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Old-library-stack-162-webThe following 240+ books on faith are free to view and download. For authors with materials that are not available, their site addresses are given. I guarantee that you will not be familiar with many of the authors on this page. There was some very good Bible scholarship being done at the turn of the last century  and many wonderful books of faith were written at that time. We have many of them here, and many more to come.

Bob Yandian

Since 1980, Bob Yandian has been pastor of Grace Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is also host of Real Answers television broadcast, Precepts radio broadcast, and founder of Grace School of Ministry. Study Materials and Articles

Jack Hayford

President of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, Founding Pastor of The Church On The Way, Founder and Chancellor of The King’s College and Seminary

Jon Ruthven

Jon Ruthven, Professor Emeritus, Regent University School of Divinity
Article – What’s Right About the Faith Movement
Book – What’s Right About the Faith Movement
Article – On the Cessation of the Charismata
Book – On the Cessation of the Charismata: The Protestant Polemic on Post-biblical Miracles
Book – The Foundational Gifts of Ephesians 2:20
Book – Women and Ministry
Book – They Called Jesus a Counterfeit Too
Book – Were Our Founders Right After All About the ‘Initial Evidence’ and the ‘Full Gospel’?
Book – The “Imitation of Christ” In Christian Tradition
Book – A Brief Biblical Response to MacArthur’s Strange Fire
Book – Spirit and Kingdom – James D. G. Dunn
Book – This Is My Covenant with Them – Isaiah 59.19-21 (Part I)
Book – This Is My Covenant with Them – Isaiah 59.19-21 (Part II)
Book – Can a Charismatic Theology Be Biblical?
Book – On Emerging from the Protestant Theological Cocoon
Book – Back to the Future for Pentecostal/Charismatic Evangelicals
Book – Between Two Worlds: One Dead, the Other Powerless to be Born? Pentecostal Theological Education vs. Training for Christian Service
Book – Are Pentecostal Seminaries a Good Idea?
Book – The Prophecy That Is Shaping History

William Lane Craig

American analytic philosopher, philosophical theologian, and Christian apologist. He is known for his work on the philosophy of time and the philosophy of religion, specifically the existence of God and the defense of Christian theism. Personal WebsitePodcasts, Scholarly Articles, and Popular Articles

Troy J. Edwards – Victory Through The Word

The God-Kind Of Faith – Part 1
The God-Kind Of Faith – Part 2

Joe McIntyre

Does God Have Faith?

Dodie Osteen

Book – Healed of Cancer

Mirek Hufton

Book – Receiving God’s Mercy – A Testimony of Healing

J. Vernon McGee – More Information

Booklet – Faith + 0 = Salvation
Booklet – Some Seed.?!
Booklet – Was Abraham Justified By Works?
Booklet – How to Stand Against Satan
Booklet – How You Can Have the Assurance of Salvation
Booklet – Life’s Biggest Question and God’s Answer
Booklet – Satan: Who is He?
Booklet – The Secret of Power
Booklet – What Can Believers Do in Days of Apostasy?
Booklet – When Paul Prayed
Booklet – Daniel: Choosing to Stand Alone
Booklet – Darkness and Light: The Day of the Lord
Booklet – One Hour in Romans
Booklet – World Dominion: Whose Will it Be?

Early Movement Authors:
A.A. Allen

Book – The Price of God’s Miracle Working Power
Christian Workers Bible College Correspondence Courses – How To Have Gods Faith and Health – Healing – Holiness

A. B. Simpson – Biography

Book – Nyack Diary
Book – Surviving Diary
Book – The Gospel of Healing
Book – The Lord of the Body
Book – Walking In the Spirit
Book – The Prayer Life
Book – The Fourfold Gospel
Book – Service For the King
Book – Standing on Faith
Book – Present Truths or the Supernatural
Book – The Cross of Christ
Book – Danger Lines in the Deeper Life

