Scriptures For the Tired and Weary

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. Matthew 11:30

My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him. Psalm 62:1

He gives strength to the weary, and increases the power of the weak. Isaiah 40:29

Never tire of doing what is right. 2 Thessalonians 3:13

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9

Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the LORD. Romans 12:11

Consider him who endured such opposition from sinful men, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart. Hebrews 12:3

To this end I labor, struggling with all His energy, which so powerfully works in me. Colossians 1:29

Refresh my heart in Christ. Philemon 1:20

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  1. Kesia

    I’ve been struggling with my addiction for so long, and hiding it from my family i’ve reached bottom. And still the Lord is protecting me and my secrets, I sometimes just feel like giving up nothing is working. I’m a failure at everything my finances, my lovelife is non existing, been dissapointed over and over and i know the Lords way is the only way. yet its a struggle daily please pray for my healing and for light in my life.


    I am so tired. I am depressed and sad. no friends or anybody to talk to. I talk to God and it makes me happy. I tell him everything but Im still sad. I dont work but I haave hopes and dreams. I get excited for awhile then its gone. I pray God bless me and answer my prayers. I believe He is working on my right now and is always on time but the wait is exhausting but I wont give up because I believe although im sad and tired.

  3. Molly

    Amen. Glory be to God. Im 46 and husband has been cheating on me for years. We dont have any kids together and have been living separately. He justbtold me he impregnated a woman and wants to be hands on.when the child is born. At the same he still wants me. Please how would solve a problem like mine. Im on the verge of mental breakdown. I need you LORD to give strength to accept things l cant change and the will power to keep going. Please pray for me and will also pray for you. In God,s everything is possible, my husband and cant let go

  4. Stephen

    I pray the good Lord help you all and me. I fell into sin on the net only now to feel like I have a seared conscience. I have anxiety depression and am supporting my wife and two children.I confessed my sin but have hurt my wife. I am still recovering from a nervous breakdown a year and a half ago and now my wife has depression. Bad thoughts. Like Satan is trying to kill us. Sinking feeling of hopelessness is horrible. Havant fell the Lords presence in my heart for so long just a burning anxiety. Please pray for me, my wife and kids. We feel so week like I can nearly see the lord Jesus. I feel like I am a black sheep.

  5. Janet

    Pray, read, write, exercise, play or hear music. These are my strengtheners. I get weak when I forget to go back to them. Energy comes from connection, to God and to others. A smile I received today meant more to me than that person will ever know. My energy connection right now is writing this comment. Rest in God. Our problems are temporary, and He is eternal.

    1. Stephanie


      Thank you for writing that comment! By you writing it and having it help you that in turn helped me when I read it!!! Praise be to God the Holy one! He doesn’t just help one person but through that person He helps so many! Blessings!

      Steph Z.

  6. Eileen

    Thank you for all your comments on this site I was in search of some uplifting scriptures because I too feel tired and weary and I came across this page and looked at all the comments and I know it was the Lord showing me that I’m not alone and he does hear me as well as all of you I think I was feeling pity for myself because I’m 26 a mother of four children 5, 4 and twins that are 2 I’m married have a full time job commute living with my mother with my family while we are in search of our own apartment or home and it has been so difficult to juggle all that and be a dedicated Christian I love the Lord he had brought me out of darkness not only me but also my husband I just feel I need my spirits to be lifted and I will take the advice I read in some of the other comments which is to read the word daily ask the Lord to lead me to scripture get in a study group and the book Good morning holy spirit sounds great for me I really want to develop my tongue I’ve tried and tried but I just don’t feel right so I’m going to look for that book thank you for posting that and I pray for all that are facing difficult situations to stand firm on the Lord word and that no weapon formed against you shall prosper! In Jesus name love and peace to all!

