfastness and Grace will continue! May The Lord truly bless you for your decision to turn to Him in your times of need, and rejoicing! He is with you and your daughter today in your time of trial! Love you sis, Lindsay

  19. Ashley

    I lie here in my bed every night lately crying, trying to figure out how to disappear from this world, with the least amount of pain caused to others. Everything I touch turns to crap.. I can’t do anything right, no matter how hard I try or how much I pray. It’s become really clear that all I cause for people is trouble and stress, that every where I go strive follows. I’m tired of being a disappointment and a burden!!

    1. Post

      Ashley – I don’t know what to say to you except that what you are thinking and feeling about yourself is just not correct. It really isn’t. I know you don’t believe that but it is the truth. Maybe you are going through a string of bad choices, so what. We all can do that for a while.

      Stop trying. Start to love yourself and let God love you. Read this – Salvation and pray it if you haven’t yet. Let God comfort you.

      It breaks my heart to read your comment and I know it breaks God’s heart too. I will pray that you and the people around you will see the beauty in you. We love you. Don’t think of disappearing. We need you. Rex

    2. Lindsay

      Greetings Ashley, your problem is very simple, you are looking for self gratification in the world when God Almighty has very adamantly prepared our hearts to worship Him, serve Him, and look for approval in Him alone in this life. In addition, we are instructed to meditate on the Word night and day, which absolutely and completely prepares us for the world’s ways and how to live in and respond to every littlest circumstance. He is very faithful and loyal and has never let His people down.! I encourage you to read the Bible in its entirety and let your Father bless, comfort and speak to you in every way as your Creator only can! He loves us so much that He chose to spare us and longs to reunite with us rather than just cast us straight to hell for our sin nature and bondage. The world is so deceiving! The world is ran by it’s prince Satan, the father of All Lies! He has blatantly, knowing good and well what he was doing, waged war on the God of truth and mercy with the insane intention of stealing His throne, the thief, liar and murderer that he is. And has deceived the people of God and his doom is coming, all after the Father’s Glory is carried out! . But in the meanwhile, we must keep a godly perspective, praying for our enemies, blessing those that curse us, stay in and meditate on the Word night and day, giving the last of what we have to those in need and all else the Father instructs us of in His Holy sacred preserved scripture. The Father says salvation is in Jesus Christ, now good works build and store treasures. JESUS says when He went back to the Father, He was going to prepare homes for us, all according to what we deserve! He said if this was not true, He would have told us so! God is Good sis! It’s all about our perspective. Don’t let the world intimidate you. The world will always have selfish intention. Always. The Lord knows your circumstance, and He assures us that He always makes a way for us and that His Grace alone is sufficient enough! Please pour all your trust in the Lord and take His word very literally. The devils main goal is to steal our hope joy and peace, and does not want us to realize that WE Are the Royalty of the Body of Christ and have full authority to cast him straight back to hell by simply the mighty Name of Jesus! Jesus has truly made us one Body with Him! He’s got ocean’s and ocean’s of love to pour out on us, if we only accept, and an eternity of Paradise! Keep your head up and may you never forget that the Master of the Universe expects you to walk fearless under faith in His protection and joy overflowing! All He wants in return is your worship and praise, and of course just witness what you know to be true of Him to everyone you come across in life, so that they may taste and see the Goodness of the Lord as well.! Oh Sweet Ashley, I trust this, in addition to reading the truth of your Father, will clear all of this up for you precious. If the world shows you any other than the truth you know in your heart, than rebuke it, and move along! The truth is made by God Almighty to set you free, allow it, and go in peace from your faith in the goodness of God, loving you in Christ beloved sister, Lindsay

    3. Liane Parish

      You are worth so much and things won’t always seem so bad. When you begin to have depressing thoughts change what you are thinking. You have the power to be happy and have a fulfilling life. I tell my son who will be 24 the same thing . It begins with you and you can do it . PRAY!

      1. Lindsay

        Yes Liane! You are so right, if we had to stay in bondage of depression and hopelessness, we wouldn’t have the power to just redirect our thoughts on Jesus and His truths! What a simple remedy, so very true. Jesus places our peace in the very front of our eyes, thank you for pointing this out, although so obvious, because of the lies of the world, most of us don’t realize that we have such power. Hallelujah!

  20. Tammy

    I have lost hope for the future of my 17 yr old daughter. She made a horrible mistake which has resulted in a restraining order, and pending sexual assault charges. She is a straight A student and has 6 months left of her Senior year. The restraining order prevents her from attending school. We have court on Wednesday. We don’t have funds for an attorney. I am disappointed, scared, sick to my stomach. I just want to give up and run away from my family. I am so tired..

    1. Post

      Tammy – I am so sorry for you, your family, and your daughter. We are praying that God gives you strength and grace to walk this through. I am also believing for a cleansing grace of conviction to fall upon you daughter. She will come out of this. She may have to hit rock bottom but she will come out okay. Confess the word of God over her. Get our confession – Change Your Life, and put her name in it.

      I have a daughter that lived with a meth dealer and almost went to jail. There were times when I did not know if she was alive or not. She came back to church one day and never went back. We had to walk through a lot but she went into the Army and now has a great husband and two wonderful kids. They can come back and there is life after this, believe that. Do not lose hope. Keep your hope alive for you and, most importantly, for your daughter. She needs your tough love and support and faith. The Devil it trying to destroy her. Don’t let him. I know what you are going through. I will pray for you. Hold steady and do not give up. Rex

      1. Tammy

        Thank you! Your words and sharing give me a sense of peace , hope, and calm that I haven’t had in awhile. I have printed your reply and keep it will me at all times, along with Lindsay’s reply below. When the feeling of “I can’t do this” comes creeping in again, I read your touching words, and the scriptures in this section. This is a wonderful site! God bless you all. You truly have helped me!!