Aimee Semple McPherson

Book – This Is That (Over 100 MB)
Book – Divine Healing Sermons

Smith Wigglesworth

The Smith Wigglesworth Blog – Best Wigglesworth sermon site!
God-Given Faith
Have Faith in God
The Way to Overcome: Believe!
Booklet – Clothed With the Spirit
Book – Faith That Prevails
Book – Ever Increasing Faith

Charles G. Finney

Book – Revivals; How To Promote Them (A compilation of many revivalists)
Book – Memoirs of Rev. Charles G. Finney
Book – Charles G. Finney An Autobiography
Book – A Biography of Charles Grandison Finney-by G.F. Wright
Book – Lectures on Revival
Book – Revival Fire
Book – Systematic-Theology-1878 Version

F.F. Bosworth

Book – Christ the Healer – A 1924 classic on divine healing

Gordon Lindsay

Book – William Branham a Man Sent from God
Book – A Thousand Years of Peace
Book – How You May Become a Successful Christian
Book – The Second Coming Of Christ
Book – Life After Death
Book – Gifts Of The Spirit
Book – Is Jesus the Son of God
Book – Why the Bible Is the Word of God
Book – How You Can Be Healed
Book – Prayer That Moves Mountains
Book – The Way To Eternal Life
Book – Gods Master Key to Prosperity
Book – Apostles Prophets and Governments

John G. Lake

The Real Christian
Book – Adventures In God

E.W. Kenyon

E.W. Kenyon Gospel Publishing Society – Official E.W. Kenyon sermon and book site!
His Name On Our Lips Brings Healing
Claiming Our Rights
What We Are In Christ
A New Type of Christianity

George Mueller (George Müller)

Book – Answers to Prayer by George Mueller – 1895
Book – George Mueller Man of Faith
Book – George Mueller of Bristol – Arthur T. Pierson – 1899 – Plain Text Version
Book – Preaching and Missionary Labors of George Muller – Mrs. Mueller – 1889
Book – George Mueller A. Sims
Book – The Life of Trust – 1898
Book – George Muller & Andrew Reed – E.R. Pitman – 1885

John Alexander Dowie – Books About Him

Book – John Alexander Dowie – Gordan Lindsay
Book – Dowie Anointed Of The Lord – Arthur Newcomb
Book – The Apostle of Divine Healing – Gordon P. Gardiner

Andrew Murray

Book – Divine Healing
Book – The Ministry of Intercession – 1898
Book – The Two Covenants – 1898
Book – With Christ in the School of Prayer – 189?
Book – Waiting on God – 1897
Book – The Full Blessing of Pentecost – 1908
Book – Absolute Surrender – 1897
Living Faith in the Power of God

Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edward’s Biography
God’s Sovereignty In the Salvation of Men
Christ’s Agony
True And False Conversion
An Unpublished Essay On the Trinity
Book – Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God
Book – Freedom of the Will
Book – Religious Affections
Book – The Justice of God in the Damnation of Sinners
Book – The Works of Jonathan Edwards Volume One – Complete Works – One
Book – The Works of Jonathan Edwards Volume Two – Complete Works – Two
Book – A God-Entranced Vision of All Things – by John Piper & Justin Taylor

William Carey – Biography – The father and founder of modern missions

Book – The Life of William Carey by George Smith
Book – William Carey by John Brown Myers
Book – A Garo Jungle Book by William Carey

E. M. Bounds

Book – Heaven
Book – Prayer and Praying Men
Book – Preacher and Prayer
Book – Purpose In Prayer
Book – Satan
Book – The Ineffable Glory
Book – The Resurrection

John R. Mott

Book – The Evangelization of the World in this Generation – 1900
Book – The Present World Situation – 1914
Book – The Pastor and Modern Missions– 1904
Book – The Vision of the Student Missionary Pioneers – 1910


