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Angel-bedroom-320-webby Velmer Gardner – From “The God of Miracles Lives Today” – 1950

Regardless of your affliction, you can be healed. If doctors have given you up to die, you can be healed. When your friends say your disease is incurable, you can be healed. Even though the paralyzing hand of death is upon your body, you can be healed.

Very briefly, I will give you some things you must do to receive healing from Christ. Thousands of people have been healed by following these simple instructions. God is no respecter of persons, and He will heal you if you will obey and then receive. Do not forget that every promise in the Bible is conditional. If you meet the conditions, the promises are yours.

1. You must be a “born again” Christian. — Thousands of people today are good citizens, professing Christians, and members of churches, but they have never been “born again” by the power of God. Jesus said to Nicodemus, “Ye must be born again,” John 3:7. Nicodemus was a good man, but not good enough to go to Heaven. “All have sinned, and come short of the glory of God,” Romans 3:23. “If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say that we have not sinned, we make Him a liar, and His Word is not in us,” I John 1:8-10.

Divine healing is for Christians only. It is the children’s bread. Nothing could be more absurd than to expect God to heal our body, and then we use that body to glorify and serve the devil.

Some say, “Jesus healed sinners.” That is true, but most of them were people who had never heard of Him. Afterward He commanded them to sin no more lest a worse thing come upon them, look at John 5:14. It would be fatal for you to be prayed for and then not live for God. Something much worse would happen to you.

If you are not a “born again” Christian, all you have to do is: Confess to God that you are a sinner; ask God to wash your sins away through the precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ; believe in your heart that God has heard you and that Jesus’ blood has cleansed you from all sin. Isa. 1:18; Heb. 7:25; II Cor. 5:17. Then promise God you will sin no more. Go to church and live for God. He will give you the power to live a Christian life. II Pet. 1:5; Jude 24.

2. You must know it is God’s will to heal YOU! — Oh, the faith paralyzing prayer, “Lord if it be Thy will, please heal me.” III John 1:2 says, “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.”

The leper came to Jesus and said, “Lord if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean,” Matthew 8:2. Jesus immediately put forth His hand and touched him saying, “I will; be thou clean,” Matthew 8:3. This leper was ignorant of the will of God because he had never heard the will of God. They did not have the Word of God then. But today we have His precious Word and there is no excuse for this ignorance. Many people that are sick know very little about the Scriptures, and many of them do not seem to have any desire to learn.

It is still His will to heal you. Many people today say they do not believe it is God’s will to heal them, yet they spend thousands of dollars on doctors and drugs trying to get “out of the will of God.”

If God healed someone else and then refused to heal you, it would not be fair; God is no respecter of persons. He will save “whosoever,” and He will heal “whosoever.”

When you pray, “if it be thy will.” You are saying, “Now God if you’ll keep your promise.” God promised—that’s good enough for me. There are some things we do not need to pray, “if it be thy will.” He has already revealed His will through His Word.

It is God’s will to save all, to bless all, to protect all, and to heal all. I John 5:14-15, “And this is the confidence that we have in Him, that, if we ask anything according to His will, He heareth us. And if we know that He hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of Him.”

3. You must be sure there is nothing between you and God that would hinder you from receiving healing. — I John 1:7 — Amos 3:3 — Col. 3:6. If you are right with God you will be right with everyone else. God allows sickness to punish those who will speak against, criticize, and find fault with their spiritual leaders, Numbers 12:1. Many times God has dealt severely with people because of this sin. I Chron. 16:22; I Thess. 5:12, 13.

If there is anything in your heart toward anyone, get it out of the way. David said, “If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me,” Psalm 66:18. I John 4:20; John 13:35; Mark 11:25, 26; James 5:16.

Many are sick today because they will not pay their tithes. You are not right with God if you are not tithing. You cannot expect God to bless you, because He said He would curse you if you robbed Him. Mal. 3:8.

God will not heal, if you are irreverent toward the things of God. I Cor. 11:28-30. Likewise, God will not heal us if we continue to abuse or neglect our bodies. This is a sin. It should be confessed and forsaken; then God will have mercy.

Do not try to hide anything from God. Pray until you know you are right with God, and then believe in spite of all the demons of Hell. If we are right with God, He is going to be moved with compassion and anxious to heal our bodies.

Some say if God heals me, then I’ll serve Him. This is absolutely the wrong motive. You should live for Him regardless. God does not heal on your “if” basis. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God,” Matthew 6:33; live for Him, and He will supply all your needs. Notice also that God commanded him to go to the house of the Lord. Many people never return after God heals them. That is why so many people lose their healing. You must continue on with God. He knows what you will do with your body—if He heals you. By all means I encourage you to go to a church that preaches healing. You will lose your healing if you lose your faith.

4. You must realize God uses different methods to bring healing. If you get your mind set on one way and attempt to hold God to your way you may rob yourself of God’s healing power. There are many ways God used in the past: the brazen serpent, the shadow of Peter, the troubled waters of Bethesda, dip seven times in Jordan, touching His garment, spittle and clay on blind eyes, etc.

Here are some of the major ways that God uses to bring healing today:

(a) The power of the Lord being present to heal: Luke 5:17. I believe we can pray and seek God until the power of God is so powerful that sickness and disease will have to leave, without any prayer being offered for deliverance. The devil is afraid of the power of God. Scores have been healed this way. I have been healed many times myself, just because the power of God was so mightily in the service.