      2. Tammy

        This is what my daughter posted on her Facebook…

        With in the time of my life where I should feel the worse I only feel happy and positive. With God as my best friend my life this year is going to be the first step to a life of faith and love. It will be hard but I am ready and ready to live the life God has planned for me. I am ready this time.

        Thank you, we are going to make it through this!

        1. Post
    2. Lindsay

      Yes, Tammy, Grace and peace, I also am familiar with unruly thinking and behavior but from a different perspective. Not sexually, but definitely a history of heavy drug addiction since my youth, now 33,and doing everything except sex to desperately retrieve it. I must say the road did not have to be so long if my family would have cut off all support and trusted wholeheartedly in Jesus and knew deep inside that He works in Mighty, unseen ways. Just by coming to this site, Jesus knows your searching for Him. Sweet Tammy, until Wednesday, we, your family in Christ, will absolutely be consulting the Great Attorney for any protection genuinely desired. My mother sounded just as heartbroken and exhausted as you do now. Oh Tammy, God is so much bigger than all of this! Although it can be tough, please stay in the Word and keep a godly perspective. He is truly all we ever have, but he allows these tests and trials to refine us like silver in fire, but oh how precious the result! Please beloved, keep a”Christ sense” perspective, especially through the storm, and the Lord, as He faithfully does for me, will absolutely no doubt, come through in supernatural, magnificent, unseen ways! Fear of anything not of God is not of God at all and should have nothing to do with His people. Please, read your bible. The Lord will speak to you very boldly. Know that each word is to be taken literally. Sister, no time is greater than the present…
      Sweet merciful Jesus,
      I lift my hands to you in praise right now and throw my soul down at your feet! You are the only one Worthy and Mighty enough to take such depths of fear and pain away! Lord Jesus, with the sweet heavenly touch that only you have, overwhelm Tammy with your mighty peace and Love that surpass all understanding! Reveal to Tammy the bigger perspective that only you reveal to your beloved alone! Lord you are Mighty! And nothing outside of your authority takes place! O Holy One, my sisters are struggling and need that little touch from you. Oh, the temptations of youth today! Lord protect Tammy’s daughter from these dark spirits that only long to destroy her and show her they only tempt whom will allow them. Teach Tammy how to relate to you so she can be touched how to relate to her daughter. Show them that your longing to love, forgive and bless crush the enemy by our words alone! Sweet Jesus, we declare together, in Your Name, first your Grace be on Tammy’s home and family, and your influence and Grace in their lives and all others struggling with the battles of temptation and consequence. And Lord, be with them now and especially Wednesday and forward on, may your supernatural mighty presence above all else, crush the wicked plans of the adversary and place their family with you on your throne as you desired since you first made us! We love you Jesus and may your will be done, hallelujah Hosannah! In Jesus name, amen! We love you and are rooting for your victory in Jesus! Thank you for deciding to turn to Him. Don’t leave Him and He won’t let you down, stay in the word, the truth will set us free! Keep us updated, love you sis!
      P.S. Jesus has spoke to me in many different ways about not ingesting dark images, they are as deadly poison to our souls! Please, influence everyone else to come to see this desperate truth, love in Christ+

      1. Tammy

        Thank you! Your words and sharing give me a sense of peace , hope, and calm that I haven’t had in awhile. I have printed your reply and keep it will me at all times, along with Rex’ reply above. When the feeling of “I can’t do this” comes creeping in again, I read your touching words, and the scriptures in this section. This is a wonderful site! God bless you all. You truly have helped me!!

  21. Kia

    I am here, currently at work and barely able to make it through this shift because my heart is broken into what feels beyond repair. I am 30 years old and desire a husband and a family, but it seems like I will never find Mr. Right. I was in a relationship with someone who I thought loved me very much, but he betrayed me and I am having a very hard time dealing with this. I have been in a similar situation before and felt like I couldn’t take the pain and here I am again in this same situation years later with someone different. I love deeply and genuinely and it only seems to get me heartbreak after heartbreak. So many emotions are flowing through me right now. I feel as if I’m naive in that I keep choosing the wrong guy and it really hurts to know that no one wants to give me the love that I am dying to share. I almost feel like true love doesn’t exist anymore because I just can’t find it. Please pray for me as I will do the same for all of you. Thanks!

    1. Post

      Kia- I will pray for you. Be encouraged. You will find the love of your life. God will bring him to you. I have found that the more we look for them the more we find the ‘second bests’ and the ‘sorta bests.’ Stop looking and know the God will do it. Get busy serving Him and one day, soon perhaps, you will look up and there he’ll be looking right back at you – the real man of your dreams.

      Work on yourself in God and let God bring the best to you. It may seem like it will take longer but it really doesn’t. Especially, considering all the false starts and drama you go through doing it yourself.

      Don’t for a moment entertain the thought that true love does not exist for you. I know it hurts but that is just hopelessness talking. Don’t think that way and don’t talk that way. God does have the right guy and he is going to be a whole lot better than the last two guys. They were idiots. Don’t sell yourself short. Expect God’s best. Speak it out and walk it out. Turn it over to Him and expect it any day. It could be tomorrow. Wouldn’t that be crazy!! We love you. Rex

      PS – I know it may feel that way but you are NOT too old. You are at the perfect age. Relax, your man is walking around somewhere right now. God will bring him to you.

      1. Kia

        Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I found this site very encouraging and your words as well. I will work harder on pleasing God and keep the faith that he will strenghten me so that I can serve him wholeheartedly. God bless.