Book – John A. MacMillan – The Authority of the Believer A Classic on Faith.
Book – Charles S. Price – The Real Faith – 1940 A Classic on Faith.
Book – A.G. Hogg – Redemption From This World – 1922 – “MIRACLES studied too exclusively as events, too little as deeds.”
Book – A.J. Gordon – The Ministry of Healing – 1882
Book – Joseph F. Randolph – The Law of Faith – 1914 A book on faith, written from a lawyer’s perspective
Book – Billy Sunday – Billy Sunday Sermons
Book – Billy Sunday – Billy Sunday the Man and His Message by William T. Ellis – 1917
Book – Richard Baxter – Reformed Pastor – 1656 A Classic on Pastoring and Ministry
Book – Thomas Watson – The Christian Soldier or Heaven Taken by Storm – Original 1669 and revised in 1816

Inspirational and Prophetic Books

Book – Thomas À. Kempis – The Imitation of Christ (Scanned version) – A devotional and religious classic – 1400’s
Book – Rebecca Ruter Springer – Intra Muros – The most well known and classic book on Heaven – Original Scanned Version
Book – S.B. Shaw – Dying Testimonies of Saved and UnsavedOriginal Scanned Version – 1898
Book – Anonymous – Our Eternal Homes – 1867
Book – H.A. Baker – Visions Beyond the Veil – 1950 – A Wild Classic
Book – H.A. Baker – Heaven and the Angels – 1950s
Book – H.A. Baker – Visions of Other Parts of the Heavenly City – 1950s
Book – John Ketchum – The Northbound and Southbound Trains – A recent vision contrasting freedom and bondage

Reference Materials

Book – Barbara M. Bowen – Strange Scriptures That Perplex the Western Mind – 1944
Book – St. Athanasius – On the Incarnation – c. 297 – 373
Book – George E. Croscup – The Gospel History of Our Lord Made Visible – 1912
Book – Adolf Harnack – The Mission and Expansion of Christianity in the First Three Centuries – 1908
Book – John Fox – Fox’s Book of Martyrs – 1563
Book – Richard Holt Hutton – Aspects of Religious and Scientific Thought – 1899
Bible – The Summarized Bible by Keith L. Brooks – 1919 – A Chapter by Chapter Summary of the New Testament

Greek Grammar, Text, and Word Studies

Book – Marvin R Vincent – Word Studies in the New Testament – Vol 1 & 2 – 1886
Book – Marvin R Vincent – Word Studies in the New Testament – Vol 3 & 4 – 1886
Book – A.T. Robertson – New Testament Work Pictures – 1912
Book – A.T. Robertson – Epochs in the Life of Paul – 1909
Book – A.T. Robertson – Grammar of the Greek New Testament in the Light of Historical Research (Searchable Text) – 1914 (Original Scan)
Book – A.T. Robertson – Commentary on the Gospel According to Matthew – 1911
Book – A.T. Robertson – The New Citizenship – 1919
Book – James Moulton – A Grammar of New Testament Greek – 1908
Book – James Moulton – New Testament Greek in the Light of Modern Discovery – 1909
Book – Herbert W. Smith – Greek Grammar for Colleges – 1920
Book – Richard C. Trench – Synonyms of the New Testament – 1880
Book – Daniel B. Wallace – Choosing a Translation – 2000

Alfred Edersheim

Book – The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah – 1907
Book – Before Annas and Caiaphas
Book – Bible History Old Testament – 1890
Book – Sketches of Jewish Social Life – 1881
Book – The Temple – Its Ministry & Service – 1904

Henry Barclay Swete

Book – The Parables of the Kingdom – 1920
Book – The Life of the World to Come – 1917
Book – The Last Discourse and Prayer of Our Lord – 1913
Book – The Gospel According to Mark – 1913
Book – The Ascended Christ – 1910
Book – The Apostles Creed – 1894
Book – The Old Testament in Greek – 1914
Book – Studies in the Teaching of Our Lord – 1903
Book – Patristic Study – 1902
Book – Essays on the Early History of the Church – 1921
Book – The Holy Spirit in the Ancient Church – 1912
Book – The Appearances of Our Lord After the Passion – 1908