(b) The Word of the Lord: Psa. 107:20. As we read the pages of the Holy Bible we find there are many cases where people were healed by the spoken Word of the Lord.

To me there is nothing that will produce more faith for healing, than the powerful Word of God. That is why we need to reverence and read His Word. I John 1:1; claim the promise of His Word. Faith will begin to work and the healing has to come. Countless thousands have been healed by this scriptural method today. While we preach the Word, many right then receive their healing. The Word inspired faith, and they are healed without prayer by us. Don’t forget all Heaven is behind the Word that He sends to heal you, Psalm 107:20.

(c) Anointed handkerchiefs: If you are unable to get to service or know a friend at a distance who needs healing, this is a very successful way to receive healing. God will use this simple act of faith to glorify His Name. Place this cloth that has been prayed over on the afflicted part of your body, and read Acts 19:11

12. Then read and believe Heb. 13:8, “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever.” Believe God in spite of symptoms and fear and you will be healed.

(d) God heals when you praise Him: Psa. 103:1-3. It is not only good for the mind, to get your eyes off your sickness; it not only refreshes your soul; but it also causes God to rejoice that you will trust Him regardless of your afflictions. Job said, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him,” Job 13:15.

Many times praise brings the victory. Joshua shouted “before” the walls of Jericho fell. Paul and Silas “praised God” while they were bound in jail. This praise brought deliverance and a great revival. Again, I can testify that I have been healed by praising God.

(e) Prayer of faith and anointing with oil: This is one of the most practiced methods of praying for the sick. Mark 16:18. If you believe, you can lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.

God honors faith. It was the centurion’s faith that brought healing to his servant. It was the faith of the four men that brought the palsied man on the roof to Jesus that caused healing to come. If you have faith, you can pray the prayer of faith, and God will heal. That is why we encourage all to earnestly pray while we pray for the sick.

The prayer of faith with the anointing of oil was the custom given to the elders of the early church for the healing of the sick. James 5:14-15.

(f) Gifts of Healing and Working of Miracles: I Cor. 12:9, 10. There is no doubt that the apostles were entrusted by God with these gifts. In these last days God is again pouring out His Spirit upon humble servants and these gifts are operating again. No man can operate these gifts himself; it is only as they are anointed with the power of the Holy Ghost. When the Gifts of Healing work, no disease can stand in their presence. Multitudes have been brought to God under the ministry of humble servants God has trusted to pour His power through.

(g) The Name of Jesus: John 14:13-14, “And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If ye shall ask anything in my name, I will do it.” Oh what a promise when we realize that Jesus is seated at the right hand of the Father; that Jesus holds the highest position in the universe as the Head of the Church. Jesus says, “Up to this time you have never prayed in My Name, but now, whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in My Name, He will give it to you.” (Paraphrased from John 16:24). This is no doubt one of the most staggering statements that Jesus ever uttered; that we are to have the use of His Omnipotent Name.

When you were born into the family of God, the right to use that Name was yours. He is with us now in the power of that Name. That Name is to take His place. All that Christ did locally then, can be done now through His Name. The devil fears the Name of Jesus. God has exalted Jesus to the highest possible position, and given Him a Name above every name. He has bestowed upon Him honor, glory, and power, and He has seated Him at His own right hand in the Heavenlies, far above every known authority. Now, all this honor, glory, authority, and power, is vested in the Name of Jesus—and this Name is given to us. Fear not the raging powers of satanic oppression. They are defeated in the Name of Jesus. James 4:7: “Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

The Gifts of Healing and the prayer of faith all operate through the power of Jesus Name. It is absolutely dangerous for anyone who is unsaved or unclean before God to attempt to meet the devil in the Power of His Name. Acts. 19:11-17. Keep your heart clean. Walk in all the light God has given you, and then you can boldly rebuke sickness in the power of His Name, and it must obey and leave you.

5. You must realize there is a difference between healings and miracles. Thousands today fail to receive healing because they are trying to hold God to a miracle. We must leave this in the hand of God. He will do what He knows is best and will bring the most glory to His Name.

Healings are usually gradual and maybe no change will be noticed when you are prayed for. When Christ cursed the fig tree, the life immediately began to die within it. However, there was no outward change at that time. The next morning it was dead.

We must believe that when prayer is made the work is done. The disease is cursed and must die. It may take it some time to pass from your body, but leave that to God. You will be healed if you do not doubt.

God promised Abraham a son and Abraham believed God. Rom. 4:20-21. Oh, how many people today cast away their confidence when God does not immediately perform the miracle. Heb. 10:35-36. In Mark 16:18 it says, “They shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.” He did not say how soon. Commit yourself to God. Rest upon His Word after you are prayed for and you shall recover.

When I pray for the sick I believe this: I can pray and appropriate the healing virtue of Jesus to your body through the power of His Name. When you have a cancer, I command that living, evil spirit of cancer to come out of your body. It must obey. There is no other alternative for it, because I command in His power. Usually, this is the process, if it is a healing: When the command is given, the spirit comes out. The cancer becomes dead flesh in your body. This dead flesh dissolves and passes from your body in a few days, and you will be perfectly well. Usually the person gets very sick and upset as this material comes from their body.