        1. Post

          Kia – Do not feel the need to work hard to please the Lord. That will come. Just rest in the love He already has for you now. That will give you value. You are loved, first by Him, and next by us. God bless. You are much more beautiful than you feel. Rex

    2. Lindsay

      Hello sweet Kia, seek the Kingdom of Heaven first, and all else shall be added unto you. . The Lord’s heart as displayed in the bible is not focused on a love relationship in the world but with Him first, and His second commandment, to love all of our neighbors as ourselves. Priorities must come first. The Lord is mighty. . He says He tests the mind and searches the hearts of all man, consistently. If you think you know something, including yourself, the creator knows you with perfect clarity and we wouldn’t know it if He didn’t reveal it to us. . Please, I urge all reading, the bible MUST BE READ EVERY DAY. . Best first in the morning, at least. Without the mindset of the Lords Grace, we no doubt, pick up on “the world’s” mindset and are redirected from the straight and narrow path to heaven, from the wide often taken path to hell. The lordship of Jesus Christ and His mercy are all that matters when this flesh rots. Eternity is forever, but even most importantly, the Lord Is Worthy! And He created us to worship Him. Shame on the world to take the focus off of Him and His greatness. . The best way we can reverse this is get on our knees right now and throw ourselves down at the mercy of Christ and declare to Him that we know that He alone holds wisdom and Grace in the palm of His Mighty hand and gives it to whomever He pleases. . And as we wake up, go straight to our knees before standing up and throw ourselves down at His mercy and declare and know each and every step, word and thought are directed by His Mighty Power! Being a Christian is staying consistently in a”Christ sense”mindset. When we choose not to consult Christ for everything, no matter what we think or the world tells us, we have nothing and salvation is a crapshoot. . Walk with Christ and when He is God and ready, if ever, he will provide a close friend to walk in the world with. He knows the deepest desires of our hearts. Let’s get excited about loving each other! Let’s allow the light of the Lords goodness shine through us where all the world can see and celebrate. . But first starts with diligence. . Trust in the Lord your God and literally count the blessings in your life. Let’s be grateful the Lord has blessed us with what we have first. Many have to live not only alone but blind, deaf, limbless, as orphans, starving, diseased, paralyzed, beaten daily,or even worse, without Christ and walking dead on the path to hell, and truly the list goes on and on.I love you and pray for you, but make the Greatest Love of utmost importance.. Trust in Jesus, most beloved.. AND PLEASE EVERYONE! STAY AWAY FROM DARK, UNGODLY ENTERTAINMENT! MAY THE MERCY AND GRACE OF KING JESUS BE WITH YOU! – Love Lindsay

      1. Kia

        I appreciate your kind words. I am striving eveyday to be a better person and a better Christian. Thanks so much for replying and God bless!

  22. Sandy

    I have come here today to ask for prayer. The past few years have been filled with so much stress and many trials. Lost my mother and father, cared for my mom with cancer and alzhimers for 3 yeas. Only weeks ago I was in ICU for over a month and almost died twice during that time. upon coming home from the hospital still required weeks of physical therapy. My husband who attends church every week, and is a deacon. He has left me. I have been a faithful wife and a good mother taken care of all my family members during sickness. I prayed over my mother everyday when she no longer remembered who I was she told the hospice nurse I was her angel that prayed for her everyday. I find that all my strength is gone and the only prayers are now just tears. I was a stay at home mom for 18 years. The thought of the future has paralized me. Depression is setting in. I am 58 years old I don’t know how to start my life over. By the grace of god I know he has a plan. But the darkness I feel has taken away any hope of coming back from this. Thank you for your time.

    1. Post

      Sandy – I am so sorry that this has happened to you. But wow, it does not get any better than this, “she told the hospice nurse I was her angel that prayed for her everyday.” God is a – rewarder – of those that diligently seek Him. And act like Him, and you have done that!

      I don’t understand why terrible things happen in this fallen world but they do. I do know that we can turn our own hearts and lives around through hope and faith in God. God is a rebuilder and a restorer. It may seem too big and too impossible now but just start somewhere. It will come. There is hope and you will be happy again. Choose that and walk to it.

      Depression is the result (the feeling) of hopelessness, and hopelessness is the result of blindness to the hope that is around you. It is like being in a well lit room and thinking that it is dark. People will tell you that it is lit but you can’t believe them because you don’t see the light.

      I don’t know exactly how the Devil blinds us to the hope that is out there, but he can and once that happens, we become hopeless. Hopelessness is actually ‘hope blindness.’ The answer is to do all you can to see hope again and to build your hope back.

      Rely on Him for your strength. He is God and you are not. Actively and directly believe Him for the grace and strength to go on and to do what you need to do. Hope brings joy, and as you know, the joy of the Lord is our strength. It will come back. It sounds like you are much stronger than that.

      Start somewhere, walk outside, reaching out to someone, read scriptures, or do something that you know you should do but is hard to do. It all helps. All of these things can do a little bit to bring the hope that you actually already have into focus. It might not all leave at once but it will start.

      Have hope that there is hope, and that you will see it again. Let that motivate you to start you on the path to looking again. It is there. It really really is. We get stuck when we don’t move. Do something good, anything. God will show you. He is God and whether you see it or not He is close by and is waiting to help you. We love you. Rex

    2. Renee

      Dear Sandy, you are in my prayers. Keep your faith. God has a plan for you and only he knows, trust in him.

      1. Sandy

        Thank You, Faith Mechanic, Renee
        Although The circumstances are the same and some days still feel overwhelming, There is a calming that has come that I have not felt in months. Blessed to have found this site. How amazing to reach out to people who have never met you but show so much compassion. You are also in my prayers. I come here everyday now and find encouragement. Faithful in the word.

    3. Ronda Lee

      I lost my Daddy May 18,2014 and my life has changed drastically. I have no hope and im angry all the time! I miss him more than anything! I want to give up on my life because I just cant handle this pain anymore. No one will talk to me without judging me and constantly telling me im too negative, which I am. I need help and feel God is punishing me .