  7. challengecoach

    There is often great hopelessness. A lonely and empty feeling and reality that is bottomless. I have been there many times. I have sunk to the lowest abyss. I find when I surrender that feeling and let go.. and let God, it sounds easy – but when I stop fighting and trying to carry it all… I stop, simply stop. I stop everything. I talk to God and allow myself to be. I pray, God I am tired, so very tired… I am done with it all… God knows how done I am… I close my eyes and sleep. I have three things I do when I feel myself sinking; there are many reason why I begin to sink. I allow myself to notice them coming to visit me. The 3 things I live by – I literally live by. Philosophies of life that serve me. 1. I am kind to myself. I do one of the ten things I have written down that support me by being kind to myself. Simple things like. 2. Play peaceful music to fill my mind and heart with healing vibrations. (no words) 3. Make a cup of Tea and enjoy the simplicity. 4. Recognize if depression is sneaking up and take one of my herbal remedies to support my serotonin levels. 5. Express my pain, upset or hurt in writing poetry or a blog. I don’t worry about the intention of it… I just write and vent. 6. Escape in nature, color or art. 7. I go for a drive and see where the power of God takes me. It is amazing who you meet. 8. Write down all the stuff that is messing you up. Ask yourself will any of this matter is five years? 9. Ask yourself this question. Is what you are thinking 100 % totally true? I mean is it really true? if you have a little question mark in your reply then there is your answer. 10. Do you have a goal list or a passion you escape in? if not it is time to discover your purpose in life. This has been my saving grace. Time changes little but with time a shift often happens. I allow myself to drift into the space of time and find peace in being still. Empty your mind… let go of all thoughts… and breath slowly. Feel your breathe and focus on the pictures you see in your minds eye. Pray on the light and let God do his Job. Love and light everyone Deborah Berry

  8. DT

    Whew! Yes, been there, done that!
    Can identify with a lot of the comments here.
    Some times you just need a good ‘listening to’ rather than a ‘seeing to’.
    Lots of things make us tired and weary:
    MY ministry: with too much emphases on the ‘MY’ and not enough on ‘JESUS’.
    Having or being part of a church where you are one of the 1 in 10 that ‘do’ while the rest of the church ‘does not’.
    Being part or having to deal with churches that think ‘The Grand Commission’ is an option not an essential. (For those struggling with this thought: Have you noticed that sheep beget sheep and not the shepherds? Think about it!)
    Unwillingness to deal with, yes; that stuff:sin. (Seeing ‘sin’ as my failure to reveal The Glory Of God rather than ‘some thing wot I’ve done or as something wot some body [Note the two word here] says I shouldn’t have done or should stop doing. [Problem: God’s Glory in you is on mute. Solution: Confess, then take the mute button off and give Him Glory! (whatever that means to you!). Sin or sinning then becomes less attractive if you get this one right! Requires practice.]
    Unwillingness of members of the church to actually love one another (rather than gossip, backbite, ignore one another’s needs for help or comfort, talk to one another in a civil fashion?).
    People and ministers, speakers all using the Bible as a blunt instrument to beat people and people groups over the head with rather (which takes real effort and real sensitivity to the Holy Spirit) than LISTENING to the PERSON and prayerfully LISTENING to the Holy Spirit Of God rather than what I think/have been taught/have been taught to say.
    A church that would rather follow her own agenda rather than listen to her Coming Bridegroom (and then DO what HE says!?!).
    Life it self. We live in a very fallen world. This is not our natural estate.
    Somebody said “What doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger.”. The Christian version might be “Where and what ever I’m going through right now should drive me back to The Cross to deal with my ‘self’ and make ‘me’ more like Jesus.”. There’s an awful lot of ‘self’ to be dealt with and that’s long and not easy.

    Don’t quit.