The working of miracles is different. They are usually instantaneous. When a miracle occurs, a blind eye is instantly restored to perfect vision. Paralyzed, crippled limbs are instantly straightened out, etc.

Then there are creative works. A man had his entire eyeball torn out. He was prayed for, and instantly had a new eyeball with perfect vision.

The more faith the church gets the more miracles we will have. Even Jesus could not perform many great and mighty works in a certain community because of their unbelief, however He healed a few people.

6. You must have faith—not hope. I prayed for the sick many years and HOPED they would get well. I prayed for hundreds of people and they HOPED they would get well, but this is not faith. Everyone knows God CAN heal—Faith believes HE WILL!

God has given a new revelation of faith that is bringing healing to many. This is my simple definition of faith. FAITH BELIEVES THAT GOD WILL DO WHAT HE HAS PROMISED TO DO! Isn’t that simple? A child can grasp that, and that is the way God wants it.

I believe if we call—He will answer, Jer. 33:3. As hands are laid upon you for healing, let your faith arise and touch God until you can see by faith that in reality it is the hands of Jesus upon you. That is why we pray in His Name. People have absolutely, literally, felt the hands of Jesus touch an enlarged heart, crushing it instantly to normal size.

Faith never waits to see the answer. Faith believes regardless of circumstances. Some people say if I could see someone get out of a wheelchair, then I would have faith. That would not be faith; that would be sight. Faith believes what can’t be seen. Heb. 11:1.

Faith believes—regardless of symptoms. This is not mind over matter. If you have a pain you have one. But faith doesn’t look at a pain, it looks at God, and claims healing in spite of the pain. It won’t be long until the pain will leave. Abraham didn’t look at the impossibilities, he looked at God—and he received the promise.

Faith believes when you’re prayed for. Mark 11:24.

Faith sets the time for your healing. Make up your mind that when you are prayed for, you are going to believe.

Faith is the switch in our hand to turn on all the omnipotent power of our Lord to bring healing to our bodies.

The light switch on the wall is very small, but pressing against that switch is all the power of the great light company. Thousands of volts of power surge through those lines and then the wires are run to your home. The power is there all the time. When you turn the switch on, it will produce all the power your electrical system can stand. You don’t have to worry about whether there is enough power or not, all you have to do is turn on the switch. Instantly, the power surges through your system. The lights flash on, the radio plays, etc. Oh, what a picture of faith! It is so small it can’t be seen. Jesus said even a grain, the size of a mustard seed, would remove mountains. God will give all of us faith if we read His Word. “Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God,” Romans 10:17. Let’s turn on the “switch.”

The power plant of Heaven has the power ready. When faith comes, instantly that great power begins to flow through your body. Don’t worry about any lack of power. I have felt all my body could stand. Instantly, the light of glory flashes on, the radio of Heaven begins to play in your soul and the darkness of sickness is driven out.

When the devil brings the symptoms back and tells you that you are not healed, meet him with God’s Word. Make him listen to you. Our salvation has to be based upon the Word rather than feelings, because many times we do not feel anything. Many times the devil tells me I am not saved, so I take him to the Word—John 6:37.

I tell the devil I came to God, and God is obligated and willing to save me, so I’ll believe God instead of the devil. The devil has to leave when you resist him with God’s Word.

We must do the same with healing. Quote the devil God’s many hundreds of promises to heal you. Tell the devil your symptoms are there and you don’t feel good—but also tell him your faith does not depend upon what you feel, it depends upon what God says. God will never forsake you then. He will see you through the test.

Faith believes God before the visible answer comes. When Joshua and his people marched around Jericho, they had faith in God and shouted before the walls fell down. To the natural eye the walls were as solid as ever, but not to the eye of faith. When Jesus came to the tomb where Lazarus had lain for four days, He said, “Father, I thank thee that thou hast heard me.” He already could visualize Lazarus walking forth, John 11:41

Look at Proverbs 4:20-22. Pray and read His Word, dear friend, until you are assured you have more than hope and more than sympathy. Seek God until a living faith begins to grow. Then exercise that faith, and God will give you some more. Faith is so simple, none need err and not have it.

In closing this thought on the simplicity of faith, let me tell you of a true incident that took place in China a few years ago.

Some missionaries were speaking in the church I pastored, and they told us a touching story of the healing of an ignorant, illiterate woman’s daughter.

The doctor examined the girl and gave her only one hour to live. The poor illiterate woman that had only been saved two weeks from heathen darkness rushed down to the mission station. She asked these missionaries to pray real quickly for God to heal her daughter. They saw such simple trust that they asked her to pray. She dropped on her knees, and this was the simple prayer she prayed: “Dear Jesus these people tell me that you heal and I believe you do. So I want you to heal my girl. Don’t put it off Jesus, cause she can only live an hour. You’ll have to do it before you do anything else.” Then she said, “Now Jesus I’ll tell you how to get to my place. Go three blocks past the mission station, then turn to your left two blocks, then turn up the alley until you come to a place with a fence around it. Inside this fence is my house. When you get there Jesus, don’t knock, because my girl’s so sick she can’t answer the door and I won’t be home yet.” (She expected an answer.) “So go right on in, it will be all right. She is in the back bedroom, so please heal her. Thank you for it, Amen.”