      1. Lindsay

        Sweet Ronda Lee, please find a Bible that is easy to understand and read it. That is the only thing that carries us through each day. Our life is full of worldly examples in pain and confusion because of the liar the devil which the Bible goes into detail to explain. Please don’t look for satisfaction in people in the world, the father explains why things happened in his Holy Word please do not underestimate how vital it is to read the word every day and worship God through our pain. There is no satisfaction like getting on our knees and thanking God and saying an our Father prayer while we are in the most turmoil of our lifetime, your faithfulness to God will absolutely be rewarded. He is a God that he quotes in his scripture test our mind and searches are heart constantly, he is always there although he does not always react the way we want him to that’s what makes him God and us His creation. Please try to see the big picture here know that God created us to worship him first of all and life is not meant to serve ourself and that is the biggest and foremost mistake we make each day unless we stay conscience and aware of what God’s plan is for us which is first off to worship Him and exalt him through everything faith faith faith is what the Bible speaks of cleats for and insists on for us to do God’s will unless in his plan so life is short and before you know it God makes things clear to those he loves and that love him. The disciples even played with Jesus to stay with their families while they need them before picking up and leaving with him to do the will of God and preach the gospel to all the world and risked their lives doing it, but Jesus said no let the dead bury their own dead all of us that have true love for Jesus will put our world they lied beneath him and behind us. Please listen to Jesus and not the world and you will be a much more sane person

  23. Lindsay

    Sherri beloved, the devils a thief ,murderer and destroyer and the root of all, a LIAR. Stay in the Word (truth)! He spends his days taunting tormenting and torturing the people of God. Beloved, rebuke (state aloud disapproval and rejection), cast away and name each spirit that has attacked you. For example, the spirit of seizure, the spirit of poverty, and of course physical attack. . And lead your life with hope and trust in Jesus ‘ mercy. The bible (the Father) states it very adamantly that we are to walk in hope and faith and ignore the”shadows” of darkness. . Shadows, meaning false images appearing to be real, but aren’t. The Father says He Always gives us a way out. If we search with all our heart. The Father will not be made a mockery of. The bible states the ways and desires of the Lord and of the world very clearly, it is absolute that we must stay in the word and pray for discernment in our heart because the father of all lies have deceived many around us and it’s difficult if not impossible to search for the truth of God in the world which means STAY IN THE WORD AND MEDITATE ON IT NIGHT AND DAY!! Keep your feet planted firm on the rock of God and do not let any reason make you waiver! Stay reminded all that doesn’t amount to truth is a shadow of the liar,murderer and thief! He literally knows the place in our brain that doctors can even see on cat scan that breeds hopelessness and pokes at it. DON’T BE DECEIVED BELOVED! ALLOW THE FAITHFUL AND TRUE JESUS TO SPARE YOU WITH HIS SWEET MERCIFUL BLOOD ALONE! HALLELUJAH SWEET KING JESUS, whom knew and loved us before the world’s began, whom was there for creation, the true one and only SOON OF GOD, who makes us the Fathers children through HIS merciful blood and uniting in His flesh! FOREVER AND EVER.. through The Grace and mercy of The King, we are even above the angels! Whom are not even considered the children and royalty of God by the seed of Abraham! Hallelujah for He alone is truly GOOD!

  24. Hannah

    hey..thanks for this link provides some hope..I am so depressed and have lost my hope in God. I have been sexually abused…failed my exams.. broke up with I guy I loved and I am feeling worthless and lost.. thinking of suicide please help

    1. Lindsay

      Beloved Hannah, of course the Father, but I also love you and I am praying for you to be still and know HE is God!this world is a wisp of smoke in timing and eternity is the real life we face.. he truly is a perfect Father that knows you inside and out and waits on you to trust and submit to Him, and chooses not to reveal His face since the garden of Eden but promises He is more near than we know to our hearts and constantly tests our minds and searches our hearts. . And promises He corrects those that he loves as any Good father would. . Please stay in the word so HE can speak to you and keep you in truth. The devils a thief and LIAR and the Lord says He truly has a bigger plan for us and he instructs us to not listen to the enemy’s lies and rebuke him. . He must listen and has no choice. For YOU are royalty and not him and he has waged war against God and His people. We must stay focused or we’ll fall off track very easily. The devil wants you to die out of Grace so you will awaken in hell and in his grasps. Know all things in your life right now WILL come to pass and joy comes in the morning. . Hope is in the living! Just imagine how beat down we’ve been in our past and how we’ve almost completely forgotten about it with new concerns in this day. That is why it is vital to stay ibn the word day and night so the truth can prevail in our heart. Live life for others and research those suffering in the world and spend your time weeping and praying for those that need most sympathy and try to cloud out yourself, make you’re life a ministry for Jesus ‘ mission as the Lord intended and it will naturally be more fulfilling for you. . the devils a LIAR and wants you to think your powerless, that is why the word (truth) is so important. Let the Almighty be the purpose, power and light in your life.. speak life and take control with the word of God and every moment necessary speak truth to remind you not to be thrown of track. . The truth of God has such power to it, start each morning on your knees with the our Father prayer which was hand delivered by Jesus and covers all bases and literally speak gospel over your situation and shame Satan, the liar that has sourly warped the sweet truth of God, write notes of scripture that remind you of the mightiness and truth of God and post them around you as constant spiritual weaponry. . No matter what the enemy has lied to you about, you still have the power! Stay in tune with truth and righteousness of God in your heart, stay in tune at any cost and the moment your not, see fear as a signal or trigger to get on your knees and exalt the Master whom is mighty and perfect in all His ways.. literally, count you’re blessings. You could be in constant physical pain from a full body burn our starving or diseased or living without limbs or eyesight, take a look at the rejected pathetic children of the world. Literally Google pictures and stories of children starving and rejected and pray for them or send money to feed them or for their medicines. Make good use of your life as the good Lord has intended! Also research those that have tried to kill themselves and didn’t succeed and now live as a vegetable our even worse succeeded and are being tormented by merciless demons in hell. Oh sweet yearned for beloved child of God, please read Jeremiah for one of many and listen to how much the Lord loves you and some clarity on why he allows us to be so he calls it”refined like metal in fire”to purify us. We are a stubborn people with self will and allowing us to struggle and suffer forces us to be humbled and we are more likely to be thrown to our knees in humility and to turn to Him for redemption and to be set free! Stay in the Word! For He will explain it all to you. You did not come to this site by mistake. This is how the Lord speaks, through anything or anyone that gets our attention. He’s a perfect God that has chosen not to show His Mighty face and flashing lights, so listen for His still small voice and have the faith that the bible is full of commanding and pleading with us to have. . If faith wasn’t so vitally important Jesus wouldn’t have spent his entire journey here making it known to us. . Eternity is forever! Don’t let the liar deceive you! The Father, Son and Holy Spirit make perfect sense. The greatest love I can display to you right now is to tell you the goodness of the Lord and how much He loves you and His perfect message of love. The bible says His word is a lamp to our feet and a light to the path of righteousness in this dark world on the straight and narrow path leading to the gates of Jesus ‘ peace and rest! Stay focused,precious and beloved one of God! I LOVE YOU