John Cunningham Geikie

Book – The Life of Christ – 1889
Book – Short Life of Christ – 1888
Book – The-Apostles Their Lives and Letters – 1895
Book – Entering on Life – 1887
Book – Holy Land and the Bible Vol 1 – 1888
Book – Holy Land and the Bible Vol 2 – 1887
Book – Hours with the Bible Vol 1 – 1903
Book – Hours with the Bible Vol 2 – 1903
Book – Hours with the Bible Vol 3 – 1903
Book – Hours with the Bible Vol 4 – 1887
Book – Hours with the Bible Vol 5 – 1903
Book – Hours with the Bible Vol 6 – 1886
Book – Hours with the Bible Vol 7 Index – 1888
Book – Life and words of Jesus Christ Vol 1 – 1877
Book – Life and words of Jesus Christ Vol 2 – 1877
Book – New Testament Hours Vol 1 – 1894
Book – New Testament Hours Vol 2 – 1895
Book – New Testament Hours Vol 3 – 1895
Book – Old Testament Characters – 1886
Book – Old Testament Portraits – 1878

Henry Clay Trumbull

Book – The Blood Covenant – 1898 – The classic book on the blood covenant
Book – Kadesh Barnea – 1895
Book – The Covenant of Salt – 1899
Book – The Threshold Covenant – 1896
Book – Studies In Oriental Social Life – 1894
Book – Prayer Its Nature and Scope – 1896
Book – Our Misunderstood Bible – 1907
Book – Philip Eugene Howard – The Life Story of Henry Clay Trumbull – 1906

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  1. Arotiba Blessing

    am really grateful to this site, may God continue to direct many here and may he continue to bless u, Amen.

    1. Pastor James Karanja

      May our God and savior bless you richly in Christ Jesus. This is a mine of treasure for us preachers,


    All in the world that I have been looking for!!!!
    Please Sir, my name is WAFULA NOAH, a student of civil engineering in Ndejje University, Uganda.
    I serve as vice chairperson Ndejje University Christian Union. I have been looking for the titles tirelessly and finally as if am at the source itself.
    Please Sir I have been blessed and I would like in a way though not big give a gift for the furtherance of this work.
    Hopefully we can communicate via email.

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    1. Post

      Maria – Greetings to you! I have been to Lahore and Faisalabad, and I flew through Karachi. We will go back someday.

      Sorry, but currently we do not deal with physical books, but only the online files. we have onsite. We have other files that could be loaded on other’s devices but that is it. We cannot provide physical devices right now.

      I know of a group that is putting digital libraries in Africa. They work with It is much better to put in a library/media center with digital textbooks, storybooks, pre-loaded e-readers, and three computers. Rex

    1. Post

      Felix – Build your faith by reading the articles on this site, speaking the scriptures out of your mouth, and by praying and seeking God. We don’t send out books. Sorry, Rex.


    I am blessed to see this site, my God will bless you all for this work. really this is the work of God. Am happy God bless you for this site in fact its one of the great things that i have come across this year thanks a lot, may you please add more.