Tears were streaming down the cheeks of the missionaries, and they said, “Sister, we will go home with you. We think Jesus understood the directions. They followed all her directions until they came to the little house inside the fence. When they walked on the porch, the door opened and there was the girl—perfectly whole. JESUS NEVER FAILS . . . ONLY BELIEVE . . . ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE IF YOU WILL BELIEVE!

We make no claim that all we pray for will be healed. All were not healed in the days of Jesus. There is no sickness He can’t heal—but there are some sick folk He can’t heal.

I believe in salvation, regardless of the fact that many are not saved. So I believe in healing, regardless of the fact that many do not get healed.

All would be saved if they would take Christ, and all will be healed if they will only believe Him the same as for salvation.

Jesus Was The Great Healer When He Was Upon This Earth!

The Lord Jesus Christ healed, though medical men abounded—there were “many physicians.” Mark 5:25-34.

The Lord Jesus Christ healed, without exception, all who came or were brought to Him. Matt. 8:15-17.

The Lord Jesus Christ sometimes healed without the result being apparent at once. Luke 17:12-19.

The Lord Jesus Christ sometimes healed gradually. John 4:46-53 (He began to mend.)

The Lord Jesus Christ generally healed instantly. Matt. 15:30-31.

The Lord Jesus Christ sometimes indicated healing would be in the near future. John 9:1-7.

The Lord Jesus Christ healed all manner of diseases, including lunacy, epilepsy, leprosy, palsy, fever, paralysis, blindness, deafness, a withered hand, and a sword wound. Matt. 4:23-24.

The Lord Jesus Christ healed people at a distance without going to them. He healed one person 16 miles away. John 4:46-48.

The Lord Jesus Christ healed illness associated with devils. Luke 9:39-42.

The Lord Jesus Christ healed by a touch, by others touching Him, by Him taking people by the hand, by a command, and by a word. Matt. 8:2-3; Luke 8:4244; Mark 1:30-31; Luke 6:6, 10; Mark 7:34.

The Lord Jesus Christ healed chronic cases: One case 12 years standing, Matt. 9:20; one case 18 years standing, Luke 13:11; and one case 38 years standing, John 5:2-9.


Through the power of the Holy Ghost and the authority of His Name you can receive His touch today. He has given us authority to exercise the Power of His Name, to bring deliverance to you until He returns.

My Lord And My God

Jesus Christ was born in the meanest circumstances, but the air above was filled with the hallelujahs of the heavenly host. His lodging was a cattle pen, but a star drew distinguished visitants from afar to do Him homage.

His birth was contrary to the laws of life. His death was contrary to the laws of death. No miracle is so inexplicable as His life and teaching.

He had no cornfields or fisheries, but He could spread a table for 5,000 and have bread and fish to spare. He walked on the waters, and they supported Him.

His crucifixion was the crime of crimes, but, in God’s view, no lower price than His infinite agony could have made possible our redemption. When He died, few men mourned; but a black crepe was hung over the sun. Though men trembled not for their sins, the earth beneath shook under the load. All nature honored Him; sinners alone rejected Him.

Three years He preached His gospel. He wrote no book, built no church, and had no money back of Him. After 1,900 years, He is the one central character of human history, the perpetual theme of all preaching, the pivot around which the events of the age revolve, and the only Regenerator of the human race.

Was it merely the son of Joseph and Mary who crossed the world’s horizon 1,900 years ago? Was it merely human blood that was spilled on Calvary’s hill for the redemption of sinners and has worked such wonders in men and nations throughout the centuries?

What thinking man can keep from exclaiming, “MY LORD AND MY GOD!”

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Comments 218

  1. Ginger

    I cannot walk now, but I belive in God the father. And I believe I will walk again. To God be the glory. I believe in God and I know he lives.


    1. Post

      Ginger – I agree with you in Jesus Name! YOU WILL WALK – SOON. God is good and God is faithful. Keep speaking the scriptures and keep believing. Expect God to do it any moment. Read the articles on this site that jump out at you. Let God speak to you and grow faith in your heart. God is a miracle working God. Listen intently for His voice. We love you and God loves you. You will walk in Jesus Name!! Expect it soon… Rex

  2. amit masig

    i faith on jesus.and i accept my all sinns .i pray to jesus that he forgive me for my sinns. I accept that jesus is my salvation. And he heals me quekly. He makes me wise and wealthy. I believe that jesus is son of God. And he is my master.

    1. Post
  3. steve

    I believe in the power of God the son Jesus and the holy spirit..I ask of those to pray for me,that God Almighty will finally shower his blessings of healing for me,and I pray for everyone else who needs prayer,with yhe faith if this half of mustard seed I have ,I believe through christ jesus I will be healed and blessed tremendously thanks for your prayers and your faith,all glory goes to God

  4. Tanja

    Im a sinner you for give me of my sins and heal me of my hiv/aids virus i will follow you please et me be re born again amen.