      1. Post
    2. Post

      Hannah – We love you. God loves you. And you are worthy to be loved. I am sorry all this has happened to you. The Devil has been doing this for a long time and he knows how to coordinate an attack. He will bombard your life with hurts and confusion, and then blind your soul to hopes and possibilities. Not having hope does not mean that there is no hope. It just means that you have been blinded to the hope that is there. There is hope in God, there always is.

      I pray for you, that the love of God would be so real and tangible in your heart. That you would feel His presence and love and might and favor and mercy. That you would be able to see and know the hopes and possibilities that really are before you in Jesus Name!

      Of course, you know that suicide is not an answer or a solution. Again, the Devil blinds you to all the valid solutions and then screams out his own destructive options. Please do not give in to him or them. We love you. You are loved, and you will be happy. We value you and your comment. We are praying with you, Rex.

      Yes, read more of the scriptures but also any of the articles that may jump out at you. Abraham is such a father figure in the faith because at a time in his life where there was no natural hope to believe in, he believed in God’s promised hope. Do the same. You and your situation are better than what you can see, and your future is way better than what you can see now. Again, and I say this on behalf of God and everybody else – we love you, God loves you. You will make and you will be happy again. You will. Rex

  25. Penny

    please pray for my daughter away in college. she is struggling with the end of a long term relationship with a nice boy. i see signs of depression in his life and think that may be why he quit having feelings for her. now she is feeling very lonely and is having trouble getting over this loss. She has many good friends that want to help her. Pray that God is speaking to her heart and will guide her in the right path for happiness. Also, let His plan be revealed to her. She needs to push ahead. I am praying, also, that her former boyfriend find some happiness. College is very hard, socially and academically. It is easy to forget your religious stance there. Pray that they both find their way, either together or separately.

    1. Post

      Penny – We will pray for her and you. I believe that she hears the voice of God in her life and will not follow any other. She will not depart in any way. I believe and speak grace and protection all over her in Jesus Name. Confess our confession – Change Your Life, from the confession menu item. Put her name into it and speak it over her. It is from the prayers of Paul. God bless, Rex

      1. Sheri

        I ask that everyone please Pray for me and my dog Shorty. I am at a very low point in my life and feel hopeless. I just got off of disability due to traumatic leg and knee injury and am looking for work. I have no money and barely any food. I am struggling bad to get by month to month and have lost my vehicor due to mechanical issues I could not afford to fix. On top of everything else going on my dog I rescued and raised since 3 months is having seizures and I can not yet afford to take her to Vet. Thank you all for your Prayers in advance and I will never give up faith. God Bless you all

  26. The Truth......

    Why is it that when ur trying to find ur connection with the LORD ur own HUSBAND would discourage u with his words and tell u things about itself in a way that u don’t won’t the findings OF the LORD anymore and he is a holy person but puts himself on a high stoop than myself….help NCAA in hopeless in this whole process OF finding the LORD in me….

    1. Post

      Because he is not listening to the God of Heaven. If he does that he may be a holy person in his own eyes but not one in God’s eyes. Read and speak out the word of God over yourself. Ignore him. Once you build yourself up in God, speak the same Godly positive scriptures over him too. God will change both of you. Rex

  27. mike

    thank you for helping me understand my depression though i know god says we are more than conquerors and overcomers i have been losing so many battles that i became hopeless and as a result depressed thankyou so much

  28. Lindsay

    please everyone who reads this at this moment just because it is what is expected of us, give thanks to the mighty Lord give praise and thanks for He is good!

  29. Sig Curtis

    I am 35, been married 9 years and have 4 small ones and just found out my wife was having an affair. I have asked the Lord repeatedly to end my life peacefully today, I dont say that lightheartedly or for attention or a plea for help, it is how i truly feel. My wife is indifferent about the long term consequences and my Lord has been silent to my pleas. Reading the article gave me 5 mins of peace but now back to reality.

    1. Post

      Sig – You need to have your heart protected by God, and you have to hear from God on what to do. You have to think about your four little ones. I went through something kinda similar years ago. It’s a tough walk for a while but if you walk it out in God it can be good, and it can be good for a long time.

      Confess the scriptures on guidance and God’s leading. If you are Spirit filled, pray in the Spirit as much as you can. It will help to clean the hurt out and soften your heart to be better able to hear from Him. If you are not Spirit filled and want to be, let me know in a comment and I will email you.

      I am sorry this has happened to you and your children, but with God you can work it out. Don’t try to ‘fix’ her, instead work to heal your heart and hear from God. He will speak to you, I know it. Rex

      1. Sig Curtis

        Thanks Faith mechanic. Today was a long day. I’m home with the kids and I feel much much better. I have to keep reminding myself that God knows what His plan is. The verses on your page make a big impact. Thank you for your work giving a resource to those of us that need it badly.