  9. ginger

    Praying for you all that god will make you spiritly a new. im 45 what a mess iive made for myself. the ones ive reached out to have betrayed me. i know better than to put my trust in others but my humanly being longs to be loved and accepted. ive created a finacial mess. its so overwhelming. i see no way out. i have 3 girls 25,16,10. 2 gramgkids. 1girl 4 yrs old,1 boy almost 2. I feel. No one hearsor sees. my pain. mental emotional, pysical. i do pray everyday all day off and on in the spirit. this time the only solution is to leave this cruel cold world
    i pray that the lord will someway help me out because id rather be with jesus than to feel this way. i know he knowsmy heart and how i long to be with him. I’m believeing he will answer my prayers.
    im tired of wasting my energy and being judged about how selfish I’m being by not iving for them. help icry out for your prayers. ginger

    1. moved

      Dear Ginger, God drew me to your comment as I came here searching for other people’s words regards weariness and depression…in particular he caused my finger to hover over and highlight “i pray that the lord will someway help me out because id rather be with jesus than to feel this way. i know he knowsmy heart and how i long to be with him”. I pray that God leads you to fresh hope through His many wonders and works. You may have heard of CAP…Christians Against Poverty…they are able to offer advice on financial matters… but whether you have looked them up or not I will hold you up in prayer and hope that your strength is renewed again and again…and I thankyou for posting on here and giving myself and others the opportunity to pray for you and your family

    2. Paulette

      Dear Ginger, I too have felt the pangs of everything you’re going through and as a result the only solution I have is to fix all problems in Jesus’ name. ..bit by bit, day by day…and I’m enjoy making the list, and checking it twice..paying bills and getting rid of lame people out of my life… this life is a gift and I shall not be the loser ! It’s a win win attitude that get’s you places…..try an attitude of gratitude! …

  10. Zeno

    I am 40 years still seeking will of God. Have a lot of ups and downs in spiritual life. Working but less salary. My wife is also working as she is earning more than me. I feel I am not able to fulfill all the needs of my family as husband is the head of the family. Many a times i feel to suicide myself. Nothing happening in my life. Pls pray for me. Thanks…

    1. mzwizdom81

      Dear brother in Christ, you are God’s child and still the head of your household. You are doing awesome compared to some men who will not lift a finger to do what’s right. Keep your head and pray that God’s gives you your heart’s desires and He will just a have faith of a mustard seed. Be blessed!

    2. Dominique

      Keep the faith praise God for what you have now and, not what you feel you need and your blessings will come through.

  11. Michelle

    I also ask for a prayer sometimes I also feel tired and weary being a bread winner of my family at the same time being far away with husband please help me pray brothers and sisters .. I want to serve the Lord fully but I am bound of work to feed my family now I feel so weary and tired of doing the same thing everyday … please help me pray thank you …

  12. ron

    im very tired. i want to die .lord help me i cant handle my struggles in life .lord i need you now im in fear and hopeless .help me god,…

    1. Jenn

      Praying in Jesus great name for you to find peace and hope in a difficult world. There is always something or someone to live for. Amen!

    2. yvonne

      Lord, protect Ron, keeping him from harm, danger and any disabling accident, in Jesus Name, send your angels to him for peace and comfort.

  13. Jessica

    I am so tired…. I am too 22 I have no children but I am still do tired from the struggles I endure.. I go to church every Sunday when I don’t work and I pray and praise him but I don’t feel like he hears me sometimes I am just so tired of my mind racing and me crying :(

    1. pjr

      Stand strong people are praying for you. God does love but sometimes we can feel forgotten. Use this to press forward.