  5. Eduardo Diso

    Christian greetings from Mindanao, Philippines in the matchless name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Hi Hello, I’m brother Eduardo Diso my ife name is Besinta the Lord bless me with four Childrens serving with me in the Lord’s ministry . Me and my wife are Roman Catholic by faith, Converted to JESUS CHRIST . and become a native Tribal minister, disciple and church planters. We travel and ministering the Gospel of Christ and his Kingdomto high mountain villages in central Mindanao Region. Our local church fellowship located in the high mountain village of Tubod and San Andres, Agusn del sur.
    The reason why I’m writing to you, because I was greatly move with tears, being touch and was enlightened by the Biblical and spiritual truth you preach and teach in your church as I visited in your website in the internet café. That captivates my attention of you great and tremendous teaching and the Messages has cleared my mind about the truthwe are looking for, Wife and I fasted for (3) daysseeking God’s guidance and understanding for the truth we viewed in your website. several days repeating and comparing to the Bible, Meditating and much prayer, God did not fail us. Our spirit aprovedthe teaching and faith revealed your ministry. I thank God for the high and advance technology through the world wide web in the internet we found your church that teaches the real and genuine truth. Oh, how I wish that these new found truth you teach will be transmitted here in Mindanao Island. Praise God!for thereal and genuinetruth that has been restored in
    his church today through your church teaching that clings to the whole truth handed down by the Holy Prophets and Apostles of old.
    I must tell you straight from the heart; I have been searches a lots of church religions websites. But I’ve notice that mostof them teaches 75% in the Bibleand the restare not in the Bible. Thank you very much for you open the eyes of our understanding that encourage me more to remain faithful and obediencein the service of God.
    About us we are small Christian Ministry operating in central Mindanao regions. Our main ministries are in the Following: 1. Tribal Evangelism, 2. Church Planting, 3. Discipleship Training, 4. Tribal Crisis Center: catering minor problems of poor indigent tribal family, 5.Food and relief and dsitribution, specially to the native tribal people. To recue themand giving thema ray of Hope in Christ in these present life. By doing these small things in the name of Christ, they will appreciate the goodness and Love of God that was demonstrate by his Church.
    We wanted to join your church organization as your church extension or a branch here in the Philippines at large. So much the better if you can visit to us here in Mindanao and hold (3-5) days (Bible Truth Seminar) to equip and to encourage tribal Pastors, workers and members. Oh, God have mercy on us!
    Our brothers and sisters here are praying that they can have their own Bible to read and study. Please pray for the needs of 143 bibles.
    Thank you and the Lord will bless you more. Lastly, may our church will be the answer of our longtime prayers to have a right connection to the church abroad that teaches real and genuine Biblical truth. God bless.
    Thank you and God bless you richly,
    Pastor Eduardo Diso
    Purok 5-1 San Marcos
    Carmen, Davao del Norte
    8105 Mindanao, Philippines

  6. Pastor Joseph

    I have been searching for the book the hidden man by w.e Kenyon, does you have one without copy right even if its the old version I love to have a copy. I and the flock under me have been extremely blessed by your works sir. thank you

  7. oladapo

    This is beautiful! First time here, I’m glad with what I saw. Keep it going. ….from Osun State, Nigeria.

  8. Richard Mensah

    I am really blessed and transformed by what I saw here. The books are great and life transforming. Thanks for thinking about us will compiling these books for us. May God richly bless you.

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  9. agnes

    Hi.Your website has been very helpful.However there must be a problem with the book Studies in oriental life.It only opens the first
    page.Could you check the document please.

    1. Post

      Agnes – I will try it on another computer but it works for me. It is a large file so maybe it is a problem for you. It is a scan of an old book. I am checking the file size and I will email the book to you. Rex

  10. rev olaoba david

    pls kindly send me some of dis material and books article fo teaching trainninhg to box536AKURE NIGERIA

    1. Post
  11. Brian Johnson

    I have read and enjoyed “Christ The Healer” in hard copy. I was wondering how you are able to put “Christ The Healer” on your website without infringing the copyright statement at the beginning of the book? Look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Mohan Mathews aka. Maafa Dalit

      Please keep these materials free online for they make up a valuable repository of faith. God bless you
      and reward you for this great service you have done for the family of Christ.

      Maafa Dalit
      Going Home Ministry

  12. Favour Hernandez Godson

    This is a great work you are doing. God is so wonderful. Inwas actually searching for ew kenyon books onlynto land here. And when I saw this, i was amazed. This is a lifetime library. Thank God for you sir. Yeshua will keep strengthening you and also give you wisdom to increase. God bless you sir.