        1. Post

          Sig – Great news! Just to clarity one thought – the unfortunate situation of your wife having an affair was part of the Devil’s plan and not God’s plan. The whole point now is to break the power of the evil plan and turn it to good by hearing and obeying God’s plan. The Bible says that ‘this is the victory that overcomes the world (filled with evil), even our faith.’

          Situations turn around because there is faith in God to turn them around. God gives according to His love but we receive according to our faith – the principal of John 3:16. Keep putting these and other scriptures into your heart and your faith (and peace) will grow. And as your faith grows, so will your victory. God bless, Rex

  30. Daniel

    Hey all, I am very depressed and hopeless and it seems I am one day away from losing this fight… I have disengaged with my church family, my conscience is guilty and every time I pray for The Lord to help me I get more confused. I need deliverance and prayer… Every day I wake up into a nightmare and the only one that can help me is Christ… I find less hope every day because without the presence of Christ in my life I have no purpose.

    1. Post

      Daniel – The Devil is lying to you and he is blinding your eyes so that you cannot see the hope that is before you in your life. It is there but you cannot see it or feel it because of the deception. I break the power of the Devil over you in Jesus Name; I command you to be free.

      Suicide is not a solution. The solution is getting free. Find someone from your church who you can trust and knows how to pray in Jesus Name to pray for you. Otherwise, send me a note asking me to contact you. We love you and we pray for you that the light of God will shine again inside of you. Goodness and happiness is out there for you but you just can’t see it because the Devil is blocking your view. Don’t let him do it. Read this – Depression Is a Spirit – It Must Be Fought with the Word of God. We love you. God can make you happy and hopeful again. Rex

      1. Jaded

        I am growing more & more angry, hopeless, argumentative & combative with each day. I’m dead inside. I refuse to commit suicide, so that’s not the issue. I am just done trying. I’ll never be anything close what I or God find acceptable. Church makes me feel guilty, the Word makes no sense & I’m done being optimistic or hopeful cuz it gets me nowhere. I hate everything about my life & circumstances but am not able to achieve change for long enough to affect my life. I need help bad because this is not who I’m supposed to be. Prayer isn’t working but maybe it’s my faith that’s one major issue. Please help me.

        1. Lindsay

          Sweet unjaded by Grace+, maybe the word doesn’t make sense when we try to conform it to our comfort or to fit the world’s ways. I’m guilty of it as well. .. the devil wants nothing more than to make you think the Grace of Christ is not enough, He is the father of all lies! The rest of us, because hope is in the living, have all had wool pulled over our eyes out of sheer ignorance. . But the devil is not, oh no, He connivingly warped the truth of the Almighty to fit his liking and tries to make us do it too. . I assure you, although you may not want to hear it, demons literally know one part of our brain functions when we’re in Glory and truth and another literally when we’re in depression or scripturally, “faithless”and through the curse of the sin of man can work our brain to tempt us but can’t make us follow through. That’s why the word of God (truth)is our spiritual protection (Ephesians 6), refer to Christians with near death experiences and visions of heaven. RESIST THE DEVIL AND he WILL FLEE FROM YOU! God is almighty and is the creator and ruler of all flesh. He uses us, to speak to us. . Don’t even try to make sense if it, but by faith alone, Know that Grace comes from the Sinless One whom paid our filthy sin debt. The bible says the FATHER YEARNS FOR US ALTHOUGH WAS ANGRY WITH US, NOW THROUGH HIS SONS PAIN AND REJECTION REMEMBER OUR SINS NO MORE! He literally makes His Mighty self let go of His wrath and fury from our sin and places his mercy in us through the Blood of His Son, the One and Only. . Hallelujah and GLORY BE, please keep the “our Father”prayer fresh on your mind. . He says he tests all or minds and searches all our hearts, yes he’s that mighty! Don’t expect to see Him do what we think He should do because it just makes sense to us, TRUST IN HIM, HE IS TRULY, TRULY ALL – MIGHTY! – I’m praying for you and your protection from the enemy, so the Father calls:”the one causing us such burden, whomever he is”.. he is forgotten and blameless, and jealous. . But not you, your in the bloodline of Abraham and FORGIVEN! ACCEPT THE GIFT OF CHRIST JESUS, DON’T MAKE HIS PAINFUL SACRIFICE FRUITLESS FOR YOU. .i love you, Beloved.. Please get a new international version bible, the others can be to hard to understand.. it will change you for eternity, WE are with you in spirit

    2. Lindsay

      Oh sweet Daniel, how precious you are and you don’t even know it. . The enemy has waged war against the Almighty,and the goodness of the Lord is our refuge. . The Lord says hope is among the living, and the devil is jealous. . he literally announced that he wants to steal the throne of our God. .Read Your’s all there ….Please, DO NOT TRY TO MAKE SENSE OF THE WORLD, only the perfect word of God makes sense. . Perfect sense. .I originally came here to find scripture to text my loved ones and is so rewarding, you should try it, but I believe the greater purpose was because your Lord is faithful and wanted to extend these words of love and hope to You. . Please contact me for more truth of God.. and again, Read Your Bible! And Stay On Your Knees! It’s the best way to fight any battle! Grace peace and greatest of all, Love. ..

  31. Dartagnan Byrd

    I’m reaching out to figure out ways of getting through this season. Any bit of feed back will help

    1. Yoli

      Dartagnan Bryd first pray this prayer. Lord I come to you to receive you as my Lord and Savior. Lord please forgive me for my sins. Lord cleanse me with your precious blood. I surrender my life to You. Lord I am lost without You. Jesus I need you. In Jesus name amen.
      I encourage you to attend a Baptist Church. Try to get involve in a bible study. ALSO, attend a prayer meeting once a week. If you need to talk to someone go and talk to a Pastor. Getting involve in church helping out wherever the Lord leads you is a blessing. You can declare scriptures on protection, favor healing, and worry as stated on this site. That’s how you win the battle by declaring God’s Word. God bless you,

    2. Post

      Dartagnan – How are you doing? Send me an email if you need to. My email address is on our About page. The Holidays are a rough time for most. They used to be for me also. Do a search for our article – Hope During the Holidays. God bless you. Rex

  32. Dartagnan Byrd

    Hello. My name is Dartagnan Byrd and I’m actually dealing with a bout of anxiety and a little depression. I like to think that’s it more of an acute thing as a result of circumstance. I do have feelings of hopelessness at times but I know that’s false and God created me for a reason.