  14. Mary-Elaine

    2 Corinthians 10:5 Casting down imaginations, and ecery high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing every thought to the obedience of Christ;

  15. Anna

    I am so tired. I get to a point where I feel like giving up on life and just leaving. Sometimes leaving here sounds easier than living another day. I’ve been reading my devotional daily. I’ve been trying to change my thought process and keep my eyes on God. I’m only 22 and I’m tired. It’s so hard to keep on focus with God. I have noone my age to fellowship with. I’m a single mother of 1 and I work 60+ hours a week. I am grateful for what the Lord has blessed me with but my walk with him becomes more difficult with every day that passes. I’m tired of being lukewarm. I want to be on fire for Christ

    1. Yvette Marvray

      Dear Anna, I was just looking for some scriptures on being weary. I am teaching a lesson and my lesson was about people being weary and God’s presence. The Holy spirit led me to this section. You can’t give up. Who will then be there for your child? Your child needs you. You want to be on fire for Christ, then be on fire. It depends what you call being on fire for Him. You say that you have been reading your devotional daily, but have you been studying the word? Just pick up your Bible and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to what God wants you to know. Sounds to me that your looking for an emotional feeling. Being lukewarm only applies to if you are for Christ or not. Are you in sin purposely? That’s what God’s mean doing the same sinful things over and over and then going into repentance. Taking Him for granted. If you are confessing your love for Him, believing in His word, having faith in Him, being obedient and trusting Him what more can you do. God knows your heart. I would advise you also to ask the Holy Spirit for the gift of your heavenly language. The speaking of tongues is to edify your soul and to build you up in Christ. Please purchase the book “Good Morning Holy Spirit” this will help you understand. It seems to me that you crave Jesus so pray and ask for your heavenly language, If you truly want it the Holy Spirit will give this gift to you. Please read Corinthians 12,13 and 14. Believe me God understands. John 14:27 – I am leaving you with a gift of peace, mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world can’t take away. Exodus 33:14 – My presence will go with you and I will give you rest. Deuteronomy 31:8 – Do not be afraid or discouraged for the Lord is the one who goes before you. He will be with you, he will neither fail you or nor forsake you.
      Also, I know it’s hard when you don’t have people your age to fellowship with because with older people there may be a generation gap. Lead your friends to Christ. Find you a good Bible based bible study group, this will help you. Most of all Love Christ, love yourself and your child. Find some good praise songs and sing them daily. This does miracles for the soul. Not only are you making God rejoice, but you are rejoicing too! Love to you and your child.

    2. Misschel

      Hello Anna, My Name Is Michelle Stultz and I was cruising through and stopped to read youre Post! I am 29 (will be 30 May 30th) and also a mother (1 Boy) of a 4 Year Old. Your Post Sounds EXACTLY How I Feel… like LITERALLY You Explained How I FEEL!!! I Too want to Step Closer to God but Feel As If I DO NOT HAVE ANY MY AGE/FAMILY TO ATTEND WITH! I was wondering what State/City Your In!!!??? I will Keep You In My Prayers!!!

    3. Andrea

      Anna and Misschel part of what you feel may be your circumstances. Being a parent is hard work. Just keep on. The Lord knows your heart. It does get easier as your children grow. Keep centered on the Bible; write verses and tape them to mirrors, windows, the refrigerator, etc.; sing songs of praise while you drive, cook, whatever. If possible, find a good church. I will be praying for you both.

  16. Kyle

    I’ve been battling a sin since childhood which is now costing me my marriage, I fully believe in Jesus and His Written Word, but I am now at the point of giving up. Countless times I have humbled myself, repented and verbally submitted myself to His Spirit, all now what seems like it was in vain. Resisting the devil doesn’t make him flee, my temptation wasn’t met with a way out and I end up giving in to the flesh knowingly.

    My wife has asked that I make my choice by tomorrow; like choosing between heaven and hell, how I wish I could…

    1. Yvette Marvray

      Dear Kyle, Please don’t give up. You are not fighting against mere flesh and blood but against a spirit. Please read Ephesians 6:10-18. This will help you to fight against the fiery darts aimed at you. If you don’t have your heavenly language I would advise you to ask the Holy Spirit for this gift. It is given to you to edify you and your spirit. It is to help you petition to God for what your spirit truly desires. God says to pray without ceasing and it’s hard to when you run out of words to say, but the spirit never runs out of word and knows exactly what to say to God. If you ask the Holy Spirit for this gift be ready to receive and you have to want it in your heart. I would suggest that you read a book by Benny Hinn called “Good Morning Holy Spirit”. This is an excellent book to familiar with the speaking of tongues. God Bless you!