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  13. Phineas Samuel Guvava

    Thank you very much for wide range of books. l’m so grateful for these collections. May God Bless you more.

  14. Pst. Michael

    keep up this great workes, no amount of pounds or dollars that can pay u for this works
    like prayers, May the good Lord reward u all mightily in Jesus name

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  15. Pst. Michael

    keep up this great works no amount of pounds or dollars that can pay u for this works
    like prayers, May the good Lord reward u all mightily in Jesus name

  16. Lucas Shishongi

    This is a great blessing to me. I have been looking for these materials for a long time. Be blessed. Kindly advice me when there’s more material. I’m hungry.

    1. Post

      Lucas – We add from time to time. I just added The Imitation of Christ in the Inspirational and Prophetic Books section. It has been a classic since the 1400’s. God bless you

  17. Koleade Adebowale

    What a blessing you’ve been… Thanks for your blessing God’s people. God Bless and enrich all who’ve come to make this online hub a reality.

  18. aponmade muniru oloyede

    I thank you for allowing me to have access to great men and women of God’s books, sermon and article. I was a moslem before I gave my life to Jesus, the man that preached Christ to me was late and I am an orphan in Christ, no mentor to guide me and God is leading me to healing ministry. I need books or materials on faith, anointing and healing, books written by smith winglesworth, Kenneth E. Hagin, Benny hinn, john G. Lake, Kathryn kulman, lester sumral and others have been helping me. God is your strength, I am 13 years in christ, be my teacher and mentor thank you.

  19. Amazing Sey

    This is an amazing website.

    Is there a way to make a “little” donation to the good work you are doing which has spread to Accra, Ghana – Africa.
    These resources are really inspiring and I believe are appointed by our Lord the Holy Spirit to bring truths and revelation to many.
    God bless you richly and hope you contact via email.


  20. Jerry Gbeghene

    I thank the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, and you also who have been used by Him may be watered exceedingly and that you may have your increase of Jesus name amen.thanks

  21. ada Uche

    Thanks for all these publications. It’s a great blessing. Pls keep up the good work. God bless you.

    1. Post
  22. isabel Noronha

    If I could get john lakes book Dominion I am a spirit free to download I woulf be very grateful

  23. Samuel Sagoe-Nkansah

    P.O. Box Sk 152,
    Sakumono Est.,
    Community 13,
    Tema, Ghana

    How can permission be sought to quote a portion of A. A. Allen’s
    book in a published material?
    Title: The Price of God’s Miracle Working Power
    Author: A. A. Allen
    Date of publication: 2012
    Publishers: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform or
    ISBN-10: 1480286974
    ISBN-13: 978-1480286979
    Because the custodian of the copyright of this book has been quite difficult to get.

    1. Post

      Samuel Sagoe-Nkansah – The book you reference is a current reprint and we cannot help you with that. The book we have on our site is a copy of the original version. It does not have a copyright now. We took the old content and made our own non-copyright version. Ours is free, theirs is not. I hope this helps. Rex

  24. terri black

    please send free Christian materials to terri black 760 grant st. mount gilead, ohio 43338

  25. Esmael Abraham

    what a resourceful website is this it is a divine instrument of Holy Ghost. keep it up.
    God bless you abundantly

  26. nestor

    I am bless to see this site, my God will bless you all for this work. really this is the work of God. am happy.

  27. felix ofori

    God bless you for this site in fact its one of the great things that i have come across this year.thanks alot.

  28. John Akinola

    i am an evangelist and author and i discover many things on some of the topic i am working on can you please send to me how get your copywright permission for some of the articles i want to use thanks

    1. Post

      John – With few exceptions, all of our books are older and are out of copyright. They can be used freely. We make no claim to any of the books. Please confirm for yourself on each book prior to using.

  29. Adeniyi KOMOLAFE.United Kingdom

    Many thanks.i got the authority of the believer by John Macmillian copied for the brethren in my congregation.what a blessing!thanks.

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