  5. Nazeema Fernandes

    I m a very big sinner in life n I ask forgiveness from Almighty Father.Although I’ve been living a drastic life God never left me.In every situation he was m is still with me.i suffered from demographism skin disease which has no cure.i confessed n God miracously healed me.still I sinned.very big sins.My brother met wit an accident n had blood clots in brain bt God never left him too.He was operated and is still alive with all the childhood memories.Praise u Lord.My weddin was fixed in December n God blessed me with a perfect life partner.before weddng I didn’t do my confessions just before 5 days prior to wedding my family met with a tragedic accident me my mom n dad got fractured injuries,still God dint leave us.v all are alive with fractured ribs leg and I got my vertebra is postponed but we all have lot of physical and emotional pain.i can’t turn my neck.But I do believe that God will forgive our sins and give us our happiness back.i believe in u Jesus if it be your will heal us my God.Nothing is impossible with u.u even gave life to the dead bodies.Trust in u my Lord.Amen

  6. Kerry

    I have Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, there is no cure. It is a devastating illness that robs me of my life. Doctors have no cure which brings no hope. Reading this has encouraged me so much. Faith really does come by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Asking for prayers.

    I love this scripture!

    Matthew 19:26The Message (MSG)

    26 Jesus looked hard at them and said, “No chance at all if you think you can pull it off yourself. Every chance in the world if you trust God to do it.”

  7. Mark Nolan

    I am an evangelist from the UK. There can be barriers to healing, but once removed then the Lord can and does heal.

    Watch Derick prince invisible barriers to healing. its about two hours long. Go through it with Derick and pray the prayers. Look for ward to you receiving your healing. Yours in Christ Mark Nolan

  8. rebecca

    I need people to stand in agreement with me i believe in the two agree scripture and i know its Gods will i just need help to stand i need people to stand with me and bind the devil he is trying with all his might and all the powers of hell to kill me i know this i am bleeding from bowls and i have brain and spine and other heal problems i am a mess but i still believe God in Jesus name will heal me and i will confess i am healed by his word and by the stripes and by the scripture that say many are the affections of the righteous but God will deliver them out them all and i have many affections but God will deliver me out of all of them please people pray with me and i will be healed amen

  9. God favour

    lord i beliv u want to heal me because all hope on medicine has faiL me right naw Jesus make me whole again.

  10. Anna

    If you are sa born again Christian believe already that Jesus died for us and bore our sickness, sin, and poverty at the cross. You have been give. The authority and power as a child of God to bind what you don’t want on earth as in heaven Matthew 18:18. Mark 9:23 everything is possible with God. Mark 22:11: have faith in God. Romans 10:17: my faith comes by hearing the word of God. I too am battling with health issues and refuse to focuse on the problem which cancels the healing. Instead focus only on Gods promise as final authority. 2 Corinthians 1:20. Jesus healed all who came to Him. In Jesus name, you are healed. God bless you.

  11. Mary Salek

    I have PAH, secondary to scleroderma. There is no cure for this disease. I am praying for a miracle. I need to have my heart repaired from the damage already done an d rid my body of scleroderma. Is this possible ?

  12. Olga

    Everyone reading this, please pray for me so that God will heal my bladder and stomach issues.. Something I’ve had for years now thank you!!!

  13. shonta

    Can you pray for me that I’m get heal of this cancer and this annoying feeling in my head and eye and my throat. Pray that my whole body is heal. I have children and grandbabies who need. Thank you

    1. Anna has prayer of deliverance. They are very good. God is faithful and it is his will for all to be in good health. However, we must meet his condition to be healed. We must confess, repent, ask forgiveness and meditate on the word of God every day. God bless you.

  14. Atu

    Can you please pray for me from my sickness,i feel irritating noise in my ears and weakness of legs,i feel like i have HIV,i confess that i have sinned against God and i have faith that i can be healed…i pray every day,am just too young and i do not want to die i have alot of things to offer to God

  15. Divine

    Thanks for inspiration but me too ihave a problem I have been sick I believe in God, ido pray, I do fast but my results are not changing, all I want is my healing to manifest physically please advise what to do. I always get shocked seeing my friends are dying with the same illness I have.

  16. jocelyn sicat

    pls pray for me for my malignancy of my breast.. lord hear my prayer… by the power of your wisdom i am healed,, LORD GOD HEAR MY PRAYER…

    1. Post

      Jocelyn – Sorry, but you are not healed by the power of our wisdom. You are healed by the power of the Lord Jesus through the word of God. Find the healing scriptures on this site and study them, speak them out, and meditate on them. Get them down inside your heart. They are medicine and health to your body. We love you. Rex

    2. Annabelle

      Jocelyn, I will pray for you, but please don’t claim the malignancy as yours. It does not belong to you. It belongs to Satan. God bless you!

  17. Lisa S.

    Please pray for me. Anyone and everyone who reads this…
    I seem to just get more and more sick.
    And while I’m guilty of sin, like everyone else. I don’t seem to know what I’m doing that’s causing this downward spiral into health decline.
    I have some truly horrible physical issues right now. Including PCOS (they think that I have it, I am going in for testing in January)
    IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome)
    Vuvodynia and Vestibulitis.

    … I’m married so the last two make married life very difficult. I have no children.

    I’m a believer in Jesus and KNOW that He can heal me… and that’s why this is so frustrating.

    1. Tony

      Fasting for several weeks might help. Drinking purified water with the optional 1 tsp sea salt or himalayan salt or Real salt, 1 tsp of baking soda, and 1 tsp of bentonite clay added to each 1 or 2 quarts. God will honor fasting as you become more sensitive to His voice, in prayer, and in His word.