  17. rick

    Mary – Elaine
    Dear God, Mary – Elaine is like a vase that fell off the shelf and broke into many pieces. Who but you Lord can pick her up and put her all back together ? Oh Lord , I ask that you give life back to her . Restore her Lord , for your name sake. In Jesus name I ask it. Amen !

  18. Mary-elaine

    Need Prayer! I am drowning in my own sin! I brought this wrath on me and I am so sorry! I need Jesus to stand in the gap and redeem me from my destruction. Touch every being about me…physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

    1. Post

      Mary-elaine – I pray for the mercy and favor of God to be all over you. I believe for the grace of God to be sufficient to take care of everything that you have done and need. I am believing that you will experience the sweet restored fellowship and support of the Most High God Jesus Name.

      Please read these articles Salvation, Confession Restores Broken Fellowship, Mercy-bending the rules of God, and Scriptures on Forgiveness.

      And remember, when God forgives you you need to forgive you, so that you will be able to walk in the victory and strength and presence of the Lord to restore the things that were lost.

  19. Sanquenita Cannady

    Lord please strengthen me where I am weak.I’m so tired;jus feel like giving up.Everytime I think things are headed in the right direction it just go back down hill for me.I know I have to keep the faith&I know that prayer changes things.I’m trying to remain strong but I don’t know how much longer I can go on like this.****Praying*****

    1. Yoli

      Nessa I know how you feel. Sometimes life becomes a challenge. What I do is read my bible. Second, I sing songs to my Precious Jesus. There are times I go for a walk and take my earphones and sing songs to my Jesus. Try it! Singing to Jesus makes me forget my problems. The secret to living the christian life is to get in His Presence. There is where the joy of the Lord is your strength.
      Father in Jesus name I pray for Nessa. Lord let her rest in your presence. There she will experience freedom, joy and feel your love. Lord your word tells us come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28
      God bless you Nessa rest in JESUS Presence!!! Amen!!!

  20. May

    I Am Really Tired Of Life. I’m Only Holding On To It Just Because I’m A Believer Of God. I am In A Very Bad Mood.

    1. Yoli

      May – I pray Jesus will wrap His arms around you and give you peace. Speak scripture and get into Jesus presence through a song of Praise. Jesus is the answer to every situation Jesus is Lord.

    2. Post

      May – I pray for the grace and love of God to surround you with His warmth and appreciation in Jesus Name. May, read and meditate on the ‘In Him’ scriptures on this site. They will help you. Do your best to get the word of God into your mind, soul, and heart. It will change your thinking. Also, do your best to guide your thinking away from negative things and work hard at not following your emotions. They will take you down it you don’t take leadership over them. God bless you, we love you.

    3. Jerome

      You know I believe that God has something great for you. God really really loves you. It is a demonic spirit that has been telling you to kill yourself. I bind that in Jesus. Name. The devil wants to destroy you, but you are just right for God to use you and to minister to your family and friends.

  21. Rose

    I had to ask myself, if I’m this tired am I truly depending on His strength. Not, I am try to do things on my own. Thanks for the scripture reminders – Rose

    1. Yoli

      Rose try to spend time reading the bible in the morning. In Ephesians 6:10-18 tells us when you do read His word you are putting on the whole armor of God. You will sense the presence of our Lord. He will protect you and guide you. Also, in your morning time ask Jesus to bless you with wisdom. James1:5 I have experience Jesus when I spend time with Him. He always helps me. When I don’t have time to get in the Word I don’t have a good day.Cast all your cares on him for He cares for you Rose. To God Be the Glory.

  22. charlotte linohon

    thank you, i’m near to tears. God’s words were really powerful.i pray to God that He will fulfill His plans for my life,,,

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