  33. Grace

    okay never mind i will pray for you Pastor do u have account facebook? i think i can contact you easier than this. i am a little girl who just grow in faith

  34. Grace

    I will pray for you please keep the faith in our Savior He never let you divorce but if it is happen you will also find better man. Harder prayer

  35. Angela Bediako

    Please pray for me. I have recently been feeling very low and feeling life is not worth it. I am a pastor.

    1. Post

      Angela – Realize that this is an attack of the Devil. It is a spiritual attack to nullify our work and take us out of the fight. It is in the air, and its desired result is passivity. I know, it is attacking many.

      Read the positive sections of the New Testament and take the comments personally. They are meant to be take personally. You are a member of the Kingdom of God (the Church) and you are a minister. There is a target on your back and the only protection is taking the word of God literally and choosing to not be ruled by your feelings and emotions. It is simple but not easy.

      Speak the scriptures to yourself until the presence of them gets deep inside of you. It is a time for faith and faith believes what God says, over what we may see and what we may feel.

      I feel the same, I bet many of us are feeling the same thing. It is rampant and must be fought. You are part of the front lines in this battle; you must fight. We need you. God needs you. Faith is the victory that overcomes the world, even OUR faith. Go get’m tiger. Rex

    2. NM

      Angela Bediako,
      We need you! Keep spreading the seeds and God will harvest. satan is the greatest lier of all times. He wants you to feel you are not doing great work and not important. Its a lie. Sometimes we have to repeatedly say, “In Jesus Christ name, get behind me satan”.

    3. Lindsay

      Angela, as a pastor you have a duty to stay in the word you have Jesus’ sheep to guide, you have already signed on to the duty and people are counting on you. Do not let your weakness consume you as it may contaminate others around you that desperately need the strength of God. try focusing more on helping others and not finding joy for yourself and I guarantee you things will straighten out for you, stay in your word and sacrifice for Jesus and don’t keep looking to satisfy yourself,Jesus will satisfy you with the time comes, thank you for your service God bless and the grace of our Lord Jesus be with you

  36. KP

    I am going through a time of hopelessness and feeling alone in the world. I have prayed to God to take this burden or show me a way out. After reading these stories and prayers I do not feel so alone. Thank you. I need to regain faith and trust in my husband. Please someone pray for me.

    1. nm

      KP, I just prayed for you. God is in your life. He loves you and cares deeply for you. Pray often. Fear and hopelessness is of the devil. He lies to us all the time. Get on your knees and pray. Jesus is real. God is real.

    2. Lindsay

      KP,just a follow up that someone cares for youin this world, but Jesus the king of another place has promised to come back for you if you just stay faithful so please do that and wait on the Lord for he is good and he will never forsake you, please make life about others and not yourself God will glorify You when the right time comes, grace and blessings from our Lord Jesus Christ

  37. F

    Would someone please want to pray for me?

    It’s a long story, I hope you want to take the effort to read.

    As a child I was very gentle and kind and believed in God. Then some bad things happened, I was sexually abused and got depressed, fearful and acted out. My parents, not knowing what happened, in despair called me a bad child and told me I ruined everything in the family. I lost all my self-worth.

    In my teens and twenties I put on a mask of happiness, but underneath was very insecure. I made some bad choices. I lost all my faith in God. I partied, used alcohol and some drugs, sought out adventure to silence my hurt. I let myself be seduced by men that were not good to me and passed by some kind and good men, that I could have been very happy with. I just never believed I was worth anything better. I tried to be loving, even to bad people, but did not recognize what was good or bad.

    In my late twenties I ended up with another “charming” boyfriend. I got pregnant, unplanned.

    A wonder happened – I did not know I was pregnant and was about to take a medicine that would harm the baby. That night I had an extremely clear dream, a warning, that I would have a baby boy! I tested, discovered my pregnancy and did not take the medicine. I am very grateful.

    I had another clear dream, telling me to escape the father of my son to protect my child, to be able to raise him a child of God and not be harmed. I did not listen, wanted a family. After that, the father became controlling and abusive and threatening, also towards my son.

    Finally, 6 months after my sons birth – I got out.

    The father went to court to get control over our son. For 2.5 years I was so scared and without hope, because I could not prove his abuse. I felt so guilty and sinful, but sometimes I felt Gods hope again, his presence felt so loving and overwhelming. In the end a miracle happened! They finally found out something was wrong, everything flipped around and the Judge decided a no contact order.

    Now. I’m 32. My son is 3. We’re finally safe, we have support of our family and I am so grateful. I am opening my eyes for what’s good and what not. But my life is in ruins. No life partner, almost no contact with friends, lost my job. I feel lonely and sad that I ruined my life. I long for someone to love, a real family for my son.

    And…I still find it difficult to have hope and to believe in God. I have felt his presence so strongly at times. And some great things happened to protect my son. But there is doubt – why would a loving God allow for other children to be abused? Would there be hope for me, too, for a normal life? Is He really there? I want to believe!

    Does anyone have words of hope and faith for me? Please? Thank you!

    1. Kayln McGee

      F. I don’t know you but there is so much I would like to share with you. I personally know your story. It was like reading about myself. I got through it and my heart wants so so badly to share with you my journey to God. I will go out on a limb and ask you to contact me on Facebook. If you want to remain anonymous, that’s fine. Even if you make a fake Facebook page just for this, my soul is telling me this is the right thing to do and it will help you. Just find my name on Facebook Kayln McGee.. The page will say the exact name “Kayln TheMrs McGee. I pray for you and your son and that you will talk to me. There are still people who care about others in this world… I am one of them.