  18. Roselyne

    What an inspiration! I have been on ARV for sometime. I believe am healed cos the headaches, stomach rumblings, throat pains and night sweats are not there. Recently God led me to Heb 10:35 that I should not cast away the confidence. I thank God that it will be manifested in the physical on medical tests that am HIV negative. Thank you Jesus

  19. Theophilus Deena Dayal

    God Jesus Is a Power That Power always willing to Heal us not only Us Each n every person is healed and flurished with full of happiness in their life. I tasted the word of god And healed, saved many times in my life. My Last Wish is I want to See The God Once in my life time.. His miracles blessing I am seeing But unable to see Jesus.

  20. JERRY

    I believe and have Faith that am healed already,my body,mind and soul is in Good health and prospering by the power of God…..Amen!..thanks for this platform, I have been blessed

  21. martin

    Helo, Ann I read your post and wannna thank you for such wonderfull words. Regarding me I try to pray now! everyday I trust god and I believe that it is only matter of time. I trust him and I will manage it. I don’t say that it is easy, really not! but I believe and god sees it.


  22. Ann

    Ralph – Welcome to the Family of God! You are a child of the Most High God. Celebrate your new birth. What an exciting place to be in life.
    If you asked Jesus to be your Lord and Savior and you confessed your sins and asked Him for forgiveness, then you are Born Again! If you believe that He is the Son of God, and that He rose from the dead, then You are saved. You WILL go to heaven one day. Alleluia! Don’t believe the lies of the devil! He would like to confuse you about being saved. Tell him to get lost!
    You are a babe in Christ at this stage. God doesn’t expect you to know much about the Bible and praying, etc., but He also doesn’t expect you to stay at this baby stage. Just like a child, in time you will grow and learn and your faith will expand. Seek Him with all of your heart. Draw near to Him every day in prayer or praise. Read the Holy Bible. Look for a Bible believing church. There are many great preachers on television, too. All of these things will help to grow your faith, and it will take faith to believe for your healings.
    I will pray for you to be healed from the top of your head to the soles of your feet. You need to know that the Bible tells us that Jesus took our infirmities and carried away our diseases. Isaiah 53:4 ;and Isaiah 53:5 says that by His wounds we are healed. Jesus shed His blood for the forgiveness of our sins. He received scourging on His body so that we could be healed. We are forgiven, we are healed and we are saved! Sometimes it may be hard to accept all of that, because it was a Free gift given to us. We didn’t / don’t have to do anything to earn it except simply to Believe!
    It took me many years of being a Christian to understand the connection between being forgiven, healed and saved. They were all part of Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross. They go together. So, as a Born Again Christian, you have the right to your healings. Jesus took all sickness and disease on Himself so we didn’t need to suffer. After asking God to heal you, believe that you have that healing. Receive that healing. Believe for it. No matter how you might feel, or how bad the symptoms are, never give up believing for your healings. Your healings will come. All of our healings will come! Amen
    God Bless You!
    PS Thanks for praying for all of us, too.

  23. Martin

    Hi all, I have started to thank god for clear skin without eczema. Regarding body I use really good supplements and try to avoid allergic food e.f. wheat, diary, sugar, alcohol etc. + I have been practicing every morning. I don´t use any fabric meal all meal i cook at home, so from the physical side I am doing my best. And now I am trying to focus on my mental side cause I think that eczema appeared as a sign that something is wrong with my subconsciousness. I am praying many many times to god in name of Jesus, I am also doing affirmation in front of mirror with closed eyes like to see that my skin is healthy and clear and I don´t look at myself during day that really helps me to stay mentally good. I have also written some affirmation into my mobile to pop up many times during day. I am also trying to practice laugh therapy so I smile more often during day. I believe that god see all this and is already curing me healing me and taking care of me. I have figured out that I lost my faith and thought that reason of eczema is that my body is trying to get rid of toxins but after searching for really long time today I know that this was not true. True was that god wanted to remind me my lost or not lost but my faith that was many many years stronger and wanted me to be better person cause my ego was many time popping up and showing negatively to people with arrogance. Now I know that this should be for my good and due to the fact that I realized all this, god will heal me and is also doing so. I am feeling bad, I really trust god and believe I try to be patient cause this was one of my disadvantage. So long story short – I am really praying now many times during day, I am now again strong believer and I love god. I asked him to forgive me all my sins and told him that his will is to be my body healthy. I know that when I do maximum he will do also maximum :-). I saw also many miracles videos on youtube and read many miracle stories on internet how people cured from e.g. cancer etc. so I see me, my skin clear, healthy and my body too.

    If you have time and you would remember me, I would be the happiest all over the world if you could also tell god about me in your pray, but only if you have time and if you are fine with that.

    God bless all of you.

    Martin from Czech republic.

    1. Martin

      Here – I am feeling bad, I really trust god and believe – I wanted to write that I am feeling better not bad, 🙂

      1. Ralph

        please pray for me I have many physical problems and could use healing from head to toe.
        I also want to be sure I’m saved and going to heaven.I’ve asked Jesus to come into my heart and forgive me of my sins but I still have doubts and want to increase my faith .I want to be born again.

  24. Ray

    I have cried out to god for five years now. My hope an faith in a healing have been diminished. I have searched to see if there is anything holding back my healing. I read and pray every day. the longer it takes the harder it becomes.

    1. Betty

      Dear Ray
      Please do not give up on God. My very good friend was diagnosed of Cancer and she went back to God in Fasting and prayer for 7 days, declaring the Healing promises of God upon her body, after one month she went back to the doctor for another test and the test shows that the blood cancer is gone forever. Now she’s very healthy and strong. Nothing is impossible with God, just believe and have Faith in God through Jesus Christ name Amen. Receive your healing now, amen.

    2. Laura

      Please do not give up faith that God will answer you. He does it on his time though. We are on this earth for his Glory and I am not saying that is enjoys what is happening to you. I know for certain he will heal you. BELIEVE IT AND OWN IT. This is teaching you PATIENCE AND RELIANCE. It is the devil that is whispering in your ear that you are to give up in believing. He does answer prayers I assure you. BELIEVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 100%

      God bless you always.

      1. Jennifer

        I was born again bt i backslided,i ask and believe that GOD i going 2 forgive me and av faith that through prayers i will go on serving him,itrust him for my healing.i want 2 be there 4 GOD alone,i regret i sinned agaist u,all is possible in u heal me and make mi a living testimony to glorify your name God

        1. Post
    3. Mark

      Dear Ray,
      My name is Mark, I am an evangelist through the will of God. Living in Weymouth. There are blockages to healing. The biggest one is un- forgiveness which you may or may not be aware of. In Jeramiah 17:9-10 it says the heart is deceitful and desperately wicked who can know it?
      The point is, ONLY GOD can know what is buried in the depths of your heart. So I recommend, fist fasting, going without food for a day or two, wont heart you. Then get an A4 piece of paper and ask the Lord Jesus to reveal any wickedness in your heart, this is a prayer King David prayed.
      As the Lord reveals the people who you have not forgiven. Forgive them and pray for them, and ask the Lord to save them. Job was released from his captivity when he prayed for his friend. Job 42:10
      I did this and ended up with about twelve names. I also recommend watching Derrick Prince on you tube, Invisible barriers to healing. Let me know how you go on.

  25. ernest rapheal

    please is it right to take meditation while faith is at work. Thanks for ur responce.

    1. Post
  26. Nicholas Bin

    I have been involved in motor vehicle accident on the 29th of September 2015 and found to have a Lumbar Spinal Injury with a wedge fracture and associated dislocation of L1 and L2 Lumbar Vertebrae as well as Spinal Cord Injury leading to paraplegia. Dr advised me that it is permanent functional disability. Of course I am disable but I strongly believed in Jesus Christ that one good fine day God will help me to walk again. Now I am having bed rest. Please help me in your prayers.

  27. Will Suddeth

    I am suffering from gout IN BOTH LIMBS. I am the music minister at my church, and it’s kept me from rehearsals for upwards of 2 weeks. Your article helped me today, I usually pray “if it be your will.” Today I’m thanking Him in advance for healing. Sometimes I have doubt that the pain will go away. But I’ve decoded to just trust Him. Not thinking about the pain is impossible , but thinking and reciting the goodness of Jesus in spite of the pain is what I will do. Thanks for this write-up!!

  28. phil

    l myself am going through a torrid situation,,the pain gets so unbearable at times that l cant even sleep but l simply wake up and play worship songs from my laptop and pray,,,for by his stripes l was healed..whats only left is for my healing to manifest in the physical..Forget all the pain and dont take any notice of the symptoms,,,just pray endlessly,,declare and decree ur healing in Jesus Name and meditate upon the word of God.

  29. Cally


  30. Evelyn

    I’m having a challenge with my knees. I know God will heal and make me whole again. Amen.
    Thanks you for this powerful word. Simple and straight forward. I am encouraged . God bless you.

  31. charmen bagz

    I am sick, I don’t believe in faith healer. But I truly believe there’s God. I just want to make God happy, is that ok?

    1. Post

      Charmen – You want to make God happy? Then let Him heal you through faith in His Name. Without faith it is impossible to please Him- Hebrews 11:6. Keep reading scriptures and stories of healing and it will come alive in your heart.

      1. cha

        I am skeptical about in faith healing since I am more into science, and I think I don’t deserved to get healed. I do believe in God, ofcourse,but I am really indoubts that He would like me to get healed since I’ve sinned against Him.I guess having this sickness is a punishment for me.

        1. Post

          Cha – God does not punish through sickness. He works through an inward conviction of sin, a witness in your heart. Sickness is from the Devil. Repent of your disobedience and sin and accept His forgiveness. He is not mad at you. If He was He would be mad at everyone. He is merciful to those who repent and turn from their sinful ways.

          What you are feeling and thinking is a lie from the Devil to keep you from God and His goodness, and to keep you in sickness. Don’t listen to it or believe it. Cry out to God for His mercy. He loves you. He loves everybody, even the sinful, but He cannot help them until they turn to Him in repentance and accept His forgiveness. The Bible says that the ‘goodness of God leads you to repentance. Condemnation is of the Devil. He is lying to you. You have to learn more about God and not listen to the Devil.