    2. nm

      I prayed for you. You will find a person but let God do his will. He wants you to find someone equally yoked and you have to listen to God. He will direct. Pray often. Our greatest rewards come through Faith. God is with you right now and hears your prayers. God does not want us to be alone, unhappy, or afraid. I do not know you so I cannot say but this was my personal experience. I wanted to do things on my time and bad results happened. I had to grow in my faith and walk in Christ before I was ready for the person I was praying for. Now I have a God-Sent wife. Literally. She was praying as well and God told her in a dream about me. We are now very happily married. It will happen. Pray often and listen to Jesus on what he is telling you through scripture and in prayer.

    3. Lindsay

      F, I am absolutely praying for you and urge you to live what you know to be the Lords will in your heart and naturally the blessings begin to overwhelm the obedient. . In scripture, There was a wicked king of Israel named Manassah, he killed so many Jews, that blood rushed the gutters of Israel. Sorely for his wickedness, the Lord allowed him to be drug captive by a hook through his nostrils.. He was thrown into a lowly state of pure repentance. . Not only did the Lord preserve him, but placed him back on his throne! Due solely to the repentance of his disobedience. Disobedience comes in every firm of doing just what we know God doesn’t want us to do. . I’m admitting my own experience and referencing scripture. . WE MUST NOT live by the world’s rules, we MUST live by the will of God. . Which means STAY IN THE WORD almost constantly to wait upon instruction. . And when not reading, applying and living it! The Lord says He shows no partiality, He loves us all equally. Jesus says I stand at the door knocking, those that answer, I will come into his heart and fine with him, and he with me. We serve such a loving creator and Father, and I mean ocean’s of love and beyond, as no one of this world could ever display! Please give Him credit, listen to the mighty God of spirit speak to our hearts, and yes, his dreams as well. He says His great voice is still and small, so we don’t listen in ways that the world listens. Open our hearts to Him beloved and know if we believe one single word of the Master of the Universe, we must believe them all. . My most sincere love and prayers go out to you sis.. And stay fearless in Jesus as He asked His disciples during the mighty storm while out on the boat, woke up from sleep and rebuked the storm, in pure peace, trust in the Lord in all that you do, love in Christ+

  38. Kayln M.

    I have lost my faith in humanity. I know it’s not what God wants for me but so many people- strangers and people I know alike- seem to be so detached, selfish, evil and money hungry. It almost seems like there are very few people who care about something other than themselves. Logically, I know there are warm, loving, kind and generous people left in this world but I am hard pressed to actually see them. I cry over the sick and dying, I experience empathy and try to reach out to others in need. Yet, people rarely bother to reach out to me or others when in need. I need to forge a stronger relationship with The Lord so that maybe He can restore my faith in mankind. I pray that He will send those who still care about other people my way so that maybe I can see that my feeling that there are more bad people in the world than good is wrong. Please pray for peace in my soul, healing in my heart, and for a closer walk with God. Please whisper a prayer for me.

    1. gary

      I’m sorry that you are going through this, we can not depend on people to Help us because there is only a few that really cares, GO to Matthew 7:13 -15 the narrow and wide gate, but read all of chapter 7, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, THIS IS THE KEY TO GOD, pray in the morning an pray at bed time an all through the day thanking him for everything an keep trying I WILL KEEP YOU IN OUR PRAYER, Our new church is Foot Hill Family Church in Tryon NORTH CAROLINA, Our Pastor Name is Dr. Bruse Wrenn this pastor is teaching us thing that we had never heard before, He can talk to me on my level than back to GOD level, Please give him a call @ 1 864 510 4832 or Email @ With the prayer request you can also find us @
      59 Freeman Hill Road
      Tryon, NC 28782
      I’m Gary Gosnell I’m a person just like you just trying to get thru. This life doing GOD work, Please, please, Give him a call, anytime or you are feeling low, Please call Dr. Bruse Wrenn, GOD BLESS YOU,
      YOU HAVE DONE THE RIGHT BY REACHING OUT FOR HELP. They are people out here that cares.

  39. Magnolia

    The Lord bless you, and keep you.
    The Lord make His face shine on you, and be gracious to you.
    The Lord lift up His counterance on you and give you peace. Numbers 6:22-27

  40. tolugbusi

    I’m goin through a lot. My first child is suffering from brain damage resulting from severe hydrocephalus which was left untreated for a long time. Everytn seems hopeless, I’m praying to God to intervene

  41. Magnolia and Emmanuel

    Please pray for me to be restored a hundred fold in my mind, body and spirit. Also pray for my grandson to be set free from everything, and everyone. Thank you.

  42. Linda

    I feel so empty and lost, it’s like everything is crashing down on top of me. Sometimes I just feel like giving up. I have given so much of myself to people and now I am so tired that I just want to be left alone, it’s like nobody seems to care about all my hurt and pain I’m dealing with.

    1. Marah

      It seems you are depending to much on yourself and others. You need to be still and seek God for your strength to continue to carry on.

    1. Yoli

      Beka I can feel you are a loving person. So sorry you were mistreated keep your eyes on Jesus. You are on the right track speak the scriptures on Scriptures on Healing From Abuse as stated on these site. As you declare these scriptures you will see and feel the Lord helping you. Your spirit will start to get stronger scriptures tell us when the heart is turned to the Lord. The veil is taken away and you are able to experience His Presence. God bless you on your journey with the Lord.

      Praise the Lord!

  43. Sarah

    I am having a rough night, and this helped. Even if just a little. I am glad I clicked this one, of all links.

  44. SySy

    I need the prayer of hope to keep striving. I recently lost a job after 3 weeks and have been severely depressed and low confidence trying to figure out why they let me go. They just said it wasn’t working out
    But GOD is my refuge and we see me through this hardship.

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