          Ask for His love to fill your heart. Then study the scriptures on healing. The Bible says that ‘Jesus went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed by the Devil because God was with Him.’ Read this – Mercy – Bending the Rules of God. We love and God loves you. Rex

  32. Gav

    Grace i see your pain and frustration about you confession the word over and over but no results i been there it has took years until i begin to believe in my spirit what i was saying according to mark 11’23 Jesus said whatsoever things you desire when you pray believe you have received them and you will have see to God our healing have already been purchased we must believe when we that we take it right then and Jesus said we would have it he will see to that God bless you

  33. Fran

    Thank you Grandmom your words are so encouraging . May the Lord bless you and keep you in His presence . May He hear your prayers and bring unto you your hearts desires .. Thank you for your love ♥️

  34. Lisa

    Please keep me in ur prayers. I want to attend a healing service. I became paralyzed from the waist down after my x husband fell asleep at the whee and we fliflipped. Only 5 months ago. I have been strong but i am growing very impatient because I am a young outgoing independent person! please read my story. God bless. Please let me know of a church that does powerful healing service. I’m in TX but will travel. I want to walk again so bad!!!!!!

  35. A friend

    I am praying for you Nqobile Mnukwa. You are not alone. I pray against anxiety, depression and heart problems. Have a blessed day friend!

  36. Great Grandmom

    FRAN I will pray for you, that God will restore all the hair you have lost. This is when you will have to grow your faith so strong that you have NO doubts that God will answer your prayers and those prayers being offered for you. Every time the devil speaks to you that you will never get your hair back, you rebuke him and declare your healing in Jesus Name! Look in the mirror and start speaking out loud how beautiful and healthy your hair is! Claim your healing every day even if you don’t see it. Take it, it belongs to you! God is faithful, but He works in His own timing. He will help you, but maybe His help will come in a way you never expected. Bless you.

  37. Fran

    I keep losing hair 🙁 I’ve asked the Lord to restore my crown of glory . He has counted every hair on my head . I try to trust in his promises .Help me to believe to receive . I know Jesus died on that cross and took on my sins and by His blood I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus .,that by His stripes I am healed . I don’t know what He wants me to do ? I ‘ve tried everything .ive given it up again and again to Him .. Please help pray for me

  38. Nqobile Mnukwa

    Can anyone please assist me with prayers, i have been praying a lot for overcoming anxiety,depression and heart problems and for the healing aswell as inflamation cleanniness. I have been praying to God but things are not workingout please help me through prayers… God bless you

  39. Anna

    Oh Grace, my heart goes out to you! I can feel your frustration! Don’t give up Grace, keep on believing that God will heal you. It is so easy to give up and feel that there are no answers.
    I totally understand what you are saying. I was having heart and breathing problems so bad that I couldn’t imagine walking across the room! I prayed that the Holy Spirit ( who is our teacher) would give me the wisdom to know what to do. As bad as I felt, I didn’t want to go to a Doctor, who would pump me with meds, or tell me I needed surgery! I wanted to be healed in a natural way, with God leading my way.
    Anyway, I don’t know if this would help you, but I believe the Holy Spirit lead me to a natural product called serrapeptase. It is a digestive enzyme that is very beneficial for the heart and many other things. I’ve been taking it for about 2 weeks or less and I am doing better in my heart and breathing. It has also taken me out of my feelings of depression and desperation. I almost feel normal again!
    Go on line and research serrapeptase. Check it out, it might help you, too! I will be praying for you Grace!

  40. Grace

    i need someone to pray for suffering from depression and heart problem.i always confess the healing words from the bible but there s no changes.honesty i dont know what to do anymore. help me please

  41. Anna

    To ludovic sarraz bournet, I am with you in prayer for your family and friends! God bless you abundantly!

  42. ludovic sarraz-bournet

    please pray God and Jesus-Christ for oksana and nastia in kiev ukraine;the husband of oksana died
    may Jesus and God protect oksana and nastia against sins and heal them from all sickness
    and help them to find honest money to pay for their apartment

    also iouilia the grand-mother is sick;may God help her

  43. Ann

    Hello Michael, I wanted to respond to your question on temptation. It is a tough one, so I asked three of my family members what they would say to you. We all had a little different opinion. I would say, be tough and just say NO to it. The more you resist, the stronger you will grow to overcome it. The next opinion was to just avoid or stay away from that thing that tempts you. Another responded with “Resist the devil and he will flee from you”. And the final person said that you should get involved in a hobby or sport, or just do something that will use up your energy, like hard work. You should also fill yourself with the things of God. Pray, tell God your problem. Read and study His word. Maybe you could get with small group of guy believers that you trust that can hold you accountable.
    Whatever that temptation is, know that it is from the devil! We all get tempted in life, some of us more than others, but it certainly is nothing new. Temptation began back in Genesis in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve. Michael, I know that you can overcome any temptation if you truly desire that. God bless you!

  44. Marybeth

    I was healed on Wednesday (February 25) at a prayer service for my hip and back problem. For two full days there was no pain. Then in the wee hours of this morning, I was struck with pain in my hip and I am limping again. What am I doing wrong? I was thanking God for two days for my healing and now I am right back where I was.

  45. Michael

    How can I resist temptations? Can somebody help me to prevent from repeating it? Thank you. God bless. 🙂

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